Chapter 3-6 : The Fourth Daughter, Jasmine – Ⅰ


A while ago, about a few days after Mylia received her first Dragon Slayer emblem, the lavender flowers in the Atwood Territory began to show their buds.

At that time, the second daughter of the Atwood Family, Robin, was staring at the endless lavender fields around the Atwood’s mansion with a disgusted look.

It had been several months since Mylia left for the royal capital, but Robin still couldn’t forget the words Mylia said to her before she left.

“Goodbye, my ugly older sister. I don’t want to see your face anymore.”

Remembering Mylia’s face when she said those words, Robin clicked her tongue.

However, that wasn’t the only thing that irritated her. Mylia also used magic to paralyze her, making her unable to speak and move (ch 1-39 pt2), and it took about twelve hours for the spell to wear off.

Robin was forced to fight against the urge to urinate while remaining stuck in the church like a frozen caterpillar for twelve hours. As soon as the spell wore off and she was able to move again, she rushed to the bathroom while cursing Mylia.

She hated Mylia the most, but she also hated Chloe, who hid the fact that Mylia could use magic, and Amnesia, the knight who took her favorite ‘punching bag’ away from her.

After staring at the lavender fields for a while, Robin went to the kitchen to prepare food.

She was wearing her usual glamorous-looking dress with a small jeweled hair accessory on her black hair. Such an unnatural outfit to wear in the gloomy-looking kitchen.

The reason why she always wore such an outfit was that she didn’t want to admit that she was from a poor family. She always thought of herself as a young lady from a rich aristocratic family.

She thought that she was special and on a different level from the other members of the Atwood Family. That’s why she felt so annoyed every time she remembered the existence of Mylia and Chloe.

「That bitch… I will never forgive her…!」(Robin)

Feeling irritated, Robin smashed the table with a meat mallet.



The fourth daughter of the Atwood Family, Jasmine, who was wrapping venison with a string next to Robin, screamed in surprise.

Feeling annoyed by Jasmine’s scream, Robin glared at her.

「What? You have something to say, huh!?」(Robin)


「Come on, say something, you useless idler! Come on, come on~!」(Robin)

While saying that, Robin tapped Jasmine’s head with the meat mallet.

「Uu…. Uuu….. uu…..」(Jasmine)

She wasn’t hitting that hard, but it still hurt Jasmine’s head since the meat mallet was heavy.

The feeling of discomfort from the remaining venison that was stuck on the meat mallet and the humiliation from Robin annoyed Jasmine, but she stayed silent without any sign of resistance.

Jasmine was seventeen years old this year but she was kind of short for a girl that age. She only vaguely recognized things around her because of her poor eyesight, and because of that, she could only do simple work indoors. She had a thin and weak body because she rarely exercised. Therefore, she thought that she would never be able to fight back against Robin who was taller and stronger than her.

Ever since Mylia left the house, Jasmine had been the target of Robin’s bullying.

Robin always treated Jasmine like her toy when they were alone.

Jasmine tried to avoid eye contact with Robin by hiding her eyes with her lavender-colored hair, hoping that she would leave her alone, but it didn’t seem to work.

「Tsk. Your disgusting hair reminds me of that little bitch… Ahh, I know~ What if I shave all of your hair and sell it~? I bet I can at least get three silver coins from it~」(Robin)


Jasmine got goosebumps when Robin said that.

Robin had no common sense, so she might seriously do it.

「Hey, the string is bent. Do you think you will be forgiven for doing a poor job just because you have bad eyesight?」(Robin)

Saying that, Robin hit Jasmine’s head.


Jasmine held her head while her eyes began to tear up.

「Hmph. You have been quiet since Mylia left. When that little bitch was still here, sometimes I saw you talking with her. You two were talking bad about me, weren’t you!?」(Robin)

While saying that, Robin hit the venison on the table with the meat mallet, put her hand on her waist, and glared at Jasmine.


Seeing Jasmine who didn’t answer her question, Robin got irritated. She raised the meat mallet in her right hand, trying to hit Jasmine’s head with it.


Although she could barely see the surroundings, Jasmine could somehow tell that Robin raised her arm.

