Chapter 250 : Fire Magic


After deciding that I would fight the Evil Fungus with fire magic, I stopped running and quickly built a stone wall to protect myself from the yellow nut bullets.

「Stone Wall!」(Mark)

After I created the thick earthen wall with earth magic, I heard the light crisp sounds of yellow bullets hitting the other side of the wall.

Because the wall I made was tall and wide, I don’t think the spores coming from the cracked nuts will come to this side very soon, so I have time to think.

I looked at the wall I made while I thought and got a brilliant idea to defeat that monster with fire magic without burning the forest.

While running the simulation in my head, I expanded the both sides of my earthen wall in a curved way, making a U shape toward the Evil Fungus.

First, I was planning to make a curved wall and trap the Evil Fungus inside.

Extending the wall consumed more mana than I expected. I could feel my mana gushing out of my body.

However, it was nothing compared to the amount of mana consumed when I used the Resonance Stone.

There were rocks and fallen trees lying down on the path where my wall was extending, but I didn’t stop. The extending wall swallowed the rocks and the fallen trees on the way.

It’s going to be an ugly-looking wall, but I don’t care as long as I can trap the Evil Fungus.

A while after, both edges of the wall passed the Evil Fungus, went around behind the monster, and met each other, trapping the Evil Fungus in an oval-shaped wall about ten meters high.

Alright, I’m sure this huge wall should be able to prevent the spread of fire.

Now that there’s a high wall surrounding it, the Evil Fungus can’t see me. I used this opportunity to run halfway around the wall to get to the back of the Evil Fungus.

I then used wind magic to jump over the wall and prepared myself to launch a surprise attack on the Evil Fungus from behind. However, that mushroom-type monster noticed my presence behind its back. It immediately turned around and screamed.


The ear-tearing scream of the Evil Fungus made the air tremble.

After that, its tentacles-like roots started wriggling and the Evil Fungus began to approach me. It was moving quicker than before.

「Dammit! It’s approaching!」(Mark)

I quickly stretched my arms forward, trying to attack the Evil Fungus with the fire spell I’d been practicing lately before it got too close to me.

I concentrated my fire-attributed mana in both hands and started imagining the burst of fire coming out from my hands like a flamethrower.

「Fire Blow!!」(Mark)

A flame burst out from my hands and hit the Evil Fungus who was charging at me, and thenー


ーit was instantly burning the Evil Fungus’ entire body, turning the mushroom monster who was mimicking a tree into a pillar of flame.


While screaming in agony, the Evil Fungus who was enveloped in flames was writhing like a dried bonito flake dancing on a hot iron plate.

Soon after, it stopped moving, and at the same time, I could feel an influx of Ether in my body.


This fight seems to be over.

I didn’t expect the Evil Fungus could be killed so easily with fire magic.

I feel stupid for fighting it with earth magic at the beginning…

But, hold on… I thought I was not that good at fire magic…

I was able to defeat it so easily probably because my fire magic was more powerful than I thought.

I’ve been helping Celine develop her Crystal Branch by supplying her with fire-attributed mana, so it’s probably the reason why my fire magic has improved drastically.

If only I realized how powerful my fire magic was, I would have been able to finish this fight much sooner.

I stared at the Evil Fungus, who was still burning and producing crackling sounds like a bonfire. I smiled wryly, feeling relieved that I successfully killed another special-type monster without getting hurt.



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