Chapter 32 : Appraisal Ability


On the way back from the rest area, Celine suddenly stopped.
I was watching the surroundings this time, so I didn’t bump into her butt.


Celine pointed as she whispered to us.
There was a goblin on a small hill ahead, but it had a bow instead of a wooden club like before.

「Both of you might be thinking that goblins aren’t that strong. But sometimes, there’s a bow user like that. That one is very troublesome. It’ll be dangerous if it shot an arrow toward you before you notice it」

She was right.
Being attacked without us noticing is scary.

And she was right that I thought goblins are weak.
I had to be careful from now on because not all monsters attack you directly.

「Are goblins intelligent enough to make a bow?」

「Nope. But they can use it. They took the bows that adventurers had dropped or stole it from them. There’s an unspoken agreement between adventurers that you have to get rid of the bow user goblins as much as possible if you encounter them….. Well, we found it before it noticed us, so it’ll be easy. Mark, do you want to defeat it?」


I got a go-ahead sign from Celine, so let’s defeat it!

I created a bullet shaped stone, injected mana in it and fired it at the goblin.
The stone bullet flew slightly below my aim toward the goblin and hit its belly.


It pierced through the goblin’s belly with almost no sound and flew away toward the sky.
The goblin held its stomach and made a look as if it said, “what the hell is this!?”.

It seemed that the penetration power was too strong so it wasn’t fatal.
I didn’t mean to make the goblin hurt for no reason, so this time, I tried to fire three shots at the same time to make sure it killed the goblin.
Now the bullets flew toward where I aimed, the goblin’s chest, and penetrated it.
The bullets went through like before, but it probably hit its bone.
I killed the goblin this time.

「It’s somewhat different from the stone bullet I know…」

Celine muttered.

Perhaps the original stone bullet didn’t have penetration power this much.
I thought if I lowered the hardness of the stone a little more, it wouldn’t go through the target.
Or if I modified the tip of the bullet to make it easier to fly, the killing ability might increase.
However, if I do that, the explosive shock might destroy the material from the monster.
I felt that it was better to shoot multiple small bullets.

The three of us walked to the place where the goblin fell.
I, who became a professional ear cutter, cut the goblin’s right ear easily and put it in Celine’s leather bag.

There was a fine bow near the goblin’s corpse, and a quiver on the goblin’s waist.

Celine took an arrow from the quiver and showed it to us.
It looked like the arrowhead had been smeared with something.

「There’s poison in this arrow. I don’t know if it was dropped or stolen, but what a careless adventurer to give a goblin something dangerous. I don’t know how poisonous it is, but I’m glad we found it and killed it」

Poison arrow, huh.
Suddenly, I remembered something I wanted to try.

Appraise something using my item box!

By the way, Celine didn’t know about my item box yet.
I was hiding it from her at first but now I thought it would be just fine to tell her about it.

「Celine, can I borrow that arrow for a moment?」

Celine made a confused look and handed me the arrow.

I put out the item box.
A man hole that looked like a dimensional rift appeared and it sucked the arrow in front of Celine’s eyes.

Inside the item box, it saidー

Poison Arrow – Wild Snake Poison

As I thought, my item box could even identify the type of poison. What a convenient gift, thank you God old man.
The image was clearer than when I appraised the used hot water in the bath.
Alright, I’ll continue to use this awesome ability from now on.

Nicola once said, the item box’s ability will also improve according to my mana capacity.
So maybe that’s why the image was clearer this time.

「It’s wild snake poison. Is it a strong poison?」

「W, Wait… Mark… You…」

Celine looked at me with her eyes wide open.
I’ve often seen people look stunned lately, but the last time I saw Celine like this is when I poured water in the bathtub.

Celine let out a big sigh.

「Haaahhh~ What a child….. You even have an item box? Moreover, you can identify something with it? I’ve never seen someone use an item box like that」

「Umm… I’m sorry, I’ve been hiding it from you」

「No, it’s fine. Does this mean you trust me now? I’m happy! So… Mark, would you like to marry your trusted Celine-oneechan?~ ♡」

『You can get married, but don’t forget to provide for me!』

It was a usual ‘Celine-joke’ after all. Ignore it, ignore it.
And Nicola’s telepathy too. Ignore it, ignore it.

「So, what kind of poison is this?」

「Haahh… you’re not cute at all……… Hmm, let’s see… The poison is not that strong. Even if it hits you, you’ll be okay if you can deal with it within half a day」

I see. So it was a real poison.
It’s a big discovery that I found out that I could appraise something even if I didn’t have knowledge about it.

But….. Looking at Celine’s reaction today, I thought maybe I didn’t look like a normal 6-year-old child in her eyes…?
Well, of course, huh.

God old man said he won’t give me any cheat skills.
The item box was only a gift, not even a skill.
I felt like God’s common sense was different from human’s.
I wonder what ‘cheat’ is for God. I’m assuming it’s gotta be an amazing thing.

Well, cheat aside, I’ve been trying my best to practice until now, and it motivated me even more after seeing the result.
While thanking God, I decided to continue to do my best in my magic practice.

After that, Celine burned the bow and the quiver with a face as if half of her soul came out of her body.
Maybe my item box was too shocking for her…



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  1. Foreshadowing or just an idiot adventurer… Well, either way, I can’t see it being that big of a problem for Mark. Probably.

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