Chapter 249 : Stone Bullets VS Nut Bullets


The Evil Fungus began to slowly approach me, walking with its wriggling roots that looked like tentacles.

While moving toward me, it released yellow smoke from its body.

It’s probably the spores. It would be bad if I inhaled it.

Luckily, the spores don’t spread, instead, they are wrapping the Evil Fungus’ body, so I think it’s for defense.

That means as long as I’m not getting close to it, I still have a chance to win.

However, just when I thought like that, the Evil Fungus suddenly shook its body and the spores around it began to spread on the wind.

「Oh, really!? Levitation!」(Mark)

I quickly concentrated my wind-attributed mana on my entire body and used Levitation Magic to launch myself into the air while covering my nose and mouth with my hands before the spores got close to me.

While floating, I looked down and saw yellow thin smoke passing where I had been standing.

I knew the wind would be kinda strong today, but I was so careless to be standing downwind.

『Nicola, are you guys okay there?』(Mark)

『Yeah. Celine knew about the spores, so she led us to the place where the wind was not blowing.』(Nicola)

『I wish she warned me about it…』(Mark)

『She didn’t warn you probably because she wanted you to figure it out yourself. She believed you would be able to dodge it.』(Nicola)

『Ugh… She’s acting like a devil instructor again, huh?』(Mark)

『Ester, on the other hand, is so worried about you. Her face looks pale.』(Nicola)

『I, I see…』(Mark)

I feel bad for her…

I have to end this fight quickly so as not to worry Ester any longer.

I turned my gaze at the Evil Fungus. Because the trees were not that dense, I could spot it easily even though it was mimicking a tree.

The Evil Fungus bent its body backward a little bit and faced me who was floating above it.

I prepared myself to attack it again before it could attack me.

I made several Stone Bullets a few centimeters in diameter and fired them at the Evil Fungus all at once.

「Stone Bulletsー!!」(Mark)

Right after, I made more Stone Bullets and fired them again before I could even confirm if the last Stone Bullets hit the Evil Fungus or not.

「Stone Bullets! Stone Bullets! Stone Bulleeetss!!!」(Mark)


Hundreds of Stone Bullets rained down on the Evil Fungus’ body and the trees around it.

The surrounding birds were squealing and fleeing as the trees fell to the ground.

I wanted to see how much damage my Stone Bullets did to the Evil Fungus, but I couldn’t see it because of the cloud of dust.

While I was waiting for the dust to disappear, suddenly a yellow nut came out of the cloud of dust and flew toward me.


My Levitation Magic could only allow me to move slowly in the air, so I couldn’t avoid it.



Right before the nut bullet hit me, a wind barrier appeared and repelled it.

The Silver Eagle Amulet I got from the feudal lord seems to be working. I always wear it on my neck to protect myself.


I let out a sigh of relief, but then the second and the third shot came.

I was planning to corner the Evil Fungus from up here, but it seemed to be a bad idea.

『Onii-chan, if you can’t avoid its attacks, I think you should go down!』(Nicola)

『I know!』(Mark)

I quickly disabled my Levitation Magic to quickly descend and avoid the nut bullets. Right after I made a cushion of air with wind magic on the ground and landed safely.

I looked stood up straight and looked forward, facing the Evil Fungus.

Now I can see it clearly.

As I expected, my Stone Bullets made many holes in its body, but then the wriggling white fibers appeared and filled up the holes.

Seems like my Stone Bullets didn’t do much damage to it.

While I was observing the Evil Fungus healing itself, some of its roots that looked like tentacles curled and thenー

Pew! Pew! Pew!

ーIt suddenly shot yellow nuts at me.

So the yellow nuts were shot from its roots, huh?

I quickly ran sideways to dodge the nut bullets while refilling my Silver Eagle Amulet with mana just in case I would need its wind shield again.

The nut bullets I managed to dodge hit the trees behind me and spread yellow spores.

They are not ordinary nuts. It would be very bad if I were hit by them!

I kept running, dodging the nut bullets while thinking.

My Stone Bullets were not weak at all. However, they barely hurt the Evil Fungus. I felt like shooting a big lump of cotton.

It seemed that none of my earth spells would work on this monster.

『Onii-chan, I think you have no choice but to use fire magic.』(Nicola)

『Uhh, I was just thinking the same thing… but…』(Mark)

『If you end up burning the forest, you can just apologize to the elders and the villagers. Well, I don’t think they will scold you if you beat the Evil Fungus. I can teach you how to make a pathetic face so that adults have no choice but to forgive you if you want.』(Nicola)

『Ugh… I think I will try to find a way to attack this monster with fire magic without burning the forest.』(Mark)

『I see. It would be perfect if you could do that. Well, good luck~』(Nicola)

The fact that Norwell-san came to this forest means that this forest is an important hunting ground for the villagers.

The villagers mostly depend on this forest to get meat. I really don’t want to burn this forest if possible.



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  1. Use water magic, compress it with wind magic and cut that tree in half with pressurized water~

    Water is the most sharpest thing, even better than diamond~

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