Chapter 31 : Break Time


After a short walk along the river, we found a place in the woods where we could see the surroundings well.
There were several stumps lined up. We could use them as chairs and tables.
I didn’t know who set this, but it seemed to be a place used by adventurers for breaks.

「Actually, it’s okay to go home now, but since we were near this place, I want both of you to experience this kind of thing as well」

Celine took out dried meats and black bread from the leather bag that was attached to her waist strap and handed them to me and Nicola.

「Even if you don’t really like it, you have to eat as much as you can. You can’t fight if you’re hungry」

So this is the rumored dried meat and black bread, huh…

We don’t serve dried meat in our inn cafeteria, and the bread served is white bread, so even though I’ve heard about it sometimes, it’s my first time seeing it.

I put the dried meat in my mouth.
As the rumor said, it was salty and hard to chew.
The black bread was also hard.

I looked at Celine. She put the dried meat into the black bread and chewed them like it was nothing.
It looked like she used to it, but for us children, this hardness is a little tough.

I used magic to produce hot water.
I could only produce normal water before, but now I could produce hot water by using fire magic and water magic at the sametime.
With the hot water, I moistened the black bread to the extent it didn’t become sticky, and then ate it with dried meat.
It’s much easier to chew now.

「Onii-chan, can you give me hot water too?」

「Here you go」

I put out hot water in front of Nicola.
She also moistened the bread and ate it like I did.

Celine made an amazed look and grumbled.

「Mark, you’re really clever at using magic, aren’t you? Are there even any magic attributes you can’t use? Ah, can you give me some hot water too?」

Celine lightly washed her hands with hot water.
After that she held some hot water in her hands and drank it.

「Umm, I’ve never used darkness and non-attribute magic, so I don’t know if I can use it or not」

Darkness attribute magic can do things like darken the surroundings or lower the target’s power.
Non-attribute magic is used to attack enemies that have high attribute magic defense.
Both are useful in a battle, but because I didn’t think I would use it in daily life, I didn’t practice it.

Maybe it will be useful in the future, so it’s better to practice it, but now I’m still improving the other attributes, so I think it’s okay for now.

「Gulp, gulp, ahh… thank you for the hot water. Even though you’re so skilled at magic, you can’t use ‘stone bullet’, huh」

「Stone bullet is a magic to hit the enemy with stones from far away, right?」

I created a stone and tried to move it with my mana.
The stone moved smoothly at first but when it reached a distance where my mana couldn’t reach, it stopped and fell.

「But as you can see. My mana can’t reach any further than this」

「…….Mark, you saw my fire arrow, right? Do you think I controlled the mana until the arrow hit the goblins?」

「Eh? You controlled it, right?」

Celine then clapped her hands.

「Ahh~ I see your problem~」

It seemed that she understood something. She explained to me.

「For example, if you want to throw a stone, that doesn’t mean that you can only throw it to the point where your hand can reach, right? You definitely can throw the stone way further than that. And to throw a stone, all you do is swing your hand and let go of the stone, right?」

「Ahh! I see now!」

I understood what Celine was trying to say.
I don’t have to control the stone with mana, I just have to make propulsive force with mana and release the stone.

I wanted to try it immediately.
I created a stone and used my mana to make it fly forward.


But the stone exploded.

It seemed that the hardness of the stone was too low and I injected too much mana.

Celine was watching me without saying anything.

「I feel like I can do it next」

I concentrated again.
This time, I tried to make the stone harder and reduced the amount of mana.
Ah, that’s right. In addition, I made the stone slender, pointy at the tip, and flat at the back so that I could stabilize the trajectory more easily.

Yes. It was the shape of a bullet that I remembered from my previous life.
I didn’t really understand how it works, but the shape of a bullet is very stable even though it was fired at a very high speed.

The stone bullet is ready. I’ll shoot it now.
The target is a large rock in the middle of the river.
I’m sure it will work this time!

The stone bullet left my hand and flew over the river silently.


And then the large mossy rock about 30 meters away was destroyed into pieces.
It’s a great success!

「Celine! I did it!」

This time I turned to Celine with a smug face.

「Woow! Mark, you finally did it! As I thought, you’re an amazing child~!」

Celine hugged me and stroked my head.
Two huge soft things were pressed against my face.
Even though I wasn’t aroused, boobs are nice after all.

「Onii-chan, you’re amazing!」

When I thought Nicola also wanted to hug me, she actually hugged Celine instead and also enjoyed her boobs.

『Gu he he he~』

Don’t use telepathy to send such a weird voice into my head!

「With that much power, maybe you can kill a monster that appears in D-rank quest with a single blow. Well, it might get destroyed into pieces and there would be no material remains though」


Celine stopped stroking my head and answered.

「Monsters are not just subjugation targets. You can use their bones, skins, blood, and many more. There are also monsters that can be eaten」

「Eh? We can eat goblins!?」

「No, no. Goblins aren’t edible! Basically, you don’t wanna eat monsters that walk on two legs. The monsters that are edible are mostly four-legged. Well, I’ve heard that there were adventurers who got lost in the forest and had no choice but to eat goblins to survive, but normally you don’t eat them.」

I see.
There were some people who ate monkeys in my previous life, but it’s hard to say that eating monkeys was a normal thing to do.
Maybe it’s just because humans are instinctively avoiding eating animals that have two legs like them.

「That’s why if you want to be an adventurer, you should be able to defeat monsters without destroying them into pieces. Well, even only with that stone bullet, I think you can earn enough money as an adventurer」

Celine stoked my head again as she said

「Grow up big and strong, Mark」

She then stood up.
Nicola, who was hugging Celine, regretfully released Celine’s boobs.

「Well then, let’s go home now. Keep your eyes peeled because we’ll be taking a different route from when we came here. Alright, follow me~」

Nicola and I followed Celine and started walking behind her like a duck and its children.



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