Chapter 1-22 : Dark Room (part 2)


「Hahaha! Just a little girl, huh? That’s weird. How could a mere little girl sell large quantities of high-quality herbs as soon as she arrived in this town?」(??)


He even knows about that!?

「Not only that, I also heard that you deposited several hundred gold coins into the Merchant Guild. I wonder what kind of item you sold to earn such a huge amount of money and to whom you sold it. I’m veeeery curious.」(??)

No way! He also knew about the money I earned from selling the Lost Potion to Izack-san!

「Umm, I-I still don’t know what you’re talking about… You must have mistaken me for someone else…」(Kako)

「Khu Khu. Nope. Not at all. After all, I heard it from my friend who works in the Merchant Guild.」(??)

What!? Does the act on the protection of personal information not exist in this world?

Well, it’s a fantasy world, so that thing might not exist, but, come on! It’s common sense to not spread information about your customers!

Dammit! I will go to the Merchant Guild and complain to the lady at the reception desk and have her arrest the person who leaked my information!

But… Of course, I have to escape from this place first…

I wonder how I can deal with this man…

I can’t tell him where the colony of Isca Grass is since I have absolutely zero idea about it.

I could make a colony of Isca Grass myself but I had to use my Synthesis Skill and it would be a good idea since these men would keep an eye on me for sure. I can’t show them my true ability.

I can’t say that I made a Lost Potion with my own recipe either since I can’t use alchemy. In fact, I didn’t make my own recipe. I still used Isca Grass to make one.

Ugh… I think I’m stuck…

Nyat, please help me!

「…You still don’t wanna talk, huh?」(??)


The man, who seemed to have misunderstood my silence as a rebellious attitude, slowly stood up.

Don’t tell me… Is he going to torture me!?

「If you don’t wanna talk now, that’s fine. I’ll give you time to think.」(??)


「You see, I’m a busy man. I don’t have much time to stay here and play with you. I want you to decide on your answer the next time I come here. You hear me?」(??)

So… It seems that he’s not going to torture me or anything.

Thank god…

「No one will hear you even if you scream here, so you shouldn’t waste your energy to do that. My men will be watching you, so there’s no point in trying to run away either. You better stay here like a good girl and try to remember where the colony of Isca Grass is. Oh, right. I’m keeping your armor and magic bag. Materials are like weapons for alchemists, after all. Without them, you won’t be able to do anything. Hahaha!」(??)

After saying that, the man laughed and walked out of the room.

The three scary-looking men followed him. They then closed and locked the door.

「Hahh… Talking about my first experience of being kidnapped…」(Kako)

I sighed and murmured to myself as soon as those men left.

Alright. What should I do now?

Should I wait for Nyat to save me?

That man said there was no point in shouting, so this might be a basement or something.

If so, it would take Nyat forever to find me.

In the first place, Nyat doesn’t know that I was kidnapped. He might think that the guards evacuated me somewhere with the other residents.

The chance for him to rescue me is quite low. I think I have to get out of here on my own.

Anyway, I should search around this room and see if I can find something useful.

I could barely see anything since the man with the lantern had also left the room. The only source of light in this dark room was the small amount of light coming through the lock hole in the door.

While relying on the dim light, I groped around the room, hoping I would find something. However, there was nothing in this room.

No tables, no chairs, no shelves. Nothing.

Perhaps they didn’t leave anything in this room to prevent me from using them as weapons.

The only thing I could find after searching around for a while was a single tiny pebble.

「A tiny pebble, huh? What can I do with this…?」(Kako)

While wondering, I looked at the only other thing in this room… The door.

Aa! That’s right! I can use this pebble to get out of here!

Immediately, I got a brilliant idea, but before executing it, there was one thing I had to confirm.

I approached the door and looked through the lock hole.

I could see a passageway but no one else was nearby. It seemed that those men were guarding the entrance.

「Great! Those scary men are not here. This is my chance!」(Kako)

While holding the pebble, I touched the door with my other hand and activated my Synthesis Skill.

The door and the pebble shone for a second and combined into a small wooden shield.

「A shield, huh? It’s good to have a shield, but…」(Kako)

The shield was ridiculously small. Too small even for me. It was almost the same size as the palm of my hand.

It was small probably because the pebble I used as a material was small.

Uhh… I don’t know if I’ll be able to protect myself with this tiny shield, but it’s better than nothing, I guess… More importantly, I successfully removed the door!

Now that the door in front of me had disappeared, I could see the small passageway that was only wide enough for one person to pass through.

I held the small wooden shield forward and started walking down the passageway really carefully so as not to make any noise.

There were a few other rooms here and the room where I was taken to seemed to be the innermost one.

It looked almost like a prison or something, but I didn’t feel anyone’s presence in any of these rooms.

It seemed that I was alone in this prison-like place.

After walking slowly for a minute, I reached the end of the passageway and saw stairs leading to the upper level.

I knew it. It’s a basement. I think I don’t have a choice but to climb up these stairs.

While hoping I would find an exit, I slowly climbed up the dusty stairs to the upper level.



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