Chapter 144 : Bian’s Store


「I’m sorry for greeting you while sitting. As you can’t see, I can’t stand up for a long time.」(Bian)

Bian, a middle-aged man with a gentle look, bowed apologetically.

「Please don’t mind it. Alright, let’s get down to business. I have a letter from Mr. Okar from the town of Fatia. He told me to give it to his business partner in Sadola Town. Are you…」(Celine)

「Yes, I’m Bian, his business partner. Should I bring something to prove my identity?」(Bian)

「No, no. You don’t have to. I trust Nei. She wouldn’t take me to the wrong person. Here’s the letter.」(Celine)

Celine took out a letter from her pocket and handed it to Bian, and then Bian immediately opened the seal and read the letter.

Next to me, Nei put her hands on her waist and nodded a couple of times. She seemed happy that Celine trusted her.

After he finished reading the letter, Bian folded it and put it in his pocket while smiling bitterly.

「Hahh… He told me to let him know if I’m alright. He’s running out of glass products so he also told me to bring some if I can. I don’t know if he’s really worried about me or just wants to buy my glass products. But, well… I guess he’s a kind person. The adventurers will come soon to handle the monsters in the mine, so I think I can get more glass products soon, but… I don’t know how long my leg will fully heal. I want to bring him glass products but Fatia Town is very far, I can’t go there with my current condition…」(Bian)

While staring at his bandaged leg, Bian sighed deeply.

「Oji-san, do you think it will take a long time to heal?」(Mark)

「I think so. My leg was bitten by a Stone Lizard when I was strolling around the mine two months ago. The bones in my leg were broken into several parts, so yeah, it will take a long time to heal. Fortunately, that monster released me before it could take away my leg. Currently, I’m getting the treatment with recovery magic at the clinic in this town, but honestly, I barely feel the effect…」(Bian)

While saying that, Bian stuck out his bandaged leg, showing it to me.

A clinic, huh? It’s a facility where you pay money to get healed with recovery magic, right?

If I’m not mistaken, the price varies depending on the facilities of the clinics, the doctors’ abilities, and how bad your injuries are.

But… It’s been two months since he was attacked by a Stone Lizard, right? Yet his leg is barely healed…

The doctors in this town’s clinic must be not good at recovery magiーー No, no. They’re professionals. It will be rude if I say that…

I think the bones in Bian-san’s leg are destroyed into pieces, so the doctors have a hard time healing it. After all, his leg was bitten by a monster who eats stones as their staple food.

Hmm… Healing very bad bone fractures, huh…? Can I do it…?

I’ve healed sprains, burns, back pain, and cuts, but I haven’t tried my recovery magic to heal bone fractures…

Umm… I want to give it a try… But first, I should ask him for permission.

「Bian oji-san, actually I can use recovery magic a little. Do you mind if I try to heal your leg?」(Mark)

「Haha! Recovery magic, huh? Yes, yes, of course…. Ahh, Boy, you remind me of my childhood. Sometimes, I also pretended to be a magician when I was your age…」(Bian)

Bian looked at the distance while murmuring that.

Well, unlike him, I’m not pretending though…

Now that I got his permission, I approached him and looked closely at his leg.

Yesterday, when I was healing Nei’s injury, I touched her wound directly because I was a bit panicked and not sure if I could heal it. However, this time, I will try not to directly touch Bian’s leg.

I stuck out my hands and held it about a few centimeters away from Bian’s leg, then I started to focus my light attribute mana on my palm and transferred it to Bian’s leg.

Because the injury is very bad, anyway, I will try to pour my mana as much as possible and see what happens.

According to Nicola, if I can control my mana precisely, I can perform recovery magic with less mana consumption, but I can’t do that. I can control my mana, of course, but not that precisely. In the first place, I always practice magic to increase my mana bowl, not to control my mana. Perhaps I should start practicing to control my mana sometimes.

ーーWoops, I have to focus…!

When I kept pouring my mana, Bian’s leg started to glow.

「Eh…? Ehh…!? Y-You really can use magic!?」(Bian)

Bian was surprised when he saw his leg glowing.

Yup. Seems like he thought that I was just pretending.

To be honest, I prefer that he thought that way because I’m not sure if I can heal his leg completely.

After pouring my light attribute mana into Bian’s leg for a few minutes, somehow, I felt like his leg started to heal.

I decided to keep pouring my mana for a few more minutes, and then I stopped.

「Oji-san, how do you feel now?」(Mark)

Bian swallowed his saliva and then started moving his leg.

「No way… The pain is gone…」(Bian)

He then slowly put his leg on the ground and tried to stand up.

「Oh my god…! I can stand up… I finally can stand up with both legs again! I can’t believe it!」(Bian)

Bian stood up while looking at his healed leg with a surprised yet joyful face.

Nicola, who had been quietly watching us, suddenly started running around Bian in a circle and cheering for him.

「Yahooー! He’s standing up! He’s standing up! Bian oji-chan is standing up! Yaayy!」(Nicola)

This girl… I’m sure she just wanted to say that line…

I sighed while looking at Nicola.

*/TL : I think Nicola wanted to imitate a scene from Heidi episode 51
This sceneー>



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