Chapter 276 : Explosive Fireball


After patting my head, Celine smirked and turned to Deel who was still staring at me in amazement.

「Mark has completed his Portal Stone, so he can leave this village, right~?」(Celine)

「He… Wait… No, no way… It’s impossible… Kidー No, Mark… Who in the world are you exactly…?」(Deel)

As he stiffened his face he called my name for the first time with a trembling voice.

Before I could reply to him, Celine brushed her hair and spoke with a proud face as if she was the one who had amazed Deel.

「”It’s impossible”, you said? Don’t you see these two Portal Stones in Mark and Nicola’s hands? Deel, you’re always like that. When you face something that doesn’t go your way, you always try to deny it.」(Celine)

「No, I… I just…」(Deel)

「You know that Mark is not an ordinary child from the beginning, but you always call him “Kid” or “My disciple”. You might not realize it, but you’re denying the fact that he’s better than you.」(Celine)

「Ghu… That’s…」(Deel)

I could feel Celine’s anger in her tone.

From my perspective, Deel has recognized my ability since he always complimented me, but from Celine’s point of view, it wasn’t enough, it seems.

「Why don’t you have the courage to face reality even for a little? It might be fun to live like an ignorant idiot who doesn’t think about anything but don’t think that you can continue living like that forever. We, half-elves, have a long lifespan after all. Well, I’ve caused a lot of trouble to the village, so I have no right to lecture you arrogantly like this. I don’t mind if you ignore me, butー」(Celine)

While talking, Celine suddenly took out her magic wand and stretched her arm forward, pointing her magic wand toward Deel who was standing stiffly like a statue.

「ーBut I want you to stop denying the reality, and I want you to have the courage to accept the words I’m about to say!」(Celine)

「The words… you about to say…?」(Deel)

「Yeah. I’ve said these words to you countless times, but you always denied it! This time, for sure, I want you to keep these words in the deepest part of your mind so that you won’t forget them! Listen carefully! What I want to say isーー」(Celine)

As Celine took a deep breath, a fireball appeared on the tip of her magic wand. It grew larger and larger as she inhaled, and thenー

「Deel!! I hate you!! I hate your annoying voice! I hate your annoying personality! I hate your annoying laughter! Stop thinking that I have feelings for you! I’ve always hated you! I’ve hated you since we were children!! I freeeeaking hate you! ーーExplosive Giant Fireball!!」(Celine)

ーAs she shouted, she released the fireball that had enlarged to one meter in diameter at Deel.

「No waー」(Deel)


The fireball flew at high speed and hit Deel before he could finish his words.

While Deel was turning into a grilled half-elf, Celine spread her arms and looked up at the sky where black smoke was rising from Deel’s burning body.

「Aaahh~~ I feel so refreshed~!」(Celine)

A while after, the smoke was blown away by the wind and disappeared, revealing Deel who was standing half-baked.

I’m impressed that he can still stand up even after being hit by a giant explosive fireball. However, the burns on his body looked much worse than when Celine attacked him after we hunted Arrow Dodging Birds a while ago.

『Fufu… Afro is nice, but I don’t think it suits this guy very well.』(Nicola)

Looking at Deel’s semi-long hair that had turned into an afro, Nicola giggled.

「Ce… Celine… Khaahh…」(Deel)

Deel spewed black smoke out of his mouth and then collapsed.

After confirming that Deel had lost consciousness, Celine turned to Nicola and me and raised her hand.

「Alright, guys! Now we can finally leave this village!」(Celine)


「Uhh… Is he gonna be okay?」(Mark)

「I told you he’s tough. He’s gonna be alright. Tori-jii, can you take care of him?」(Celine)

「Hahh… Alright. I knew it would end like this…」(Tori)

Tori-san put his hand on his forehead and sighed.

「Tori sensei, if he recovers slowly, you can use this to heal him.」(Mark)

I took out a bottle of D-grade potion and handed it to Tori-san.

「I think he’s gonna be okay, but, alright. I guess I’ll use it on him later. By the way, Mark, you really surprised me. I know you’re not an ordinary kid, but I never thought you would be able to make two Portal Stones in a short amount of time.」(Tori)

「Ahaha… Thanks to using Resonance Stone and helping Celine refine her Portal Stone every day, my mana bowl has expanded a few times larger. Because of that, I could make two Portal Stones in one go. It made me super tired though…」(Mark)

「Mark, you’re amazing! But… I feel a bit frustrated to think that you could do the thing that took me years to complete in just less than an hour… It seems like I still have a long, long way to go until I reach your level.」(Ester)

Ester smiled at me with a slightly regretful face.

I know her feelings. I can’t help but think that the result was too good.

I don’t think it’s simply because I have a lot of mana, but I could get this great result because of a combination of various other factors.

Kazuul-san, who hadn’t said a single word since we reached the Portal Crystal, joined the conversation.

「This is the first time I’ve seen someone create two Portal Stones at once in less than a day. And, Celine, I’m glad you didn’t fight with Deel and ended up burning this village.」(Kazuul)

「I won’t! Geez… Say, Tori-jii, I think the elders should find him a woman. I don’t think it will be easy, but even though he’s annoying, he’s a caring person. I think there’s at least a woman who will like him.」(Celine)

「Well, unless he’s really a brainless idiot, I think he will accept what you just said to him and move on… I hope… Anyway, I think we’ll visit the nearby villages and see if there’s a woman who will like him.」(Tori)

「Thank you, Tori-jii. I leave him to you.」(Celine)


I still think Deel is a good guy. He’s just a bit annoying. I hope he will find a good woman who loves him.

After talking with Tori-san, Celine turned to me and looked at me worriedly.

「Mark, can you walk?」(Celine)

「Yeah, I can but slowly.」(Mark)

I’m super tired but I think I can walk back to Tori-san’s house. It’s not that far after all.

After everything was settled, we went back to Tori-san’s house where Kazuul-san parked his carriage.

By the way, Kazuul-san was carrying Deel on his shoulder on the way back as if he was carrying a sack of crops.

「Tori-sensei, once again, thank you for everything. Please take care of yourself. Signa, you take care of yourself too.」(Mark)

「Ou. Come again with your Portal Stone if you feel like it.」(Tori)

「Bye-bye, Mark-kun, Nicola-chan!」(Signa)

「Bye-bye, Signa-chan~!」(Nicola)

After we said our goodbye to Tori-san and Signa-san for the second time, we got on the carriage and finally left the village which had become a memorable place for me.



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    1. An idiot wouldn’t live that long if there wasn’t anything positive about him to keep him alive despite acting like an idiot all the time. Toughness, luck, connections, etc. Unfortunately.

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