Chapter 176 : Battle Maniac


When I injected my mana into the glassesー

「Eh…? EEEHHHHHH!?」(Mark)

ーI could see Celine and Ester’s naked bodies.

This is the item Nicola wants. I can’t believe it really exists.

「Hm? Why are you suddenly shouting?」(Celine)

Because I shouted all of a sudden, Celine and Ester turned their gazes toward me.

「Geh! Those glasses!」(Ester)

「Ara, Mark~ How bold~」(Celine)

Oh, shoot! Looks like they know these glasses!

「N-No! I didn’t knoー… Hm…? Waaait a minute…」(Mark)

Looking at their bodies, I realized there was something off.

I see… I’m not seeing through their clothes. These glasses made their clothes look like their skin, so they looked as if they were naked.

「Tori-san, this is…」(Mark)

「Gaahaha! You finally realized it, huh? Actually, I’ve been trying to make glasses that allow you to see through people’s clothes, but this is the best I can make for now. However, I’ll never give up! Making such glasses is my dream as a man!」(Tori)

When Tori said that as he raised his fist, Celine and Ester looked at him with disgusted faces.

「I, I see…」(Mark)

I sighed and put back the glasses on the shelf.

「You don’t want it?」(Tori)

「No, thanks…」(Mark)

I have a feeling Nicola still wants this even though it’s not exactly like what she wants. I’m glad she’s not here. There’s no way I would waste my magic stones on this garbage.

「This item is very popular among kids in this village though… Well, their parents will come and complain to me every time I sell these glasses to their kids.」(Tori)

Of course, they will! Is this man trying to turn the kids in this village into perverts in the future!?

「Leave these glasses aside. Are you sure you don’t want this Stone Bullet Tube?」(Tori)

While saying that, Tori grabbed the cylinder magic items that I pointed at earlier.

So it’s called a Stone Bullet Tube, huh?

「You often go on an adventure with Celine, right? I think it will be useful when you encounter a monsteー」(Tori)

「ーTori jii-san, he doesn’t need that.」(Celine)

When Tori talked to me like a salesman, Celine interrupted him.

「Mark is not an ordinary kid. He can shoot Stone Bullets with more destructive force than your silly tube.」(Celine)

「What did you say…!? …Hmph. You don’t seem to be lying… Mark, can you show me your power? I may be able to find perfect magic tools for you.」(Tori)

Without waiting for my answer, Tori went out of the house from the front door with the Stone Bullet Tube in his hand. I hurriedly followed him, and then we went around the house to the backyard.

The sunlight was so dazzling because the trees around here had been cut down.

This open space was about half the size of a soccer court.

This is the first time I’ve seen such a spacious area with dazzling sunlight since I came to this village. After all, most of this village was covered with dense trees.

「I usually use this place to test weapon-type magic tools I made. Do you see that jet-black boulder? We’re going to use it as the target to compare this tube’s power with your spell.」(Tori)


That rounded, black boulder looked very hard. Does he usually use it as the target practice?


As he called Ester, Tori threw the Stone Bullet Tube at her.

Ester then caught it swiftly.

「Can you shoot the boulder over there with that?」(Tori)


Ester held the tube forward and aimed the boulder.

The moment she put her mana into the tube, a bullet of stone came out of it and flew toward the boulder.


The loud sound of the stone hitting the boulder was heard along with the impact. However, the shot didn’t leave a single scratch on the boulder.

Tori nodded when he saw it.

「As you can tell, that black boulder is several times harder than ordinary boulders. My tube’s bullet is not powerful enough to destroy that boulder but you can still kill beasts and weak monsters with it. Mark, now it’s your time. You can use multiple spells if you want. Let’s see if you can scratch that boulder.」(Tori)


I nodded and immediately stuck out my hand toward the boulder.

「Stone Bullet!」(Mark)

A bullet of stone created from my earth attribute mana flew straight toward the boulder.


It hit the boulder along with the loud sound and cracked it.

I see. Certainly, that black boulder is very hard. I could have destroyed it easily if it was an ordinary boulder.

「In that case… How about this? Lance Bullet!」(Mark)

I created a spear of hard soil and sent it flying toward the boulder.

It stabbed the boulder deeply and made the crack spread further.

For the last strike, I want to use that spell but…

「Tori-san, is there anyone living on that side?」(Mark)

While asking that, I pointed at the woods beyond the boulder.

「…Eh? Ah, n-no. Nobody lives around there. My house is at the edge of the village after all. Why did you ask that?」(Tori)

Tori was taken aback for a second but then he came to his senses and answered my question.

「Because this spell is dangerous and I don’t want to hurt anybody. Alright, here I go! Cutter Disk!」(Mark)

I created an earthen disk, covered it with a swirling wind that was rotating at a very high speed, and threw it at the boulder.

The disk cut the boulder in half diagonally. However, it didn’t stop right there. The disk kept going and cut down several big trees behind the boulder.

The trees collapsed and made a loud sound as they hit the ground.

Looks like I overdid it… My spells got stronger probably because of the Ether I got from the Harem Lizard.

Seems like I need to be more careful when I use my spells…

By the way, Cutter Disk is the spell I came up with when I fought The Lord of the Lake in Secard Village.

「This is how I normally fight. What do you think, Tori-san?」(Mark)

I turned my gaze to Tori-san, but he was frozen while looking at the black boulder that was split in two with his eyes and mouth wide open.

「Mark, you’re amazing! I never thought you were so strong!」(Ester)

The one who made a voice first was Ester.

「Well, all I can do is launch magic attacks from a distance. I can’t fight in close-range combat.」(Mark)

「Still, your magic is amazing! I’m not good at using magic, so honestly, I envy you!」(Ester)

While staring at me with sparkling eyes, Ester grabbed my hands and shook them passionately.

「That’s right! Mark, would you like to spar with me? I need someone to practice with!」(Ester)

I knew it… Somehow I could tell that Ester was a battle maniac.

Now I wonder how I should turn her down…

「U, Umm…」(Mark)

While I was thinking, Celine sent me a rescue boat.

「Ester, stop it. You trouble him. His spells are dangerous, and he doesn’t wanna use them on people. Please understand.」(Celine)

Ester looked down. She looked like a puppy whose tail and ears were hanging down.

「You’re right… I’m sorry, Mark…」(Ester)

「P-Please don’t mind it.」(Mark)

I smiled awkwardly at her while waving my hands.

I’m glad I don’t have to spar with her…

「So, Tori jii-san, what do you think of Mark’s spells? They’re way more powerful than your tube, right?」(Celine)

Celine said that with a smug face while crossing her arms as if she was the one who cut the boulder in half.

「…Give me a minute. I’m still confused… Celine, he really is still a child, right? He’s not an adult dwarf with a child’s face, right?」(Tori)

「Of course not. His parents are humans, so he’s definitely a human too.」(Celine)

Tori scratched his head while staring at me. Looks like he became more confused after listening to Celine.

「I can’t believe there’s a child who can use such powerful spells… Mark, I’m sorry. I don’t think I have any magic tools that can help you in combat…」(Tori)

「No, no. It’s okay. In the first place, I didn’t come to look for magic tools to use in combat. If you have any interesting magic items or useful magic tools that make things easier, I may exchange my magic stones for them.」(Mark)

「Eh? Is that so? Since you’re adventuring with Celine, I thought you wanted some magic tools to kill monsters or something… Well, I may have some that might pique your interest. Let’s go back to my house.」(Tori)



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