Chapter 215 : We Are The Transfer Students


After taking Celine and Nicola to the bathhouse and preparing a potion bath for them, I returned to Celine’s house.

When I got there, Eclain had already woken up. I then helped her brew wine while waiting for the two to come back.

After a while, Nicola and Celine returned, and then we decided to have lunch together.

While having lunch I asked Celine about Tori-san’s class.

「Celine, do you know what kind of things Tori-san usually teaches the children in this village?」(Mark)

「Just like sisters who teach in Sunday School in Fatia, Tori jii-san teaches children to read, write, and do math. However, unlike sisters in Sunday School, he also teaches magic. Children are enthusiastic when he teaches them magic, especially the boys. They always show off their magic skills. Back then, I also joined Tori jii-san’s class when I was still a child. I still remember that Deel always showed off his new spells to me whenever we joined Tori jii-san’s magic class.」(Celine)

Celine frowned and sighed. She usually looks like this when she talks about Deel.

I can imagine how annoyed Celine was back then but I understand why Deel wanted to show off.

When I was a student in my previous life, I remember people said that those who run fast are popular in elementary school, those who are good at fighting are popular in middle school, and those who are good at studying are popular in high school.

In this village, probably the children who are good at magic are popular.

「Fufu. I remember that you were the most popular girl in the class back then. As expected from my daughter~」(Eclain)

While drinking wine and eating beans, Eclain smirked at Celine.

By the way, the wine she is drinking was made by me. She decided to store the wine I made for herself and sell the one she made.

「Mom, you don’t know how much trouble I had been through back then…」(Celine)

Celine glanced at her mom and sighed. She then turned her gaze to me.

「Mark, you should protect Nicola from boys like Luck’s little brother. I’m sure she will be popular in this village.」(Celine)


It’s a pain but I couldn’t help but nod.

If some boys try to tease her, I’m pretty sure Nicola will be able to handle them herself. Still, she will likely use me as a shield.

『Celine’s right~ Onii-chan, please be a good bodyguard, will you?』(Nicola)

Nicola glanced at me and smiled cutely.

Yup. She will definitely use me as a shield without hesitation…




After we finished our lunch, Nicola and I left Celine’s house and headed to Tori-san’s house.

The class seemed to be an open-air class. It would be held in the backyard where Tori-san usually tests the weapon-type magic tools he made.

I won’t be able to join the classes in the Sunday School in Fatia for a while, so I’m glad that I can join Tori-san’s class.

I feel somewhat relieved that I’m freed from the guilt of skipping school.

I think the Sunday School in Fatia will start soon as well.

Speaking of which, yesterday, I talked with Delica via Resonance Stone. She said that she would go to Sunday School with Pamella today and explain our circumstances.

After today’s Sunday School is over, she will bring Pamella to my parents’ house so that I can talk with her using Resonance Stone later. It’s been a while since the last time I talked with her, so I’m looking forward to it.

When we arrived at Tori-san’s house and went to the backyard, we saw chairs and long desks lined up neatly with a blackboard in front of them.

There were children around the age of six to twelve years old sitting on the chairs and chatting with each other.

Apparently, the class is divided into several groups based on the age of the children just like the Sunday School in Fatia.

Nicola and I approached the group with children around our age and sat on empty chairs.

There was a girl with long brown hair sitting next to me. She seemed to be the same age as me.

「Hello there. I’m Mark. I will join Tori-saー I mean, Tori sensei’s class starting today. Nice to meet you.」(Mark)

「I’m Nicola, his twin sister! Nice to meet you!」(Nicola)

「Un! Nice to meet you! …Hm?」(girl)

After she greeted us back, the girl tilted her head while staring at me for some reason.

「Aa! You’re the cucumber boy, right?」(girl)

Cucumber boy? Seems like I got a new nickname…

The people in this village didn’t know cucumbers until I started selling them in the village square.

As the cucumber trader in this village, I’m glad that cucumbers are starting to be known by the people here.

「Do you know me?」(Mark)

「Yup! I went to the village square with my mom to barter our stuff the other day and I saw you selling those weird vegetables. We’re the same age but unlike me, you already have a job. You’re amazing!」(girl)

「Do you think so?」(Mark)


I’m glad that she’s a friendly person.

I feel like I’ve been talking only with older people lately, so talking with someone the same age as me makes me somewhat at ease.

I wanted to talk more with her but then Tori-san came out of his house and greeted us.

「Good afternoon, class!」(Tori)

「「Good afternoon, Tori sensei!」」(children)

After greeting the children, Tori-san glanced at me and Nicola and smiled.

He seems to be happy that we joined his class.

「Starting today, we have two new friends who will join our class. Mark, Nicola, can you come forward?」(Tori)

「Yes, sir.」(Mark)


Nicola and I went forward and stood next to Tori-san, facing the other children.

「My name is Mark, and this is my twin sister, Nicola. We came to this village with Celine a few days ago. Nice to meet you.」(Mark)

「I’m Nicola! Nice to meet you!」(Nicola)

As always, Nicola made her usual angelic smile as she greeted the other children.

As a result, some of the boys were blushing as they saw Nicola’s smile.

「Hey, don’t you think she’s cute?」
「I wonder if she already has a boyfriend.」
「They came with Celine, right? Isn’t Celine the rumored men hater? Could it be…」
「Hey, it doesn’t mean that she also hates boys, right?」
「Yeah, you’re probably right.」
「Ahh~ She’s so cute~」
「She looks pretty but her brother looks… average?」
「I know, right?」
「Are they really twins?」(boys)

As usual, people doubt that we are twins. Perhaps it’s because Nicola is too cute to be my twin sister.

I don’t know why but it frustrates me…

「Alright, everyone, be kind to them, okay? Now let’s begin the class. Today is the magic class you’ve been waiting for, so let’s move to a wider area.」(Tori)

「Finally! The magic class!」
「I’m so excited!」(boys)

As Celine said, boys are excited when it comes to magic class.

While we were moving to a wider place, the boys were glancing at Nicola. It seems that they can’t wait to show off their magic skill to her.

Hahh… I smell nothing but trouble…



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