Chapter 3-5 : We Have To Do Something! (part 1)


(There’s something bugging me… Jasmine onee-sama’s body is weak and her eyesight is bad. I wonder how they brought her to this city… Carrying her with a fast horse would be very difficult…)

While Mylia was thinking, the manager, Ghedel, put his fingers on his chin and stared at the wall as if he was trying to remember something.

「Speaking of which, my store clerk said that there was something strange about Miss Robin when she was in my store. She looked kinda excited when she browsed and tried various accessories such as necklaces, rings, circlets, and more. According to Miss Robin, she and Miss Jasmine are twins. She said that their body shape and hair color were almost the same. She said the reason she came on behalf of Miss Jasmine and tried the accessories on herself was because Miss Jasmine has poor eyesight and can’t see herself in a mirror very well. However, my store clerk said that Miss Robin somehow acted as if she was shopping for herself.」(Ghedel)

(Eh? Huhh!? Twins, she said? Robin and Jasmine onee-sama have totally different appearances! Jasmine onee-sama is short. She is just a bit taller than me and has purple hair like me, while Robin is 170cm tall and has black hair similar to her muscle-brained father! She completely lied to the clerk!)

While thinking that, Mylia turned her gaze to Chloe. Chloe then looked back at Mylia and whispered.

「She was definitely shopping for herself…」(Chloe)

「Yeah, there’s no doubt about it.」(Mylia)

「I wonder where Jasmine onee-sama is living in this city.」(Chloe)

「Yeah, I wondeー… Aa…」(Mylia)

After listening to Ghedel’s explanation and Chloe’s question, Mylia realized something.

「That woman…!」(Mylia)

「What’s wrong, Mylia?」(Chloe)

「Onee-chan, do you wanna hear what I’m thinking?」(Mylia)

「Yes, of course. Did you realize something?」(Chloe)

「It’s just my guess, but I think Robin didn’t bring Jasmine onee-sama to this city.」(Mylia)

「…Why do you think so?」(Chloe)

「Knowing Robin’s personality, I just think so.」(Mylia)

「But the one who will be engaged is Jasmine onee-sama, right? If she’s not present, then what about the engagement party?」(Chloe)

「I don’t know but Robin is a cunning woman. She’s probably planning to make it so that Jasmine onee-sama’s engagement never happens. She’s only thinking of a way to get to the royal capital no matter what.」(Mylia)

「Mylia, I don’t understand…」(Chloe)

Chloe held her forehead with her right hand, trying to comprehend Mylia’s explanation.

「Onee-chan, look. It’s Robin we’re talking about. She realized that Jasmine onee-sama is more popular than her, so I don’t think she will let Jasmine onee-sama get married before her.」(Mylia)

「…It’s possible… That woman is a lump of jealousy after all…」(Chloe)

Chloe trembled a bit remembering Robin’s high-pitched laughter.

For Chloe, Robin was a person who didn’t have a conscience or common sense, so Mylia’s theory was very convincing to her.

Aria, who had been quietly listening, tightened her expression, realizing that it was a serious matter.

Meanwhile, the manager’s expression became fierce. He looked like a person who just survived a great natural disaster.

(This is bad… If we don’t do something to stop her, she will cause a great deal of trouble to other aristocrats…!)

Feeling great tense for the first time after a while, Mylia clenched her fists.

(I’ve been looking for Robin with Sonar since a while ago, but I still can’t find her… It’s so difficult because there are too many people in this city!)

Mylia had been trying to find Robin with her detection spell, Sonar, but because there were so many reactions caught by it, she had a hard time telling people apart.

(I need to find her and stop her as soon as possible! I can’t imagine what she will do if she attends the engagement party!)

「Robin is a helpless woman who is only thinking about marrying a rich man. I’m sure she is planning to attend the engagement party to ‘hunt’ unmarried aristocratic men.」(Chloe)

Apparently, Chloe had a similar thought as Mylia.

