Chapter 143 : Sadola Town In The Morning


「Celine, before we go home, I want to see the adventurers fight the Stone Lizards.」(Mark)

The next morning, before we went to eat breakfast, I asked Celine that.

「You want to see them?」(Celine)

「Yeah, can I?」(Mark)

「Of course~ But I think you should join them. That’ll be interesー I mean, you will be able to learn more from them. I will talk to them if you want to join.」(Celine)

「Nah, I’m good. I just want to see how they fight.」(Mark)

「Are you sure? I can always protect you, so there’s nothing to be worried about.」(Celine)

I’m glad she said that, but I don’t think those adventurers can do their job properly if an eight-year-old child joins them. I don’t want to interfere with their work.

「Well, you can always tell me if you change your mind.」(Celine)

「Un. Thank you, Celine.」(Mark)

「No problem~」(Celine)

Celine smiled and patted my head.

「Celine onee-chan, pat me too!」(Nicola)

「Okay, okay~」(Celine)

Celine turned to Nicola and patted her head, and while Celine was doing that, Nicola took the opportunity to hug Celine’s waist.

Celine then looked at Delica who was watching over from her bed.

「Delica-chan~ You want me to pat your head too~?」(Celine)

「N-No, thanks!」(Delica)

「Fufu~ Are you sure~?」(Celine)

Delica, whose face turned a bit red, shook her head in response.

Well, Delica is no longer a little child, but… For some reason, she looks a bit envious.




「Good morning, guys!」(Nei)

When we were eating our breakfast, Nei came to the dining hall. She approached our table and joined us.

「Do you guys wanna go after eating?」(Nei)

「Yes. Ah, have you had breakfast? If you haven’t, you can eat with us. It’s on me.」(Celine)

「Really? I’ll order my breakfast then. Oba-chaaanー Can I have the same food as these guysー?」(Nei)

By the way, we are eating white bread, fried eggs, and sausages.

After Nei shouted, the landlady came out of the kitchen and shouted back at Nei.

「Okayー But it will take a while, so can you help me for a bit while waitingー?」(landlady)

「Eeeehh… But I don’t have a morning shift today… Oh, well. Guys, I’ll be back.」(Nei)

Nei jumped off her chair and rushed to the kitchen.

Dining hall sure is a busy place…




After we finished our breakfast, we had to wait for a while until Nei finished helping the landlady.

Because this town has no guards, the landlady’s husband went to the nearest town to tell the guards there about the bandits we captured yesterday. That’s why the landlady asked Nei for help because she didn’t have enough manpower.

I felt a little sorry for Nei because she was asked to help because we didn’t report the bandits ourselves.

After Nei finished helping and eating her breakfast, the five of us left the inn and headed to Bian’s house.

We walked along the main street with Nei on the lead.

If Celine wasn’t with us, we would definitely look like a group of children who were going to play somewhere.

While walking, I looked around the town. There were stalls lined up on the roadside, and most of them were selling cups and accessories made of glass.

I looked at the price tags. Each product is quite cheap.

I think I can make quite a profit if I buy products here and sell them somewhere else.

「By the way, does Bian-san usually visit Fatia Town to sell glassware?」(Mark)

When I asked, Nei turned her face to me and answered.

「Yup. He mostly sells glassware. Other than that, he also sells hardware made of iron. Actually, my parents are the ones who make hardware for him to sell.」(Nei)

「I see. So your parents are not glass craftsmen, huh?」(Mark)

「Yeah. Most people here are glass craftsmen, but we are dwarves, and dwarves are good at hitting hot iron!」(Nei)

Nei puffed her chest and said that proudly.

In most fantasy stories, dwarves are indeed good at blacksmithing. I see now.

But I wonder why Nei is working at the inn instead of helping with her family business…

「We’re here! This is Bian’s house. By the way, the house next door is my house.」(Nei)

Bian’s house is a simple house with a store in the front, while Nei’s house is like a workshop that has a rustic atmosphere. There are pickaxes and sledgehammers in front of Nei’s house.

「Oーii, Biaaanー I brought the guess from Fatia Town I told you yesterdayー」(Nei)

When I was looking at Nei’s house, Nei approached Bian’s store and shouted.

「Alright, you can come inー」(Bian)

After we heard a man’s voice from inside, we entered the store.

The store was full of various goods. Most of them are cups and mugs with various shapes that are packed tightly on the shelves.

If an earthquake were to occur, the damage would be enormous for sure…

At the back of the counter, there was a middle-aged man holding a cane in one hand while sitting in a chair.

That must be Bian-san.



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