Chapter 173 : Morning Call


「Delicaー Delica, can you hear meー?」(Mark)


「Good morning, Delica.」(Mark)

「Good morning, Mark!」(Delica)

「Oh? Is that Mark? Yo, Mark, G’morning!」(Nei)

It looks like Nei is with Delica now.

Is Delica currently in the dining hall? I think it’s still too early to have breakfast though.

「Yo, Nei. Good morning. Delica, if you’re not busy, can you tell me what happened after I called you yesterday?」(Mark)

「Just as you asked, yesterday I went to Bian-san’s house and talked about Tentacles. I told him that Tentacle dishes are very popular in your parents’ dining hall, and he became very interested in Tentacles. He said that he will go to Secard Village to buy Tentacles and sell them in Fatia.」(Delica)

Yesterday, when I called Delica for the first time, I asked her to tell Bian about Tentacles.

I’m glad that he’s interested in selling them.

He is a merchant but he sells glass products most of the time, so it seems that he is kind of excited to sell different goods.

「I see. Thank you. By the way, are you having breakfast in the dining hall now?」(Mark)

「No, I’m in Bian-san’s carriage now. We are currently on our way to Secard Village. He was so excited about selling Tentacles, so we left Sadola early in the morning. By the way, Bian-san has a large storage-type magic tool. He said he will buy a lot of Tentacles and send some of them to your house later.」(Delica)

「Really? That’s great! I have to thank him later. But, I see, I thought you were still in the inn… Hmm…? Hold on… If you’re not in the inn then… why is Nei with you?」(Mark)

「Fufu~n! I wanted to take a break from my work and went on a trip somewhere, so I decided to go along with them. I’ll go home with Bian after he’s done with his business.」(Nei)

「I see. But did your dad give you permission?」(Mark)

「Of course. He’s happy when I’m not around because he can make weird weapons and armor without anyone tongue-lashing him. Hahh…」(Nei)

Saying that, Nei let out a sigh.

「The inn’s landlady also gave me permission, so there’s no problem!」(Nei)

That sounds like running away from home for a while instead of going on a trip…

But Bian-san is with her, so I guess she’ll be fine.

「I see. Enjoy your trip then! By the way, Delica, how’s Weikel-san and the others doing?」(Mark)

「Yesterday, not long after you ended the call, Weikel-san came out with Luck onii-san and Jack. Luckily, they were not seriously injured. Weikel and his party members are now escorting us until we reach Fatia. Some of them are sitting in the back of this carriage, and some others are in another carriage.」(Delica)

Now that she mentioned it, I could slightly hear people laughing and shouting, “Weeii weeii~!”

Immediately after, I could clearly hear Weikel’s voice.

「Ojou-chan, is the shining stone in your hand a Resonance Stone? Are you talking with Mark now?」(Weikel)


「Whoa, that boy can even activate Resonance Stones, huh? Ooii, Mark, can you hear meー?」(Weikel)

I could clearly hear his voice, but when I was about to answer him, Celine leaned forward and brought her face closer to the Resonance Stone on the table.

「Weikel~ I hope you’re protecting them well~ If something happens to Delica-chan or Nei-chan, I will… Fufu~」(Celine)

「Hiiiiyyy! Ce, Celine-san!? Do, Don’t worry! We’ll protect them with our lives! We won’t let monsters or bandits touch them! Of course, we won’t touch them either!」(Weikel)

「Good~ Don’t let me down, okay?」(Celine)

「Y, Yes, Ma’am! I won’t let you down!」(Weikel)

After that, Celine moved her face away from the Resonance Stone.

At the same time, I heard a friction sound. It seemed that Weikel moved away from the Resonance Stone Delica was holding as well.

「So, I guess you can pretty much tell the situation here.」(Delica)

「Yeah. Thank you for the report. I’m sure you’ll be fine with Weikel and his party members around.」(Mark)

「Yeah… Say, Mark… Umm…」(Delica)

「What’s wrong?」(Mark)

Delica suddenly talked as if she had something hard to say.

「Will you… call me again tomorrow…? Ah, you don’t have to if you don’t want to! You use a lot of mana to use a Resonance Stone, right?」(Delica)

「It’s okay. I will call you again tomorrow morning. It indeed requires a lot of mana but I’ll just think of it as a part of my magic practice. I will call you every morning if you want.」(Mark)

「Re, Really!? Thank you, Mark! …Umm, I’m sorry if I ask too much…」(Delica)

「Don’t worry. Well then, until tomorrow!」(Mark)

「Un! I’ll be waiting for your call!」(Delica)

When I was about to end the call, I heard a noise in the background.

「「Hyuu~ Hyuuuuu~~」」(Nei, Weikel, and the others)

「I, It’s not what you think, okay!? Mark, end the call now!」(Delica)

「O, Okay…!」(Mark)

I immediately hung up the Resonance Stone.

It seemed like everyone was teasing Delica.

Good thing that Nicola is sleeping in Eclain’s room now, or else, she would have teased me for sure.

I bet Delica is now shouting at everyone as her face turns bright red.

Well, as Delica said, it’s not what they think.

Delica was separated from me, Nicola, and Celine, so she might be a little lonely. That’s why she asked me to call her again tomorrow…… I think. No, I’m sure that’s the reason.

Anyway, I think I will talk with her a bit longer tomorrow.

With that in mind, I put the Resonance Stone in my Item box.



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