Chapter 175 : Men’s Dream


「Eh? There’s a magic tool craftsman in this village?」(Mark)

「Yeah. The last time we met, he told me he ran out of magic stones. If you give him some of these magic stones, he might give you something good in return.」(Celine)

I rarely use magic tools because I can use magic but he may have some interesting magic tools.

「Alright, let’s go to his place.」(Mark)

「It’s decided then~ But let’s wait for Ester first. I think she will be here soon. We will go with her later.」(Celine)


Right after we decided to wait for Ester, the door opened and the person we were waiting for entered the house.

「Good morning~!」(Ester)

「Well, speak of the devil~」(Celine)

「I came to play as promised! …Hm? A, Are all those magic stones!?」(Ester)

Ester was looking at the huge amount of magic stones on the table with a surprised expression while approaching us.

「Ester, we’re going to go to Tori jii-san’s place to exchange these magic stones. Do you wanna come with us?」(Celine)

*/ jii-san = old man / grandpa

「Of course! As long as I can have a talk with you, I’ll follow you wherever you go!」(Ester)

When Celine invited her, Ester’s surprised expression immediately turned into a big smile.

She somehow looked like a happy dog wagging her tail when her master was about to take her for a walk…

I put all the magic stones in my Item Box and asked Nicola via telepathy.

『Nicola, are you still awake? Do you wanna come too?』(Mark)

『Hmm… This might be a chance to get closer to Ester, but I don’t wanna walk away from Eclain mama’s soft and comfortable boobs. Besides, I’m still a bit sleepy… You can go without me, but Onii-chan, if you find glasses that allow you to see through clothes at that magic tool shop, buy them for me even if it costs you a fortune.』(Nicola)

『I doubt such a magic tool exists though… Alright then, we’re going.』(Mark)

『Have fun~』(Nicola)




Leaving Nicola and Eclain at home, Celine, Ester, and I went to the house of the magic tool craftsman named Tori.

Celine and Ester were walking in front of me while talking with each other.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel ignored at all but because they hadn’t seen each other for a long time, I decided to stay silent, trying not to interrupt them.

I looked at the scenery around me as I followed them from behind.

The houses looked similar to each other but this street looked different from the street in front of Celine’s house. It was well maintained and easy to walk on. It was probably the main street in this village.

The trees around here were big and dense. It felt cool and pleasant to walk under these trees. The sunlight filtering through the trees looked beautiful.

「Ara, Mark, are you looking for something?」(Celine)

Suddenly, Celine faced backward and looked at me while I was looking around.

「No, I’m just enjoying the scenery. I’m impressed with the villagers here. Half-elves really cherish nature, don’t they? Look. They let the trees grow naturally without cutting down the branches.」(Mark)

When I said that as I spread my arms upward, admiring the trees, Celine and Ester looked at each other and giggled.

「Fufu! Mark, it’s not like what you think. Well, it’s true that elves and half-elves like being surrounded by nature. However, the people here never cut these trees’ branches down just because they’re too lazy to do that.」(Celine)

「My grandpa and grandma lived in the elf village a long time ago. They said that people there sometimes cut down trees when they think the trees hinder their activities.」(Ester)

「You know, most villagers here are lazy and unmotivated people. My mom is one of them. By the way, this road looks well-maintained because of Deel. A long time ago, he took the initiative to build it, saying that we need the main street for this village. This village wouldn’t have had the main street if he wasn’t around.」(Celine)

「I, I see…」(Mark)

I felt a bit embarrassed because of my ignorance…

But, I see, this street is well-maintained because of Deel, huh?

He wears this village’s traditional clothes and is strict when it comes to this village’s rules, so it’s not surprising that he cares about this village. Perhaps he wants to make this village as good as the elf village.

When I met him, I thought that the people who live in this village are stiff people like him.

「Here we are. Tori jii-san’s house.」(Celine)

Celine stopped in front of a small wooden house in a slightly open area.

The trees around the house seemed to have been cut down.

Celine said most people here are lazy but it seems like Tori jii-san is not one of them. Well, he’s a craftsman after all.

