Chapter 174 : Magic Stone


After putting the Resonance Stone in my Item Box, I turned my gaze toward Celine who was sitting next to me.

She grinned at me while resting her cheeks on both hands.

「Fufu, Mark, you’re kind as usual. Or~ Do you like Delica-chan~?」(Celine)

She sounds like an auntie in the neighborhood teasing an eight-year-old boy who was playing with a girl his age…

「Yeah. As a friend of course. By the way, I didn’t feel as dizzy as yesterday when the stone sucked my mana just now. I wonder why…」(Mark)

Seeing that I wasn’t shy or panicked after she teased me, Celine pouted, but then she immediately replied.

「Hmm, now that you mentioned it, you look fine. Do you still have some mana?」(Celine)

「Umm… Yeah, I think I still can use magic several more times.」(Mark)

「Hee~ Well, I won’t be surprised if it’s you.」(Celine)

While saying that, Celine stroked my head.

I’m confident that I have a lot more mana than normal people. However, the fact that I’m not feeling tired now is kinda weird to me.

I was very tired after using the Resonance Stone yesterday, but why am I not that tired now?


I think I know the reason!

「What’s wrong?」(Celine)

「I forgot to tell you but I got a huge amount of Ether when I killed the Harem Lizard yesterday. My mana bowl might have expanded because of that.」(Mark)

Yesterday, even though my mana bowl had expanded, I hadn’t slept yet to recover my mana, so the amount of mana I had hadn’t changed.

However, because I slept very well last night, my expanded mana bowl is full today, so I have more mana than usual. That’s why I didn’t feel tired when I used the Resonance Stone earlier.

「Ara~ Is that so? That’s great! I’m happy for you! So that male lizard was the true leader even though it was far weaker than the Mothers. I see~ You put its corpse in your Item Box, didn’t you? If it was truly the leader, it must have a valuable magic stone inside its body. Let’s take it out later.」(Celine)

「Ah, speaking of magic stones, I got a lot yesterday.」(Mark)

「Hm? Did you pick them up when we were in the mine?」(Celine)

「No, they were inside the Stone Lizards that attacked us.」(Mark)

「Ahh, I see. Stone Lizards eat stone and soil, so they accidentally ate the magic stones that were buried in the ground.」(Celine)

「Exactly. Let me take them out.」(Mark)

「Wait! You can’t take out those corpses here. Let’s go outside.」(Celine)

「Don’t worry, it’s not the corpses that I want to take out.」(Mark)


I guess I’ll just show her how my Item Box works. It’s faster than explaining.

When I began to concentrate, the menu interface of my Item Box appeared in my mind.

I selected the [Corpse of Harem Lizard with Magic Stone] and imagined the magic stone coming out of the body.

Soon after, the magic stone appeared in my hand, then I put it on the table.

It’s white and the size of an adult’s fist. I feel like it’s a bit smaller than the magic stone from the Lord of Secard Lake.

However, it’s not the only one that’s inside the Harem Lizard’s body. There are still many magic stones of various colors and sizes that seem to be accidentally eaten by the Harem Lizard.

I took them out one by one and put them on the table.

「The largest one is the magic stone that was originally inside the Harem Lizard’s body, and these small ones seem to be the magic stones that were accidentally eaten.」(Mark)

Watching me taking out many magic stones, Celine was taken aback.

「Umm… Mark? When did you dismantle that lizard…?」(Celine)

「I don’t have to dismantle it. As long as the body is in my Item Box, I just need to imagine the magic stones coming out of the body. Easy.」(Mark)

「Y, You can do that with your Item Box…?」(Celine)

「Well, I can do it with mine. I don’t know about other Item Boxes though.」(Mark)

Nicola said that my Item Box was special, so maybe I’m the only one who can do it.

I can’t thank the old man god enough for giving me such a convenient Gift.

「Anyway, I will take out all the magic stones from the other Stone Lizard corpses.」(Mark)

I took out the magic stones that were inside the Mothers and the regular Lizard Stones that we killed in the mine.

I put them on the table one by one until the table was almost covered with magic stones.

The magic stones had various colors such as red, blue, green, etc. The smallest one was less than a centimeter, and the largest one had a diameter of about three centimeters.

「Umm… Are these…」(Celine)

「Yup. These all the magic stones that were accidentally eaten by those lizards.」(Mark)

「This many…? Haaahhh…..」(Celine)

As she sighed, Celine stood up from her chair.

「I thought I wouldn’t be surprised anymore, but…」(Celine)

She then hugged my head tightly and violently swayed it to the left and right.

「Just how many more times are you going to surprise me!?」(Celine)

「Celine, what are you doing!? Stop it! You make me dizzy!」(Mark)

「It’s a punishment for surprising me! Eii! Eiii!」(Celine)

It’s more like a reward than a punishment… if only I had the body of an adult…

『Hmm!? My sensor tells me that Celine’s boobs are now pressing against someone’s head!』(Nicola)

I heard Nicola’s voice in my head all of a sudden.

How did she know? She’s not even watching.

『Yeah, it’s my head. I thought you were sleeping…』(Mark)

『What!? I’m so jealous!』(Nicola)

『It’s not what you think… You can go back to sleep now.』(Mark)



Well, it’s not a bad punishment, so I guess I’ll let Celine do it until she is satisfied…

「Fuuhh~~ I’m fully charged~!」(Celine)

When she was satisfied, she let go of my head and sat back on her chair.

「Mark, you can make a lot of money if you sell these magic stones but you can show them to someone who makes magic tools in this village if you want.」(Celine)

「Eh? There’s a magic tool craftsman in this village?」(Mark)

「Yeah. The last time we met, he told me he ran out of magic stones. If you give him some of these magic stones, he might give you something good in return.」(Celine)

I rarely use magic tools because I can use magic but he may have some interesting magic tools.



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