Chapter 277 : Tori’s Perspective


After seeing off Mark and the others, I sent Signa to her parents’ home and then came back to my house.

It’s still the beginning of winter, but it’s already as cold as mid-winter. I shivered as I opened the door and entered my house.

After taking off my winter shoes, gloves and jacket, I looked at the half-charred man lying on the floor of my living room and sighed.

「Hahh… Good grief…」(Tori)

Even after I left him alone for a while to send Signa home, Deel hadn’t woken up yet.

Looking at him lying down unconscious with a ridiculous hairstyle irritated me a little.

I was asked by Celine, but… Hahh… Why should I take care of this idiot? I think I’ll just wake him up and tell him to go home now.

I took out the bottle of D-grade potion I got from Mark, opened it, and splashed the potion on his face.

「Geho, geho! Ugugu..!!」(Deel)

He put his hand on his neck and stretched his other arm up as if he was drowning.

In the meantime, the burns on his skin were healing little by little.

Norwell told me that Mark healed his severely wounded leg after he was attacked by the Evil Fungus, so I’m not surprised that Mark could make a super-effective potion like this on his own.

「Gugu!! Gobobo!! Geho!!」(Deel)

「Geez… Wake up already!」(Tori)

I slapped his face, and then he immediately opened his eyes and raised his upper body.

「Gaahhh… Hahhh… Hahhh… I thought I was drowning…」(Deel)

「You should thank Mark for the potion.」(Tori)

「Potion…? Ahh, I see. So this is potion, huh? More importantly… Has Celine… gone already…?」(Deel)

「Yeah, quite a while ago. But, if you chase her with your wind magic, you may be able to catch up, you know?」(Tori)


I sat down on a chair and looked at Deel who was sitting cross-legged and looked down at the floor with a gloomy face.

It’s rare to see someone who always acts cheerful to be depressed like this.

「…No, I won’t chase her… She… She hates me… I won’t bother her anymore…」(Deel)

「…I see.」(Tori)

Honestly, I was surprised. I thought he would chase after them.

He had been denying the fact that Celine hates him until now but he finally decided to accept it. He’s an idiot but he’s still a man, I see.

「Say, Deel. I may sound cruel, but I’m glad that you gave up on Celine. It’s time for you to move on and look for another woman to marry, don’t you think?」(Tori)

After listening to me, he looked down and covered his face with his hands, thinking while hiding his sad expression from me.

A while after, he lifted his head up and looked at me with his usual confident smile.

「Tori-jii, you’re right. I should look for another woman! But, the problem is that women who match with me are quite rare. I don’t think I can find one easily. The partner for an excellent man like me should be an excellent woman after all!」(Deel)

Deel put his thumb and index finger on his chin and smirked arrogantly.

He just looked like the most suffering man in the world just a minute ago, but now he was smirking annoyingly like usual… He’s really a pain in the butt…

Well, I think it’s a good thing. It means that this idiot is not a weak man who keeps crying over a woman.

「I have a friend in an elven village not too far from here. I’ll try to get in touch with him and ask him if there’s a woman you may like.」(Tori)

This guy seems to have reflected on his actions to some extent, so he might act less idiot in front of women from now on.

As one of the village elders, I do hope that he will find a good woman and have children.

「That’s great. Tell him that I don’t need an obedient woman. I want aー」(Deel)

「ーA strong-willed woman like Celine, right?」(Tori)

「Wha…!? W-Well… I do think strong-willed women are attractive, but that’s not what mean!」(Deel)

「Then do you like the one with a pretty face? Most elves and half-elves have pretty faces, so it’s not hard to find one you may like.」(Tori)

「No, not the face.」(Deel)

「Then what? Hahh… A virgin really is troublesome. Just make it clear already.」(Tori)

「Vi, Virgin!? I’m not a virgin! …Well, I am, but it’s because I haven’t met a woman who matches with a genius like me other than Celine!」(Deel)

「In the end, you admit that you’re a virgin, huh? So, what kind of woman do you like? Just tell me already so that I can tell my friend to find one that fits the criteria you want.」(Tori)

「Umm… You know… The one that has… These…」(Deel)

Deel blushed and replied to me by making a half-circular shape on his chest with his hands.

「Ahh, you want the one with big boobs, huh?」(Tori)

When I asked to confirm, Deel looked at me with a serious face and shouted out loud.

「That’s right! I want a woman with big boobs!」(Deel)

「Hee~ The genius man of Schultria Village likes big boobs, huh? I see, I see.」(Tori)

「J, Just so you know. I don’t look at them in a perverted way, okay? I think women’s boobs have some kind of healing power, and a genius, busy man like me needs them for healing!」(Deel)

「Is that reeeeally so~? Speaking of boobs, Celine does have big ones, doesn’t she? I see now~ You have a good taste.」(Tori)

「S, Shut up! Can your friend find the woman or not!?」(Deel)

Deel blushed and tried to change the topic.

I think I should stop making fun of this virgin now.

「I haven’t been in that village for a long time, so I’m not really sure, but I’ll tell you if my friend finds one.」(Tori)

「I, I see… Well then, I’m counting on you!」(Deel)

Still, with his face burned red, Deel quickly stood up and got out of my house as if he was running away.

He looked so embarrassed like a pure-hearted girl who just confessed to a boy.

Seeing his unusual behavior, I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head.

「Hahh… Now that I’ve nothing to do until lunch, I guess I’ll write a letter to my friend now.」(Tori)

I grabbed a piece of paper and a quill and then started writing, telling my friend to find a woman for Deel.

Of course, I didn’t forget to write that Deel was an idiot who likes big boobs in the letter.



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  1. “As one of the village elders, I do hope that he will find a good woman and have children.”
    How weird. An idiot reproducing means more idiots in the future, assuming that his idiocy is hereditary. Who would advocate that?

  2. Deel truly has no class and poor taste.

    Instead of loving DFC like a man of culture, he only wants a woman for her cleavage item box.

  3. I was hoping we were finally done with Deel. No matter how much the author tries to convince me they’re not actually a bad guy, those words just don’t match the character that was written.

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