Chapter 275 : My Stone


Now that I’ve decided to accept Deel’s offer, I followed him to the Portal Crystal.

Celine, Nicola, Kazuul-san, Tori-san, and Signa were also following from behind. They seemed to be curious, especially Kazuul-san and Tori-san.

When we arrived at the Portal Crystal, I looked up at the portal and prepared myself mentally.

Because the Portal Crystal looked like a giant chunk of ice, I felt like the air under the cold sky of winter became even colder.

「Alright, Kid, stand here.」(Deel)

I pulled the collar of my jacket up to cover my entire neck and stood in front of the Portal Crystal as Deel told me.

Deel then grabbed my hand and put his other hand on the Portal Crystal.

「Schult… Porta… Dem…」(Deel)

After he chanted some kind of spell, the part of the Portal Crystal where his hand touched, shone and repeatedly blinked.

After he let go of his hand, a small branch grew from the shining part of the Portal Crystal.

「The registration is now complete. Kid, now you can refine this branch and make your own Portal Stone!」(Deel)

「Thank you, Deel-san. I’ll refine it right away then.」(Mark)

「Go ahead!」(Deel)

Deel stepped back, folded his arms, and watched me with a big smile on his face.

「Kid, I understand your desire to finish your stone as soon as possible, but you need to be patient. You will need months, if not, years to complete a Portal Stone, and it may not go well for you today since it’s your first day, but even if you failed, you shouldn’t be discouraged! You should use that experience to get better on the next day!」(Deel)

Deel seemed to be worried about me. This is why I can’t hate this person even though he is as annoying as hell.

He thought it would take me years to complete a Portal Stone like everybody else, but I’m going to surprise him.

I grabbed the branch coming from the Portal Crystal in front of me, took a deep breath, and started pouring my earth-attributed mana into it since earth is my strongest magic attribute.

I was doing it slowly at first to confirm that the Portal Crystal was really accepting my mana without any problems.

After I confirmed that there were no problems, I went all out by drastically increasing the amount of mana I was injecting into the branch.

A yellowish-brown aura became visible even to naked eyes as I released an enormous amount of earth-attributed mana into the branch. It was flowing from my hand to the branch like a rushing river.

A moment later, not only the branch, but the entire Portal Crystal began to glow in yellowish-brown.

The light of my earth-attributed mana inside the Portal Crystal gradually became brighter and brighter, making the Portal Crystal look like a big golden tree.

「Wha… What in the world is happening!? I’ve never seen the Portal Crystal glowing so brightly like this!」(Deel)

Deel was surprised. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

His expression was kinda funny, but I shouldn’t glance at him too much. I should focus on injecting the Portal Crystal with my mana.

The more I injected my mana, the more I felt like my mana was being sucked.

It felt a bit similar to when I used the Resonance Stone to talk to my parents every morning.

The Portal Crystal kept sucking my mana like a dry sponge sucking water.

After continuing for a while, something that looked like a yellowish-brown lump started to grow from the crystal branch I was holding above my head. It must be my Portal Stone.

The lump grew larger and larger as I continued injecting my mana, and when it became as large as an apple, it fell to the ground.


「Fufu! Ahaha!」(Celine)

Seeing the Portal Stone that looked like a yellow apple falling onto the ground, Deel opened his eyes and mouth wide.

He was shocked because he didn’t think I would be able to complete a Portal Stone so quickly.

Meanwhile, Celine laughed so hard to see Deel’s disbelief expression. She knew that I had a tremendous amount of mana, so she wasn’t surprised.

However, it’s not the end. I kept holding the crystal branch and continued injecting my earth-attributed mana into it without resting.

Not long after, another yellowish-brown Portal Stone grew from the branch and fell onto the ground.

「A… Another one!? He created two Portal Stones at once in an instant!?」(Deel)

At the same time as I heard Deel shouting, my vision got blurry all of a sudden. It seemed that I was very exhausted.

I immediately let go of the crystal branch and dropped on my knees.

「Haahh… Hahh… Haahh… *breathe heavily*」(Mark)

I got down on all fours on the ground and breathed heavily while staring at the two yellowish-brown Portal Stones on the ground.

Soon after, the Portal Crystal lost its glow and eventually returned to its usual look.

『Onii-chan, are you okay? Creating one Portal Stone in a short amount of time requires a stupid amount of mana. Did you even need to create the second one? Look at you now. You’re panting as if you’ve just finished a 100-kilometer marathon or something.』(Nicola)

『Ahaha… I got too carried away… You can have the second one…』(Mark)

While still huffing and puffing, I grabbed the Portal Stones, slowly got up, and handed Nicola one of them.

『Since I made it with earth-attributed mana, I think you can use it too, but… I’m not sure.』(Mark)

『We have similar nature in mana, so I think I can use it no problem, but let me confirm it.』(Nicola)

Nicola received one of the Portal Stones and checked it by pouring a little bit of her earth-attributed mana into it.

『Yup. I can use it. Umm… Thank you, Onii-chan…』(Nicola)

After thanking me a bit shyly, Nicola put her Portal Stone into her pocket, turned away, and held hands with Celine who was approaching me.

Celine crouched down and patted my head.

「Fufu. I knew you could make a Portal Stone in a short amount of time, but I never thought you would be able to make two at once. You’re amazing, Mark~!」(Celine)



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