Chapter 177 : The Truth Behind The Convenient Teleportation Item


As soon as we entered the house, Tori took a few magic tools from the shelves and put them on top of the big drawer next to the shelves.

「I hope you will like some of these.」(Tori)

Tori began to explain while pointing at the magic tools on the drawer one by one.

「This cup can purify dirty water so that you can drink it. This one can blow cold wind continuously. It’s very useful on hot days. This one is a lantern that glows when you put mana into it, so you don’t need to make a fire to light it. These glasses allow you to see distant objects. Lastly, this one makes your voice louder so that people in the distance can hear you.」(Tori)

They seem useful! In my previous world, they were similar to a water purifier, an electric fan, a flashlight, a binocular, and a loudspeaker.

「Stuff like this is what I’m looking for! I’ll take them all!」(Mark)

「Ohh, I’m glad you like them! As for the payment…」(Tori)

Tori approached the table where I put my magic stones.

He stared at the magic stones for a while and picked up a few small ones.

「Tori-san, are you sure you only want those small ones? You can pick more if you want.」(Mark)

「No, this is more than enough. Those magic tools are not that expensive after all. But honestly, I do want more magic stones… Alright, Mark, if you have any specific magic tools you want, I’ll make them for you.」(Tori)

Made to order, huh…? But I can’t think of anything in particular right now. Besides…

「How much time do you need to make a magic tool?」(Mark)

「It takes a few months to make a complicated magic tool but it won’t take that long to make a simple one.」(Tori)

「A few months, huh? I’ll be going home soon, so…」(Mark)

「I see. I thought you would be staying in this village until Celine completes her Portal Stone. Well, now that I think about it, your parents will be worried if you stay here for a couple of years.」(Tori)

「A couple of years…?」(Mark)

Does it take that long to complete a Portal Stone?

I turned my gaze to Celine who was sitting next to me. She immediately looked away and awkwardly scratched her cheek with her index finger.

「Celine, can you explain?」(Mark)

「U, Umm… The rules in this village are not that strict, but if you’re someone from this village, you better have a Portal Stone if you want to leave the village for a long time.」(Celine)

「For people from this village, Portal Stones are items that connect you to this village. Besides, you can use them to instantly return to this village, so it’s recommended to make at least one before leaving this village.」(Tori)

Items that connect you to this village… I see. Celine doesn’t seem to like this village very much but this is still her hometown no matter where she goes.

Moreover, she is an adventurer, so I think she will need a Portal Stone just in case she is in danger. If she didn’t have a Portal Stone when we were in the Stone Lizard nest, we would have been buried in the ground at that time.

I agree with Tori. She needs a Portal Stone. However, the problem is how long it will take her to make it.

「Does making a Portal Stone take a long time?」(Mark)

「It differs depending on how good you are at using magic. It’s almost been seven years since I started to make mine but it’s still not completed yet. I want to leave this village and become an adventurer as soon as possible but I need to complete my Portal Stone first. Hahh…」(Ester)

Ester, who was sitting next to Celine, joined the conversation.

「S, Seven years!?」(Mark)

「Yeah. It’s almost done, though. I guess it will take another two or three years to complete. I don’t know. My progress is slow because I’m not good at using magic. Celine, however, only took her three years!」(Ester)

「Ah, now that you mentioned it, it took me three years last time… So, Mark, after taking you and Nicola home, I will go back to this village and stay here for a while until my Portal Stone is complete.」(Celine)

「I see…」(Mark)

So… I won’t be able to see Celine for three years…

I’d be lying if I said I won’t be lonely…

「Hmph. As if you will come back. Knowing you, I bet you will stay in Mark’s town, thinking that returning to this village is a pain in the butt.」(Tori)

After Tori said that while glaring at Celine with doubtful eyes, Celine put her hands on her waist and glared back at Tori.

「Huh!? I’m not lazy like my mom, okay? Besides, I need that stone for safety.」(Celine)

After yelling at Tori, Celine looked at me.

