Chapter 279 : The First Day Of Camping


「Guys, I think we should camp here tonight.」(Kazuul)

As dusk approached, Kazuul-san slowly stopped his carriage.

「Alright. We only had bread for lunch, but our dinner tonight will be much better. I’m looking forward to it~」(Celine)

「We have an Item Box holder with us after all. I’m looking forward to it too.」(Kazuul)

Agreeing with Celine, Kazuul-san glanced at me and smiled.

After I smiled back at him, he jumped off the coachman’s seat and patted his horses.

Right after, Celine, Ester, Nicola, and I also got off the carriage. A gust of cold wind hit me as I landed my feet on the ground.

Because I ride Kazuul-san’s carriage for free, it’s my responsibility to provide him with food.

By the way, we didn’t stop for lunch. We ate only white bread and sausages for lunch while riding the carriage.

Therefore, I want to prepare nice meals for dinner.

Hmm… Maybe I should prepare the beef stew that Ester’s parents made?

Kazuul-san has been hit by the cold wind while driving since morning, so I think hot beef stew can warm up his cold body.

While stretching my arms up and thinking about the dinner menu, I noticed a large boulder nearby. It seemed that we would spend the night by that boulder since it could protect us from the cold wind.

Next to the boulder, Kazuul-san parked his carriage, untied his horses from the carriage, and began to feed them and give them drink.

While his horses were eating and drinking, he gently brushed their mane to remove dust. I could tell how much he cared about his horses by just watching him take care of them.

By the way, Celine and Ester were patrolling to make sure the surrounding area was safe, while Nicola was crouching next to me, watching Kazuul-san taking care of his horses.

Alright. I think it’s time to set up the campー No, to set up my container house, to be exact.

I stored my container house in my Item Box before I left the village so that I could use it when we had to spend the night outside.

This would be the first time I took out a house from my Item Box, so I should do it carefully.

First, I selected the item labeled “Container House” in the item list that appeared in my mind and stretched out my hand toward an open area.

After that, I imagined the house instantly moving from my Item Bag to the open area.


The ground trembled as the container house appeared and landed on the ground.

ーNeiiighh!! Neiigghh!!

「Whoaa…! Darrell, Kevin, it’s alright. Calm down. Good boy, good boy!」(Kazuul)

Kazuul-san’s horses were surprised. They shouted and raised their front legs.

I should have set up the container house a little further away…

「I’m sorry, Kazuul-san. I startled your horses.」(Mark)

「No, it’s okay… Nevertheless, you really are an amazing child. I’m surprised you can bring out a house from your Item Box just like that.」(Kazuul)

Kazuul-san shook his head in response to my apology and then looked at the container house in awe.

「Honestly, I was surprised too at first. I didn’t think I would be able to store a house. Anyway, I’ll go check inside.」(Mark)

「A, Alright…」(Kazuul)

I thought I took it out gently, but it made a pretty loud sound when it landed, so I’m a little worried about the furniture I left inside.

I got in and checked the condition inside.

Fortunately, the desks and chairs were still in the same position as when I put the house in my Item Box. No windows were broken either.

「Kuuhh! I can’t hold it anymore!」(Nicola)

Suddenly, Nicola who entered the house with me, hurriedly took off her shoes and rushed to the toilet.

Come to think of it, she was sleeping when we stopped to take a quick break this afternoon.

I sighed as I took Nicola’s shoes and put them neatly on the floor.

However, when I was about to put my mana into the heating magic tool, Nicola suddenly shouted from inside the toilet.

「Onii-chan, come here! Hurry up!」(Nicola)

「What’s wrong?」(Mark)

「You haven’t made the hole!」(Nicola)


I forgot that we use a pit toilet in this container house…

「I’m coming in.」(Mark)

「Just hurry up and make a hole already!」(Nicola)

I opened the door and saw Nicola shivering in the corner of the toilet.

I immediately used earth magic to start digging a hole.

「Please hurry! It’s coming out!」(Nicola)

「Give me a sec.」(Mark)

Nicola’s face turned pale. She often gets stomach aches after eating too much, so I’m familiar with this kind of face.

I hurriedly dug up the hole, put the unwanted soil in my magic bag, and made an earthen toilet seat on the top.

「Thank you! And now, get out!」(Nicola)

「Alright, alright…」(Mark)

Hahh… What a troublesome little sister…



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