Chapter 322 : Vice Guildmaster


「Celine, it’s been a while.」(man)

「Ara, Vice Guildmaster. Why are you here? Seems like the biggest adventurer guild in the territory is not as busy as I imagine.」(Celine)

The man that I thought was an appraiser seemed to be the Vice Guildmaster of this guild.

He shrugged his shoulders and replied to Celine.

「No, we are busy as always, but I heard from the guards that you would come, so I’m here to welcome you. By the way, it’s rare to see a lone wolf like you to be in a group.」(Vice Guildmaster)

Saying that, the Vice Guildmaster looked at us, who were standing behind Celine, with interest.

「Well, I have my reason to be with them. If you’re busy then you better appraise our monster materials quickly.」(Celine)

「Hahh… It’s not that you’re in a hurry, are you? You’re being unfriendly as always. Well, that’s fine. Let me see the stuff.」(Vice Guildmaster)

After saying that, he tapped the table, telling us to put the materials on it.

Celine then put her hand on my back and gently pushed me a bit forward.

「Mark, can you take them out?」(Celine)


I approached the steel table and took out the Land Turtle shell from my Item Box and placed it on the table.

I also took out the leather bag filled with Land Turtle blood and put it next to the shell.

「He… He even has an Item Box…!?」(Liane)

After I put the materials on the table, I heard Liane’s voice from behind.


「H, Hmph!」(Liane)

I turned my face to her but she immediately looked away as soon as our eyes met.

I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt my feelings, but more importantly, why did she say, “He even” as if she knew my true ability to begin with?

Did she know that I was the one who made the stone ball that made her frustrated?

Tryon did tell her that I was the cross-dressing boy he met at Iris Bar, so she had probably guessed that.

If that’s true, then not only does she see me as a male she hates but also as a rival in terms of magic.

Ugh… Can I really become friends with her…?

「Hee~ An Item Box, huh? Seems like you have an extraordinary boy here.」(Vice Guildmaster)

While I was thinking about Liane, the Vice Guildmaster looked at me with an impressed face.

「Right~? He may be young but he’s a talented magician, you know?」(Celine)

「Is that so? Is he your disciple or something?」(Vice Guildmaster)

「Well, you can say that. More importantly, can you please hurry and appraise these things?」(Celine)

「Hahh… Alright, alright.」(Vice Guildmaster)

After Celine rushed him, he quickly grabbed the shell and started examining it.

Unlike when he was talking with Celine, his face looks serious now.

After examining the shell for a while, he then picked up the leather bag containing Land Turtle blood.

He opened the bag and sniffed the blood. He then took a teaspoon from the drawer behind the steel table and used it to take a sip of the blood.

「Hmm… I see…」(Vice Guildmaster)

「Uhh… Do you need to taste it?」(Celine)

「This is the quickest way to tell its quality. Besides, I can make my wife happy tonight this way.」(Vice Guildmaster)

Make his wife happy, he said?

I knew it. Land Turtle blood seems to be a strong aphrodisiac.

「Bullshit. You just want a free sip, don’t you?」(Celine)

「Hahaha! You got me! But don’t worry, you will be paid full price, of course.」(Vice Guildmaster)

「Hahh… I’m still wondering why someone like you could become a Vice Guildmaster…」(Celine)

「Haha! You’re a mean girl, you know that? Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with the quality of this blood. The shell is worth 10 gold coins and the blood is worth 35 gold coins. What do you say?」(Vice Guildmaster)

「Wow, really? The blood’s price is higher than I thought.」(Celine)

If I remember correctly, Celine said that we could sell the blood for 25 gold coins. Certainly, it’s higher than we expected.

「Actually, we got a request from a client to bring them Land Turtle blood, and the reward is 35 gold coins. If you don’t mind, can you take this request and deliver it to the client? Don’t worry. They live in this city.」(Vice Guildmaster)

「I see. I don’t mind as long as it’s within the capital. We were planning on taking a walk around this city anyway.」(Celine)

「That’s great. Wait a sec…. ーHey, is anyone outside?」(Vice Guildmaster)

「What’s wrong, Vice Guildmaster?」(staff member)

Right after the Vice Guildmaster called someone, a staff member entered the room.

「Can you bring me the request form for Land Turtle blood? Also, I need ten gold coins to pay for the shell.」(Vice Guildmaster)

「Right away!」(staff member)

The staff member then immediately turned around and went downstairs.

Meanwhile, the Vice Guildmaster turned his gaze to Maya who had been standing by Liane without moving.

「Say, Maya, since you’re with Celine, does it mean that Celine came to this city because of a matter related to the feudal lord?」(Vice Guildmaster)

「I’m sorry. I can’t answer that question.」(Maya)

「W, Wait! Hold on… You noticed that it was Maya!?」(Celine)

After Maya replied to the Vice Guildmaster without changing her expression, Celine looked at the Vice Guildmaster with a surprised face.

「It took me two days to notice it was her, you know? I wouldn’t have noticed it if she didn’t tell me her name this morning.」(Celine)

「Haaahaha! No one would have thought that the barbaric woman, Maya of the Great Cleaver, would wear a clean dress after all.」(Vice Guildmaster)

「Exactly! But how did you…」(Celine)

「I knew it was her because I was the one who introduced her to the Lord Walltrail.」(Vice Guildmaster)

「Is that so?」(Celine)

「By the way, how long are you going to stay in this city?」(Vice Guildmaster)

「A week. After that, I’m going back to Fatia.」(Celine)

「Fatia, huh? Can you even make money in that small town? You better stay here. We always get big requests with handsome rewards for capable adventurers like you.」(Vice Guildmaster)

「Nah, I’ll pass. I’m going to live my life the way I want.」(Celine)

「Well, if you say so.」(Vice Guildmaster)

While they were talking, the staff member returned with two more people.

After he handed the request form to the Vice Guildmaster, the three of them then carried the huge shell out of the room.

「Here’s the form, here’s the blood, and here’s the ten gold coins for the shell. It would be great if you could deliver it to the client right away.」(Vice Guildmaster)

「Who’s the client?」(Celine)

「Darkan Company. You know it, right? Its address is on the form.」(Vice Guildmaster)

「Ahh… That store, huh…?」(Celine)

Celine frowned as soon as she read the form.

Not only her, Maya also frowned as she fixed the position of her glasses.

I wonder if they ever had a bad experience with the client.



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  1. And following the law of comedy this store is going to be connected to the people they were trying to avoid/hide from…

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