Chapter 178 : Portal Stone


「Well then, it’s time to practice. I’m going home now. Thank you for the food! I’ll see you guys again later!」(Ester)

Ester cheerfully waved her hand at us and left the house.

Apparently, she usually practices after breakfast.

「So, what are we gonna do now? There’s nothing but forests in this village but, Mark, do you wanna go somewhere?」(Celine)

「I want to go see the Portal Crystal.」(Mark)

After I answered so, Celine lowered her eyebrows, looking a bit troubled.

「I knew it… It’s bugging your mind, isn’t it? Mark, you don’t need to worry about me. I just need to stay in this village for three years. Aa, could it be~… Mark, you think you will feel lonely because you won’t be able to see me, don’t you~? Ara ara~ You’re so cute~ I wonder if you will realize my charm as a woman when we reunite three years later. Fufufu~」(Celine)

While jokingly saying that, Celine stroked my head.

Somehow, I can tell that she doesn’t want to go there, but I really need to examine the Portal Crystal closely.

I have to persuade her.

「I don’t need three years to realize your charm. Honestly, I think you’re a beautiful and kind woman, and I believe the kind Celine will allow me to go to the Portal Crystal. Right~?」(Mark)

「Ara~ I’m so happy you think of me that way~ Alright, let’s go to the Portal Crystal then~」(Celine)

「Can I come along?」(Nicola)

「Of course~」(Celine)



Well, I’m not lying that I think of her that way, so there’s no problem.

While grinning joyfully, Celine grabbed my and Nicola’s hands.

「Mom, we’re gonna go for a walk~」(Celine)

「Okay, have fun~」(Eclain)

Leaving Eclain who was processing a fruit of Gupul into wine in the corner of the living room, we headed to the Portal Crystal.




When we almost reached the Portal Crystal, I saw a man wearing a green traditional elf village outfit.

It was Deel.

He snorted as soon as he noticed us.

「Celine, you want to make your Portal Stone now? If I’m not mistaken, it took you about three years last time, right? Haha! Three years is enough to make you realize how remarkable I am as a man! I will build this village and make it as developed as a big city! When you feel like living here permanently, you can come to me. I will provide for you and your mother! Haaahahaha!」(Deel)

After saying that, Deel walked away while laughing.

Yesterday, he was shocked when he saw Nicola and me, thinking that we were Celine’s children.

Now I know why he was shocked… Sure enough that he has feelings for Celine.

「Celine, didn’t he just propose to you?」(Mark)

「Huh? What kind of man would propose to a woman while laughing like a maniac? He’s always been like that since a long time ago, thinking that he’s superior to me.」(Celine)

Celine sighed and approached the Portal Crystal.

Because it’s almost noon and the sun is so dazzling, the Portal Crystal shone more brightly than when we saw it at dusk yesterday.

It reflected the sunlight and created a complex color pattern on the ground. As Nicola said yesterday, it happens probably because the Portal Crystal contains mana of various attributes.

After observing the giant crystal for a few minutes, I called out to Celine.

「Celine, how do people in this village create Portal Stones from this giant crystal?」(Mark)

「Hmm… Follow me.」(Celine)

Celine walked around the Portal Crystal. Nicola and I followed her.

After finding something, she stopped and pointed to a branch that came out from the body of the giant crystal.

「Do you see that branch? There’s a little greenish stone hanging down on the branch like fruit, right? That’s Ester’s Portal Stone. She injects her mana into that branch from time to time.」(Celine)

「I see. So if you keep injecting your mana into a branch, a fruit-like stone will come out of the branch.」(Mark)

「Yup. When Ester injects enough mana into that branch, that stone will drop and it will be the Portal Stone that only can be used by Ester.」(Celine)

「Celine onee-chan, why is Ester onee-chan’s stone green?」(Nicola)

While staring at the greenish stone hanging on the branch, Nicola asked Celine.

「It’s because she injects wind-attribute mana. Green represents wind. Although Ester is not good at using magic, her best spells are wind-type spells. In my case, because my best spells are fire-type spells, I will inject fire-attribute mana, and my stone will be reddish.」(Celine)

I see… So, because I’m good at using earth spells, my Portal Stone would be yellowish if I were to make one.

『This Portal Crystal was originally just a normal, big magic stone, but now I know why it grew this big and contains mana of various attributes.』(Nicola)

『Is it because this crystal has been receiving mana from the people from this village?』(Mark)

『Exactly. Now we need to see the actual process. I’ll try to ask Celine.』(Nicola)

「Celine onee-chan, I want to see you create your Portal Stone!」(Nicola)

「M, Me too!」(Mark)

「Umm… I was planning to do it after I take you both home, but… Alright. It’s a bit tiring, so I’ll show you just a little bit.」(Celine)


Nice one, Nicola!

I secretly raised my thumb and glanced at Nicola. She did the same and smirked.

Celine started looking around the giant crystal and touched a branch that didn’t have any stones hanging on it.

「Alright, here I go~」(Celine)

A red haze, which seemed to be fire-attribute mana, started springing up from Celine’s hand and flowing into the branch. Immediately, the branch began to turn a little reddish.

After doing that for about a minute, Celine took her hand off the branch.

Because she was only doing that for a short time, she didn’t seem tired at all.

「Just like that. It will take time until the stone comes out of the branch.」(Celine)

「How long do you usually inject your mana?」(Mark)

「When I made my Portal Stone last time, I came here every morning and injected my mana until noon. I did that every day for three years. Well, I’ve gotten stronger now thanks to my job as an adventurer, so I hope it won’t take that long this time. I’ll do my best to come back to your place as soon as possible~」(Celine)

Celine said that in a carefree tone, probably because she didn’t want to make us feel uneasy.

『Onii-chan, I may have found the solution! We can solve this problem with your crazy amount of mana!』(Nicola)

『With my mana…? Ah! You want me to supply Celine with my mana?』(Mark)

『Ding ding ding! You’re correct!』(Nicola)

『But I don’t know how to do that… Don’t tell me! Celine and I have to kiー』(Mark)

『ーUnfortunately, you don’t. This is not an eroge* or an adult anime, okay?』(Nicola)
*Erotic game

『Phew… Alright.』(Mark)

『Oya oya~? Onii-chan, are you disappointed~?』(Nicola)

『I’m not!』(Mark)



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