Chapter 219 : The Reason For Crying


As soon as Nicola and I returned to our container house, I took out the Resonance Stone and put it on the table.

Now that the preparations are complete, it’s time to call our parents.

I sat on my chair and put my hands on the Resonance Stone.

However, when I was about to start injecting my mana into the stone, Nicola raised her hand.

「Sensei, I need to go to the toilet~!」(Nicola)

「I’m not your sensei. Make it quick.」(Mark)

After making such a joke, Nicola went to the bathroom.

While waiting for her to come back, I prepared drinks for the both of us.

It didn’t take long for her to come out of the bathroom. As soon as she sat on her chair, I started injecting mana into the Resonance Stone.

「Hello~ Mom? Dad? Are you there?」(Mark)

「Ah, it’s Mark’s voice. Go ahead. You want to talk with him, right?」(Delica)

I could hear Delica’s voice. She seemed to be talking with someone.

「Umm… M, Mark-kun… It’s me, Pamella…」(Pamella)

This time I heard Pamella’s voice. She sounded a little nervous.

「Pamella, it’s been a while. How are you doing?」(Mark)

「I’m doing good. How about you? Did you get hurt during your trip?」(Pamella)

「Nope. I’m doing good as well.」(Mark)

I was attacked by the Lord of the Lake in Secard Village and attacked by three Mothers of Stone Lizards in the mine of Sadola Town but strangely I didn’t get hurt.

While I was thinking how lucky I was, Pamella talked to me with a slightly lonely voice.

「Say, Mark-kun… Delica-san told me that you are going to stay there for about three months… Is that true…?」(Pamella)

「Yeah. There’s something I need to do here, so I decided to stay for a while.」(Mark)

「I see…」(Pamella)

I feel like Pamella’s voice is getting lower.

Back then, Pamella didn’t have many friends because she had been absent from Sunday School for a while.

However, she seems to have made friends since she started attending Sunday School again, so I don’t think she will be lonely just because I’m gone.

「Pamella, how’s the Sunday School lately? Has anything changed since I’m gone?」(Mark)

「Sunday School? Umm… Apart from your and Nicola’s absence, nothing has changed, I think.」(Pamella)

「I see. You always had lunch with Nicola and me at Sunday School but since we’re not there, how was your lunch lately?」(Mark)

「I ate lunch with Sara-chan and Reki-chan lately.」(Pamella)

Ooh! She had lunch with her friends. That’s good!

Honestly, I felt a bit guilty to leave her alone. I thought she would be a loner, but I’m glad I was wrong.

Because she strongly depended on me when she returned to Sunday School after a while, it seems like I self-consciously believed that Pamella felt lonely that I was gone.

I stroked my chest in relief.

「By the way, Mark-kun, what kind of place are you in right now?」(Pamella)

「I’m in Celine’s hometown, a village called Schultria. It’s a village in the middle of the forest. This place is surrounded by nature. There are trees everywhere and there’s a big river with clear and refreshing water. Ah, by the way, Nicola and I have just returned from this village’s school.」(Mark)

「There’s a school there?」(Pamella)

「Well, it’s not exactly a school, but we have a teacher called Tori-sensei. He teaches all the children in this village a lot of things. You know what? We have a magic lesson here!」(Mark)

「Magic lesson? That’s awesome.」(Pamella)

「Right? By the way, Nicola and I made friends with a girl with brown fluffy hair at school today. She is good at water magic just like you.」(Mark)


「Today we showed our magic ability in turns, and after I saw her use water magic, I thought that she was as good as you.」(Mark)

「I see…」(Pamella)

「By the way, I used my full power when I demonstrated my magic ability and scared most of the kids in the class. As a result, no one talked to me except her. Still, even though I could only make friends with one person, I’m glad that I made friends with her.」(Mark)




「Umm… Are you listening to me?」(Mark)


「Eh? W, What’s wrong?」(Mark)

「No… Hiks… It’s… Hiks… Nothing…」(Pamella)

Eh? Ehh!? Is she… crying?

『Aa-aah, Onii-chan makes a girl cry~ I’ll go tell sensei~』(Nicola)

『Oh, shut up!』(Mark)

I glared at Nicola who was fluttering her hands, dancing like a weirdo as she made fun of me.

Then I returned my gaze to the Resonance Stone.

「Pamella, are you okay?」(Mark)

「Hiks… I’m… I’m okay…」(Pamella)

「No, you don’t sound okay at all. Why are youー」(Mark)

I didn’t know what to say. I got up from my chair and tried to ask her one more time but suddenly, the voice of an adult woman interrupted me.

「ーMark-chan, you shouldn’t ask the reason why a lady cries. You should grow up and become a good gentleman who understands ladies’ feelings without asking.」(Camilla)

「This voice… Camilla-san?」(Mark)

「Yep, it’s me~ I heard about you when Delica-chan came to pick up Pamella to go to Sunday School, so I decided to come here too when school was over. Are you doing well there?」(Camilla)

「I’m doing well but… Is she really okay?」(Mark)

「Fufu. Don’t worry about Pamella. She will stop crying soon. While waiting for her to calm down, how about you tell me about your daily life there?」(Camilla)

「Uhh… A, Alright…」(Mark)

Since there’s nothing I can do for Pamella right now, I decided to do what Camilla-san said.

I told her about this village, the people I’ve met here, and what I do for a living.

I spoke a bit louder so that Pamella could also hear me.



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  1. He’s pretty dense huh why is she crying well you decided to stay away for 3 months now going to school and making more girls fall in love with you

    1. To be fair, he seems like someone in denial rather than dense. He does not want to be horny, he wants to be happy and have a lot of friends, so he rationalizes everything as a friendship until proven otherwise

    2. Actually he is physiologically still too young to be horny, even if he remembers how it feels from his previous life. It’s the same with really old people in real life.

    3. just because the other person like you doesn’t mean they like you romantically. so, no. he’s not dense, he knew they like him that’s why they’re FRIENDS. the problem is he view them as his FRIENDS and as a CHILD. also there’s no confirmation on the other side so it’s good that he didn’t assume anything or he’ll live a tiring life assuming about everything.

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