Chapter 216 : Water Magic


「Sensei, what kind of magic are we going to practice today?」(male student)

Tori-san put his index finger and thumb on his chin as a male student asked him.

「We’re going to practice water magic first, so let’s move to the river.」(Tori)

「Water magic! Awesome!」(male student)

The student clenched his fists and made a victory pose. He then turned his face toward Nicola, who was walking next to me, and waved his hand with a refreshing smile on his face.

It seems that he’s good at water magic and wants to show Nicola what he’s capable of.

However, Nicola pretended as if she didn’t see him. Even so, he kept his bright smile.

Nicola blatantly ignored him, but he seemed to have a strong mentality.

Honestly, I think he is much better than Jack who teased girls he was interested in. Jack has changed though.

「Everyone, follow me and don’t wander around!」(Tori)

We followed Tori-sanー No, Tori sensei through the woods, walking toward the river.

We children have small feet but fortunately, the small path through the woods is well-maintained and easy to walk.

While walking, following the student in front of me, I was thinking about water magic.

I rarely see children my age use magic, so I’m kinda interested in how these children perform magic.

Other than Nicola, the only child I know who can use magic is Pamella even though I only saw her pouring a small amount of water from her index finger into a glass.

Unlike Pamella, the children here are half-elves, so I guess they are better than her at magic.

By the way, although some of the boys seem to be interested in Nicola, they haven’t talked to her because she has been chatting with Signa, the brown-haired girl who sat next to me in the class. I heard she introduced herself to Nicola during their conversation.

The boys didn’t talk to Nicola because they didn’t want to disturb her conversation with Signa. It seems that children in this village are able to read the atmosphere, unlike Deel.

And by the way… No one talks to me either…

I’m aware that my face is not as pretty as Nicola’s but I can say that I’m quite good-looking. However, this is a half-elf village. There are only good-looking children here, so no matter how pretty my face is, it’s not something special here.

Well, Nicola is different. She’s on a whole different level. She used to be an angel after all…

After walking for a while, we finally reached the river.

This part of the river is wider and deeper than where I bathed before.

「Alright. Now I want you to produce water with water magic and release it into the river. Let’s do it one by one from the oldest group.」(Tori)

「I’m going first!」(male student)

The one who raised his hand and volunteered to be the first one to do it was the boy who waved to Nicola earlier.

「Kozakaar, you want to do it first? Alright, go ahead.」(Tori)

「Yes, sir!」(Kozakaar)

The boy who is called Kozakaar closed his eyes, stretched out both his hands toward the river, and began to focus his water-attributed mana in his hands.


He then opened his eyes and started producing water.

Water kept flowing out from the gap between his hands like a water faucet and fell into the river.

「Whoaa! He really is good at water magic!」
「I expect nothing less from him!」
「Kozakaar-kun, you’re so cool!」(students)

I don’t think he’s that good, but the surrounding students are praising him.

Well, he’s definitely better than Pamella but I can produce much more water than him with water magic.

It seems that this is the top level of magic for elementary school students in this world.

「Alright, you can stop now. Good job.」(Tori)

As soon as Tori sensei told him to stop, Kozakaar cut the flow of his mana and stopped producing water.

He then put his hands on his knees while breathing heavily, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and showed his sparkling smile to Nicola.

However, Nicola pretended not to see him just like before. He then shrugged his shoulders and walked back to the group of the oldest students.

I feel a little sorry for him. As a fellow man, I know that he must feel miserable.

『Hey, Nicola, can’t you humor him even just for a little?』(Mark)

『Huh? Why should I do that? That type of person will become persistent later if I show even a little bit of affection. Showing a refusal attitude is the best way to handle a person like him, you know?』(Nicola)

『Is that so…?』(Mark)

『Of course.』(Nicola)

Hmm… I guess she’s right.

When I worked at a black company in my previous life, turning someone down was the hardest thing to do, and because of that, my seniors always asked me to help them with their work, knowing that I couldn’t refuse their requests.

I was thinking that it would be nice if Nicola had a boyfriend because she wouldn’t leech on me when she grows up, but… It’s Nicola we’re talking about. The lazyass little sister who likes to sniff beautiful women’s sweaty bodies. I don’t think it’s possible…

After Kozakaar’s turn was over, the other children continued to use water magic in turn.

No one was as good as Kozakaar in water magic, so it seemed that he was the best at water magic in the class.

While watching the other children use water magic, I realized that there were younger children who seemed to be better than the older children. After all, every person has a magic attribute that they are good at. People who are good at all magic attributes like Deel are rare.

A while after, it’s time for our group to take turns starting from Signa.


Along with her energetic shout, a squirt of water shot out from her hands and fell into the river.

Signa then wiped her forehead and exhaled with a satisfied face as if she had just finished a difficult task.

The amount of water she produced wasn’t much. She is probably on the same level as Pamella.

「Well done Signa! You did great! Alright, the next person is… Mark, it’s your turn. Show these children what you got, will ya?」(Tori)

Tori sensei, who knew that I’m good at magic, smirked at me when he called my name as if telling me to show everyone that I’m much better than them.

I don’t want to stand out though…



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