「Mark, we won’t be able to see each other for a while but I hope you won’t forget about me… Alright, this gloomy conversation is over!」(Celine)

Celine suddenly stood up and clapped her hands.

「Tori jii-san, thanks for today. Mark, Ester, let’s get out of here~」(Celine)

She then hurriedly left the house through the entrance as if she was trying to forcibly end the conversation.

「Celine, wait! Tori-san, thank you for the magic tools!」(Mark)

Ester and I jumped off our seats and hurriedly followed her, but when I was about to pass through the entrance, Tori called me.

「Mark, hold on… After she takes you home, please don’t stall her in your place. It’s for her own sake.」(Tori)

「O, Okay…」(Mark)

I replied to him with a nod and turned around, but then he stopped me again.

「Wait. You forgot your magic stones.」(Tori)


I quickly put the pile of magic stones on the table in my Item Box and left Tori’s house.




「Mark, where do you want to go next~?」(Celine)

Celine asked that with a carefree voice as she walked leisurely as if the conversation earlier had never happened.

My heart felt itchy somehow seeing her trying to act like her usual self.

Celine used her Portal Stone to protect me and Nicola, and because of that, she has to stay in this village for three years.

This village is her birthplace and it’s not a bad place at all, but it’s probably too small and suffocating for an adventurer like Celine who has visited various places.

However, she doesn’t seem to regret using her Portal Stone at all. I know she did that to protect me and Nicola, and because of that, I don’t think Nicola and I should apologize to her saying, “We’re sorry, because of us, you have to spend your three precious years in this village”. She will be mad at us for sure if we say that.

I’m sure Celine was planning to keep silent and accept the hardship all by herself but thanks to Tori and Ester, I learned the truth.

It would be nice if I could do something for Celine but I can’t think of anything now…

I wonder if Nicola can help.

「Celine, I think we should go back to your house for now.」(Mark)

「Ah, I just realized it’s already noon. Alright, let’s go back and eat lunch together~ Ester, are you coming with us?」(Celine)

「Of course~!」(Ester)




When we got to Celine’s house, we didn’t see Eclain and Nicola in the living room.

「Geez. Are they still sleeping?」(Celine)

Celine went to Eclain’s room and woke the two up.

「Mom, Nicola-chan, how much longer are you gonna sleep? Wake up, it’s already noon!」(Celine)

「Mmmhh… Celine…? Ugh, I was dreaming my chest was eaten by a slime…」(Eclain)

Umm… I think you had such a dream because of Nicola…

Eclain and Nicola came out of the room while rubbing their eyes and joined me and Ester at the dining table.

After waking them up, Celine prepared our lunch from the food she got from exchanging the wine in the morning. After she lined the meals on the table, we started to eat lunch together.

When I was about to take a bite of the white bread in my hand, Nicola talked to me via telepathy.

『Onii-chan, what’s with the long face?』(Nicola)

『Am I making such a face?』(Mark)

『Yeah. Did Ester confess her love to you but you were forced to reject her love because you already have Delica?』(Nicola)

『Huh? I don’t know why you came to a soap opera-like conclusion but you’re totally wrong! Listenーー』(Mark)

I told her about our conversation in Tori’s house.

She looked a bit shocked when she learned that Celine had to stay in this village for three years because she protected us.

『No way… Three years…? Are you kidding me? I don’t want to be separated from Celine for that long! Onii-chan, we have to do something!』(Nicola)

『But I don’t know what to do. The old man god, I mean, your boss gave you knowledge about this world, right? Do you have any idea?』(Mark)

『He did but for some reason, I have no knowledge about the Portal Crystal in the forest. Onii-chan, I think we have to go there and investigate. We may find a solution if we inspect that giant crystal closely.』(Nicola)

『Alright. Anyway, let’s eat for now. We’ll go there later.』(Mark)

『Aye aye, sir!』(Nicola)

After deciding what to do, Nicola and I nodded at each other and began to eat our meals.



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