Celine knocked on the door and went inside without waiting for a reply. Ester and I followed her from behind.

「Tori jii-san~ Long time no see~!」(Celine)

There was a tall man wearing glasses inside the house. He must be Tori jii-san.

His ears that stuck out from his unkempt black hair were round. It seemed that he was a half-elf whose human genes are stronger than his elf genes just like Celine.

Celine called him “Jii-san” (old man), but he didn’t seem that old. I think he is around forty years old.

「Celine, huh? I told you not to call me “Jii-san”! I’m not old!」(Tori)

「Said one of the elders of this village.」(Celine)


Tori turned his face away from Celine and looked at me with a sharp gaze.

I immediately greeted him with a bow.

「Is this boy one of the rumored children you brought to this village? I heard about them when I went to the village square this morning.」(Tori)

「Yeah. Many people misunderstood. They thought this boy and his sister were my children. Hahhh…」(Celine)

「Well, it’s not strange for a woman your age to have children. So, what brings you here today? 」(Tori)

「Mark, show him the magic stones.」(Celine)


I took out all the magic stones from my Item Box and put them on the table nearby.

Tori was taken aback for a moment when he saw all the magic stones, but then he looked at Celine suspiciously.

「Celine, did you seduce him and bring him here because he’s a child of a rich family…? Moreover, he’s an Item Box holder…」(Tori)

「What kind of person do you think I am…? Well, I wish I could seduce him. He is a child of the owners of the inn in Fatia Town where I’m currently staying at.」(Celine)

「Inn’s owners…? So he’s not a child from a rich family? Then where did he…」(Tori)

「He got these magic stones all by himself.」(Celine)

「Unbelievable… You really cannot judge people by their appearance, huh… So, what are you gonna do with these magic stones?」(Tori)

「You want them, don’t you? I can tell from your wishful face when you looked at them.」(Celine)

「Of course I want them. Merchants rarely come to this village. Moreover, they don’t sell many magic stones. I’ll die of boredom if I keep running out of magic stones.」(Tori)

「Fufu. Don’t worry. Mark will exchange some of these magic stones for your magic tools.」(Celine)

As he heard what Celine said, Tori smiled and approached me.

「Is that true, Boy?」(Tori)

「Yes. Can you show me your magic tools.」(Mark)

「Mark, was it? Come. I’ll show you everything I have.」(Tori)

He took me to the edge of the room.

There were big shelves lined up by the wall of the room, and there were many tools that seemed to be magic tools arranged on the shelves.

There were some magic tools that I had seen before but there were also some that I had never seen.

「I hope you will find the ones you like.」(Tori)

「Let’s see… Umm…」(Mark)

I pointed my finger at the magic tool that looked like a normal kitchen knife.

「Tori jii-saー I mean, Tori-san, this knife is also a magic tool, right?」(Mark)

「Of course. This knife will get sharper when you inject mana into it. You can even cut hard and thick animal bones easily with it.」(Tori)

Hmm, I can do that with my wind magic…

「I see. How about this one?」(Mark)

This time, I pointed at a cylinder-like thing that looked like the core of toilet paper.

「This one is a weapon. If you put a small stone in it and inject your mana, it will shoot out the stone at your enemy! You can kill a beast with a single shot!」(Tori)

I’d rather use my Stone Bullet spell… It’s way stronger than this tool for sure…

As I thought, I don’t really need magic items…


「Hm? You don’t like it? I thought boys your age would love something like this. Hmm… Then how about this? This one is special.」(Tori)

Saying that, Tori picked up a magic tool that looked like glasses and handed it to me.

「What is this for?」(Mark)

「Put them on. You will know.」(Tori)


After I put the glasses on, Tori pointed at Celine and Ester who were having a fun conversation at the table behind us.

「Now look at those ladies and inject your mana into those glasses.」(Tori)


I didn’t know why I had to look at them but when I injected my mana into the glassesー

「Eh…? EEEHHHHHH!?」(Mark)

ーI could see Celine and Ester’s naked bodies.



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