「Miss Chloe, pardon me. May I say something?」(Ghedel)

「What it is, Ghedel-san?」(Chloe)

「In the letter Miss Robin brought, it’s true the Darelias Family said that they would soon hold an engagement party, but they didn’t say when. Apparently, the date has not been decided.」(Ghedel)

「Is that so?」(Chloe)

「Yes. However, if I’m not mistaken, there will be a special social party for unmarried aristocrats today. I remember Miss Robin said that she would take Miss Jasmine there and show her to everyone. Therefore, I’m pretty sure Miss Robin will be attending.」(Ghedel)

「A party for unmarried aristocrats!?」(Chloe)

Chloe and Mylia looked at each other in surprise.

(Oh, no! That woman will definitely do something bad there! Also, there’s no way she will take Jasmine onee-sama. I’m sure she will attend that party alone!)

「Manager-san, do you know when it starts?」(Mylia)

「I believe it starts at 5 pm.」(Ghedel)

(Clock Magicーー It’s 2:10 now. We still have time!)

Mylia confirmed the current time with Clock Magic.

They still had about two hours and fifty minutes before the party started.

「Mylia, can you find Robin with your magic?」(Chloe)

「I’ve been trying but I don’t think it’s possible. It’s difficult to identify her because there are too many people in this city.」(Mylia)

「How about your tracking spell? What is it called again? Jeepee’es?」(Chloe)

「It’s GPS. Unfortunately, you have to stick a part of your magical power onto the target’s body in order to track them down…」(Mylia)

「I see…」(Chloe)

「I’m sorry, Onee-chan.」(Mylia)

「No, it’s okay.」(Chloe)

Seeing Mylia a little depressed, Chloe stroked her head to cheer her up.

「It looks like we have no choice but to attend that party as well. Anyway, we need to find her first. We are both unmarried, so we are welcome to the party.」(Chloe)

「Ugh… Honestly, I don’t wanna see her if possible…」(Mylia)

「Me neither… But we have to confront her sooner or later.」(Chloe)




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  1. Kinda funny to hear how they called Jasmine with “Nee-sama” while Robin is just Robin

    1. All this talk about Jasmine and her poor vision makes me wonder why Mylia didn’t try various types of “heal” or “cure” or “cure disease” on Jasmine before she left. Yeah, yeah, Mylia only has yakniku on her mind. But it’s a shame there wasn’t more concern shown by Mylia for Jasmine’s health problem.

      1. Honestly, I had thought that would’ve been a byproduct of when she healed her eyes after the “flashbang” she did before leaving the territory. If I had to guess, it’s probably going to be some kind of mixture of “I couldn’t let them know I can use magic” and “I didn’t think about it before leaving because I was flustered.” That or “it’s genetic, so it can’t be healed with magic.” But that would be a really stupid reason to give.

        1. It’s not a stupid reason though, a birth defect or genetic mutation isn’t a wound or injury so obviously healing magic isn’t gonna heal it.
          She’d have to make a new type of spell to heal those kinds of problems, and it’s probably very complicated.
          Plus, as you said, she needed to hide her magic from the family.

      2. Because that poor vision and weak body is not a sick that suddenly get it problem for it’s was constitution from the start been born. Heal and cure magic can only heal to the stage before it happen but for the sick came from the start, it needed more advanced heal.

      3. Heal only heals wounds. If you’re born with bad eyesight like jasmine, it’s not a wound or anything like that, so there’s nothing to heal. You can’t heal congenital conditions. You’d need some kind of much more powerful spell that can generate and manipulate cells and stuff to make the organ involved in the condition normal to restore it to normal function. It’s not that Mylia didn’t want to heal Jasmine. She couldn’t. Think things through properly before you talk rubbish.

    2. Robin the Hood. Robs the rich to feed the “poor”. Keeps most if not all of the loot for themselves.

  2. I guess it’s time to see if that “Marriage: HELL NO” part holds through to the end… I swear, any and all female lead stories make me feel like a misandrist with how often I hate the male romance partner.

    1. I agree with you. I hope Mylia and her older sister stay single forever. I hate male lead when our MC is a cute loli.

    2. At least you’re not a misanthrope like me yet. I’ve lost almost all hope in humans after trying to help them so many, many times.

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