She then immediately covered her head with her hands and stiffened.

「Hee… You can actually see clearly, can’t you?」(Robin)

Robin grinned, lowered the meat mallet, and raised Jasmine’s chin with the tip of the mallet.

Jasmine’s long hair that covered her face split in two directions as her face raised, showing her beautiful eyes.

「Hmph. I have to admit that you have beautiful eyes. You lied about having bad eyesight so that Father wouldn’t give you a hard job, didn’t you?」(Robin)


「If you didn’t lie, then you won’t mind if I pluck out your eyes and sell them to a weird collector, will you? You can’t see your surroundings anyway.」(Robin)

Robin moved the meat mallet away from Jasmine’s face and put her hands on her waist.

「I can go to the royal capital with the money from selling your eyes. I will marry a rich man there and live in luxury~! Ahh, what a brilliant idea, don’t you think?」(Robin)


「Tsk. What a boring girl. Talking with cuckoos is probably a thousand times more entertaining than talking with you.」(Robin)

For some reason, Jasmine was relieved at being called “a boring girl” by Robin.

Jasmine thought that Robin would leave her alone after saying that, but suddenly, Robin slapped Jasmine’s face for no reason.


Jasmine fell to the floor from the impact and surprise. Her field of vision flashed red and black for a millisecond, and she started to feel pain in her left cheek.

「Aaarrrgghh! I feel so freaking irritated today! Why do I have to live in this shabby house while those two little bitches are living luxuriously in the royal capital!? Dammit! Dammit!!」(Robin)

While saying that, Robin stomped on the floor. She then slammed the meat mallet on the floor and left the house.


After confirming that Robin had left, Jasmine stood up slowly.

While feeling pain in her left cheek, she reached the edge of the table, which was barely seen, and leaned against it.

「…Mylia… I hope you are doing well in the royal capital…」(Jasmine)

Jasmine muttered to herself while remembering her little sister’s face.

Jasmine was the person other than Chloe who noticed that Mylia’s behavior had changed since she turned eight.

After turning eight, Mylia sometimes fought back when Robin bullied her. She also sometimes talked to Jasmine.

The conversations between them were simple, such as “The weather is good today”, or “Have you slept enough?”, but it made Jasmine happy. She felt like Mylia was the only person in the family who cared about her.

She even noticed that Mylia was just acting to be an absent-minded girl in front of the family members.

Robin mainly bullied Mylia and Jasmine because they were the weakest among all the sisters.

She sometimes bullied Chloe too, but Chloe was good at fighting back, so she didn’t bully Chloe as much as she bullied Mylia and Jasmine.

「Jasmine, where is Robin?」(Ella)

While Jasmine was waiting for the pain in her cheek to subside, Ella came to the kitchen, looking for Robin.

Ella’s lavender-colored hair was reflected blurrily in Jasmine’s sight.

「…Onee-sama went outside just now.」(Jasmine)

「I see…」(Ella)

Even though Ella saw Jasmine’s red cheek, she didn’t ask anything nor showed her concern at all.

Jasmine was hoping that her mother would comfort her, but then she gave up. She stretched her arm, trying to grab the venison on the table that she could barely see, and continued working.

「When she returns, tell her to come to the lavender hut.」(Ella)


Ella left the house and walked toward the hut in the backyard.

Jasmine grabbed the string that was moistened with deer blood and began to tie the venison with it.

The atmosphere in the Atwood’s mansion had worsened since Chloe went to the royal capital two years ago, and it became even worse after the fifth daughter, Penelope, married a son of the Kurtis Family and left the house, and after Mylia passed the exam and went to the royal capital.

Jasmine didn’t have a choice but to live in the mansion with the worst atmosphere and the worst people ever.

She always questioned herself, “Why was I born in this family?”, “Why do I have bad eyesight?”.

She was hoping that she could marry a good man who cared for her and leave the house regardless if he was from a poor family or a rich aristocratic family. However, she had given up on such a simple dream many years ago.

「…It’s hard living here… but I have to stay strong…」(Jasmine)

While encouraging herself, Jasmine wiped her teary eyes with her sleeve.

All she could do for now was do her best living in such a tough environment.



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