Chapter 218 : Cleaning-up The Warehouse


「Alright, today’s class is over. You can go home now.」(Tori)

「「Thank you, Tori sensei!」」(children)

As soon as the class was over, the children greeted Tori sensei, left their seats, and went home.

Some children rushed immediately toward their homes, and some others were walking while talking cheerfully with their friends, but the boys who tried to catch Nicola’s attention during the magic class were walking with their shoulders down, looking somewhat depressed.

「Nicola-chan, Mark-kun, see you next time~!」(Signa)

Signa, the only child who has become our friend, smiled at Nicola and me and waved her hand as she left the class.

「See you, Signa-chan~!」(Nicola)

「See you later.」(Mark)

We waved back at her and saw her off.

She is truly the only healing in this class. I haven’t made friends with the boys today but I’m glad I made friends with her.

After a while, all the children left. There’s only Nicola, Tori sensei, and me in the backyard now.

Nicola and I remained because Tori sensei asked me to help him clean up the backyard after the class was over. He thought that it could be done quickly with my Item Box.

I thought that it would be an easy task so I didn’t refuse. Besides, there’s something I want to ask him.

「Well then, Mark, can you help me clean up this mess?」(Tori)

「Alright. I’ll store these chairs and desks in my Item Box first.」(Mark)

I put the chairs and long desks in my Item Box one after another, and lastly, I also put the blackboard in.

Tori sensei could only watch me and exhaled lightly before he could even do anything.

「That’s… very quick. Now, let’s go to the warehouse over there.」(Tori)


「…Say, Mark. Why are you looking somewhat unhappy? Was my class boring?」(Tori)

While walking toward the warehouse, Tori sensei asked me with a puzzled look on his face.

「No, no. It’s not what you think. Umm… It seems like everyone got scared of me…」(Mark)

Although I was intimidated by Nicola, I shouldn’t have used my full power during the magic class. That was a bad school debut, really…

After I told Tori sensei, I thought he would cheer me up like a good teacher, but he burst out laughing while looking at my face.

「Gahaha! I thought you had a more serious matter. Well, it was quite a shock to see your magic ability. Seeing their surprised faces, I’m pretty sure that those boys were shocked too. But don’t worry. I think they will forget about it eventually.」(Tori)

「Do you think so?」(Mark)

「Well, they probably won’t dare to talk to your sister for a while though. Why don’t you start making friends with the girls? They might not look like it but I think they’re interested in you.」(Tori)

「Is that really so?」(Mark)

「You are close to Celine after all.」(Tori)

「How does it have something to do with Celine?」(Mark)

「Everyone in this village, including kids, knows that Celine hates men. Since you’re close to her, they think that there’s maybe something special in you. As a test, you can try to ask a girl to go on a date with you. They might accept. Ah, but don’t ask Signa, okay?」(Tori)

「Uhh… No, I won’t do that but… Why can’t I ask Signa?」(Mark)

「Because she’s my precious cute granddaughter.」(Tori)

「I see…」(Mark)

「It’s not that I don’t like you but you will leave this village in three months, right? If she fell in love with you, she might leave this village to come with you and I don’t want that to happen! I don’t want to part with my cute Signa!」(Tori)

「A, Alright, alright. I’ll be careful…」(Mark)

He kinda reminds me of my grandpa who didn’t want to part with my mom…

I was a bit surprised when I learned that Signa is Tori sensei’s granddaughter.

Tori sensei looks like he is in his forties, but because he is a half-elf, he must be way older.

That means Signa is not his granddaughter, but his great-granddaughter at least.

「Alright, Mark, can you line the chairs and desks there?」(Tori)

Tori sensei opened the warehouse door and prompted me to get inside.

The door looked heavy but it was unlocked.

Just like in Japan, people in rural areas rarely lock their doors.

There were a lot of things in the warehouse. It was a bit dusty and cluttered with tools and furniture, but there was a quite big empty space in the center.

I guess that’s where I should put all the chairs and desks.

「Tori-sensei, there’s something I want to ask you.」(Mark)

While putting out the chairs and tables from my Item Box and arranging them neatly in the empty space together with Tori sensei, I asked him what made me curious.

「What is it?」(Tori)

「You only taught us water, wind, and earth magic in today’s magic class. Why didn’t you teach us the other magic attributes?」(Mark)

「As you know, there are very few people who can use light, dark, and void magic. I can’t use that kind of magic, and I can’t teach other people things I can’t do, right? As for fire magic, umm… Years ago, I used to teach children fire magic, but I have never taught children fire magic again since Celine almost burned down the entire forest during my magic class when she was a child.」(Tori)

「I… see…」(Mark)

I don’t know what she did back then but I decided not to ask. There are things that you better not know.

I stopped thinking about Celine and continued arranging the chairs and desks.

By the way, Nicola is waiting outside. She doesn’t like going to dusty places.

Well, it’s not that we need her help anyway.

After Tori sensei and I finished arranging all the chairs and tables, I took out the last item, which was the blackboard, from my Item Box, and put it in the corner of the warehouse.

As we went out of the warehouse, Tori sensei thanked me while cracking his neck.

「Phew… Thanks a lot, Mark. Would you help me with this again next week?」(Tori)


「I normally spend most of my time sitting at my work table, making magic tools, so heavy lifting work like this is really tiring for me. As my gratitude, I will give you a big discount if you want to buy magic tools from me.」(Tori)

「That’s great. I will let you know when I need some particular magic tools.」(Mark)

「Alright. And don’t forget about my request for you to make a playground for the children.」(Tori)

「Of course, I didn’t forget about it, but I have something to do today. I will get it done soon, don’t worry. Well then, I’m going home now.」(Mark)

「Sensei, see you later~!」(Nicola)

「Ou. Be careful on your way home.」(Tori)

Nicola and I left Tori sensei’s house and headed home.

I think the Sunday School in Fatia will be over soon. After that, Pamella will come to my parents’ house with Delica.

I can’t wait to talk with her.



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