Chapter 217 : Water Wall


Alright, what should I do now…?

To be honest, I like showing off my magic skill and making a triumphant face in front of other people, but I don’t want to hurt the pride of these young and promising children, especially the boys.

Most of the boys winked and waved at Nicola one after another after their turn was over.

Honestly, they were a bit annoying, but I understand their feelings. They just want to be noticed by the girl they like.

However, they might underestimate me if I went too easy on this magic practice. I think producing a bit less water than Kozakaar did is enough to prove that I’m above average without hurting their pride.

Alright, let’s do this.

I approached the river bank and stretched my hands forward, but before I started concentrating my mana in my hands, Nicola stopped me.

『Hold on, Onii-chan. Don’t tell me you’re not going to use your full power.』(Nicola)

『Of course. I don’t want to stand out.』(Mark)

『I knew it. Onii-chan, please don’t hold back!』(Nicola)

『Are you telling me to use my full power? I told you I don’t want to stand out. Moreover, I don’t want to hurt these guys’ pride. Unlike Jack, they’re not bad boys at all. They just want you to notice them.』(Mark)

『Well, it might hurt their pride. However, if they learn that there’s someone far better than them, they will grow stronger in the future.』(Nicola)

『Is that really so…?』(Mark)

I’m not convinced at all…

However, seeing my doubtful face, Nicola immediately used her trump card.

『Onii-chan, if you’re not doing what I tell you now, I won’t stop Celine the next time she attacks you in her sleep. I will hide in bushes and enjoy every moment she touches every inch of your body!』(Nicola)

『That’s… Ugh… Alright, alright…』(Mark)

It looks like I have no choice…

Well, she is probably right. They might grow stronger in the future.

After all, the higher and thicker the wall that stands in your way, the bigger and stronger you have to be in order to overcome that wall.

Alright then. I think I’ll go all out for the sake of these children’s growth.

And speaking of walls, I think I will make a big wall of water using water magic.

「What’s wrong, Mark? What are you waiting for? Could it be… You’re not good at water magic?」(Tori)

「I’m sorry. I was just thinking for a moment. Alright, here I go!」(Mark)

I didn’t realize that I had been standing while stretching my hands forward like a statue while talking with Nicola via telepathy.

I took a deep breath, started concentrating my water-attributed mana in my hands and releasing it on a horizontal line across the river.

「Water Wall!」(Mark)


A huge amount of water suddenly spouted up from the riverbed, forming a wall that looked like a waterfall that was upside down.

The wall of water was about five meters high and stretched from where I was standing to the other side of the river.

「Wh, What is that!?」
「A bridge? …No. That’s a wall! A wall of water!」
「This big wall is all water!?」
「I’ve never seen someone use water magic like this!」(children)

I could hear the other children around me start getting noisy. They all were surprised by my water magic.

Water sprayed around the wall of water like a shower, but because everyone was a little away from the river bank, so no one got wet except me.

「Who is that guy?」
「Isn’t that guy the new kid?」
「Yeah, he is Nicola-chan’s brother.」
「I see. Nicola-chan was so dazzling that I didn’t notice his presence.」(children)


The last boy didn’t realize it but he hurt my feelings…

After maintaining the wall of water for a while, Tori sensei tapped my shoulder from behind.

「W, Well done, Mark. You can stop now… You’re surprising as always…」(Tori)

I nodded to him, and as soon as I stopped the flow of my water-attributed mana, the wall of water collapsed and became one with the river, going downstream.

I just used a big and flashy spell but I don’t feel tired at all.

Since I came to this village, I’ve been using Resonance Stone every day to call my parents. Perhaps my mana bowl has gotten bigger because of that.

I took out a towel from my Item Box, but Nicola suddenly hugged me from behind when I was about to wipe my face.

「Kyaa~! Onii-chan, you’re amazing! I love you, Onii-chan~! I want to marry someone as amazing as you when I grow up!」(Nicola)

『Tsk. My clothes are all wet now.』(Nicola)

『It’s because you’re hugging me!』(Mark)

『It would have been perfect if you were not drenched. Please take out my towel later.』(Nicola)

『Alright, alright…』(Mark)

Nicola praised me while complaining via telepathy.

Seeing Nicola hugging me and praising me, Kozakaar and the other boys dropped their shoulders and opened their mouths wide. They looked frustrated and disappointed at the same time.

Ahh… I see now…

Nicola told me not to hold back for the sake of these children’s growth, but she didn’t mean it at all.

This is what she was aiming for from the beginning.

I can tell from the smirk on her face as she glances at those boys while still hugging me.

What a sly little sister…




After that, we practiced wind magic and earth magic.

Because Nicola threatened me, saying that she won’t help me if Celine attacks me in her sleep, I had no choice but to give it my all in wind magic and earth magic practice as well.

As a result, I hurt the pride of the best student at wind magic, Hayart, and the best student at earth magic, Cosner.

Nicola is happy because no boy talks to her after that, but on the other hand, I feel sad.

I was hoping that I could make some new friends in this class but every time I looked at the other children, they made a tense expressions and looked away from me.

The only exception was Signa. She gives me a relaxing smile when our eyes meet.

It seems like I won’t be able to make friends other than her.

Hahh… Why is it always females? I want a male friend too…



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  1. Nicola’s just doing her job to assist MC. She can’t leave him and get married anyway because she’s under probation, so removing future nuisance is a given.

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