Chapter 261 : Getting Ready For The Winter


「Every year around this time, we usually chop down some trees to make firewood. It’s an important thing to do to survive the winter.」(Tori)

「I see. Certainly, spending the winter without firewood would be very tough. But, isn’t that something every house should do?」(Mark)

Both Celine’s and Esters’ houses have sheds filled with firewood.

As far as I know, there don’t seem to be households that haven’t stocked up firewood yet.

「Well, of course, each house has to prepare their own firewood. But, the thing is, that the winter in this region sometimes can be extremely cold, so we may need extra firewood just in case.」(Tori)

「But what if you don’t need the extra firewood?」(Mark)

「We will sell it to the merchants who usually come to this village in spring. We can exchange it for money or food from the outside.」(Tori)

「Hee, I see.」(Mark)

Now that he mentions it, I feel like this village is a little colder than the town of Fatia.

I think the snow will pile up quite a lot here in the winter, so it’s better if we leave this village before that happens.

「By the way, the logging site changes every year, and this yearー」(Tori)

「ーThis year, the logging site is near his house. Old man, you should feel honored! Fwahaha!」(Deel)

「Yeah, yeah…」(Tori)

Tori replied to Deel with a sigh as if saying, “What a troublesome man…”

As Celine said, it seems that Deel has been leading the people to develop this village.

He may be annoying but he cares about this village more than anyone.

By cutting down trees, they open up new land that can be used to build new houses or make fields, and it seems that Deel was the one who planned everything.

「Oh, right. After making enough firewood, we’ll also make some preserved food.」(Tori)

While saying that, Tori-san glanced at the chained Legion Sheep behind the men.

「Ahh, I see.」(Mark)

「So, Mark, do you want to join us?」(Tori)

「Yeah, I think it’s better than lazing around in my house.」(Mark)

「Great. Let’s go then.」(Tori)


◇ ◇ ◇


「Tori-san, is it okay if we start from this side?」(man)

When we got to the entrance to the forest not far from Tori-san’s house, a muscular man with a big axe asked Tori-san to confirm where they should start.

That axe seemed to be a battle axe. He was carrying it on his shoulder like it was nothing.

「Yeah, we can start from here. Please choose the tree you will cut carefully so that we can open this area evenly.」(Tori)

「Got it.」(man)

「Alright, folks! Let’s get started!」(Deel)


Along with that shout, the men, excluding Tori-san and Deel, split into three teams, spread out,, and started chopping the trees with their axes.

By the way, Norwell-san’s axe is not as big as the battle axe the muscular man uses, but he is swinging it very quickly.

He doesn’t seem to use his physical strength at all but the cuts he makes are deep. He is very skilled at using an axe. I wonder if he used an axe as a weapon when he worked as an adventurer.

While I was watching the men working, suddenly the muscular man who used a battle axe shouted.


Soon after, the other nearby men stepped away in the opposite direction from where the tree was tilting to.

The tree then fell into the ground and made a loud noise.

After confirming that they were good to go, they continued chopping their trees.

Oh, right. I just realized. Why are they not using magic? Cutting down trees would be very easy with magic.

Speaking of magic, Deel, who likes to show off his magic skills while laughing like an idiot, is only watching the men while folding his arms next to me.

「Deel-san, you’re not working with them?」(Mark)

「Well, Kid, my job is not cutting down trees. I can’t afford to waste my mana now. How about you? You can cut those trees down easily with your Wind Edge spell. You can join them and make my job easier, you know? Fwahahaha!」(Deel)

「Umm… I think I’m just gonna look and learn for now.」(Mark)

「Alright then! You know, I can just blow away all the trees in this area if I want, but too bad I can’t show it to you because I have to save my mana, but you, feel free if you want to show off your magic skills! Fwahaha!」(Deel)

Deel looks like an idiot but his magic ability is real. After all, he has the Gift that allows him to use all magical elements to their full potential.

I don’t think I’m inferior to him in terms of the amount of mana, but he seems to be better at controlling mana than I am.

I wonder what his job here is if it’s not cutting down trees.

He’s going to use magic to do it, right?

While wondering about Deel, I kept watching the men working.



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