Chapter 145 : Bian’s Gratitude


「Yahooー! He’s standing up! He’s standing up! Bian oji-chan is standing up! Yaayy!」(Nicola)

「Hahaha! Ojou-chan, are you happy that my leg is healed? Thank you!」(Bian)

No, no. Oji-san, I don’t think she is genuinely happy for you. She just wanted to imitate a scene from anime… Please forgive her…

「Boy, I can’t believe you really did it! I thought you were just pretending just like me when I was a child, but you really can use magic! That’s impressive! Thank you for healing my leg!」(Bian)

「Your welcome, Oji-san.」(Mark)

「I want to pay you but… I’ve never seen a doctor who completely heals a fracture, so I don’t know how much to pay.」(Bian)

While saying that, Bian crouched down to match my height.

He is such a good person.

「No, you don’t need to pay me. Honestly, I healed you just because I wanted to practice my recovery magic, so… I kinda feel bad.」(Mark)

I have no intention of getting money in the first place. Besides, I used him for my practice, so I will feel bad if he pays me.

「But as an adult, I have to show my gratitude… Alright, how about this. You can take any products in my store as many as you want. My recommendation is Sadola specialty glass products!」(Bian)

Bian suddenly stood up as if he just came up with a good idea.

I really appreciate it but he doesn’t really have to give me anything. Moreover, glass products seem to be cheap here, but they are quite expensive in other towns.

When I was wondering how to turn down his offer, Celine put her hand on my head.

「Mark, you’re still a child. A child shouldn’t hesitate to receive gifts from adults. If you refuse, you will just make Bian-san uncomfortable.」(Celine)

Bian nodded as he heard what Celine said.

Now that I think about it, she’s right.

If I were in Bian’s shoes, I would feel bad if I didn’t give anything in return to a child who saved me.

「Alright then, I will take some mugs on that shelf.」(Mark)

Those mugs look good as a souvenir for Mom and Dad. We can use them in our dining hall.

「Good choice! Here, you can take as many as you want!」(Bian)

While saying that, Bian kept lining up the mugs on the table.

Hm…? Ho, Hold on… When will he stop lining the mugs on the table?

The table was almost covered by the mugs but Bian didn’t stop lining them up.

「O, Oji-san, that’s more than enough…!」(Mark)

「Are you sure? You can take as many as you want, you know?」(Bian)

「There will be nothing left to sell then! This is enough, really.」(Mark)

「Alright then. So, where did you park your carriage? I will carry these mugs there for you.」(Bian)

「No, you don’t have to.」(Mark)

I stuck out my hand and put all the mugs on the table in my Item Box.

「Y-You have… an Item Box…?」(Bian)

Bian was shocked to see me suck the mugs all at once with my Item Box. He sat on the chair with shaking legs and looked at Nei.

「He can use recovery magic way better than the doctors in the clinic… and he also has the Gift that we merchants yearn for… Just who in the world is this child…?」(Bian)

「I don’t know. This guy has been surprising me since I met him yesterday…」(Nei)

「Fufufu~ Mark is a gifted and amazing child, isn’t he~?」(Celine)

Bian and Nei were amazed while Celine somewhat looked like a mother who was bragging about her child.

I remember Gill oji-san once told me that merchants would be super jealous of my Item Box. Now that I think about it, merchants, especially a merchant like Bian, whose primary goods are glass products, would be able to work way easier if he had an Item Box.

If I become a merchant in the future, my Item Box will surely help me a lot, but… I’m not sure if I want to be a merchant. Traveling from town to town seems troublesome but I can make a good amount of money if I sell products with a high-profit margin.

When I thought about that, Nicola suddenly talked to me with telepathy.

『Onii-chan, you’re thinking about becoming a merchant, aren’t you? Selling products with a high-profit margin is not easy, you know? You will need to make a lot of connections. Without connections, you will have a hard time purchasing and selling products.』(Nicola)

『Connections, huh… You may be right.』(Mark)

From my experience living in the society in my previous life, making connections is not easy.

Let’s forget about it for now.

「Alright, now that our work is done, we can go home now, but Mark, you want to see the adventurers fight the Stone Lizards, right?」(Celine)


「Then we will stay in this town for a bit longer. Delica, Nicola, are you okay with that?」(Celine)


「I don’t mind.」(Delica)

The adventurers will come today, right?

Now that I think about it, how long we will stay in this town depends on how fast they can finish their job. It may take a long time but I want to see how they fight.

I’ve seen Celine and Luck onii-chan fight but I’ve never seen how other adventurers fight.

「Thank you, guys.」(Mark)

I feel bad to make them, especially Celine and Delica, stay a bit longer in this town. Perhaps I should give them something in return later.

「Are you guys going to participate in the Stone Lizard subjugation?」(Bian)

「No, I just want to watch from a distance.」(Mark)

「I see. Then, I will guide you to a good place.」(Bian)

Bian guided us to the back of his store and opened the door at the end of the corridor.

It looks like his backyard is connected to the mountain road at the back of his house. The road was quite steep and it stretched all the way to the top of the mountain.

「I have a warehouse up there and I think we can have a good view of the mine from there. Shall we go there?」(Bian)

「Really? Let’s go, Bian oji-san!」(Mark)

It will be great if I can see the mine clearly from up there.

When I replied to Bian while looking up to the mountain road, I heard Nicola’s voice in my head.

『Do we have to climb up there…? Ughh… I think I will stay here…』(Nicola)

At the same time, Bian talked to Nicola.

「Alright, Ojou-chan, I will show you that my leg has completely healed! Let’s climb this slope together!」(Bian)

Nicola acted as if she was very pleased when she saw Bian’s leg healed, and it looked like Bian wanted to show her that he really got better.

「U, Un…」(Nicola)

Nicola couldn’t help but nod when Bian said that while smiling at her.



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  1. ‘In Japan making connections is not easy. In America making connections can be kind of easy, especially if you like to talk to stranger’s when you go out to the bars. To think I have a guaranteed job if I ever feel like moving in half the states in America just because I am a friendly drunk you buy drinks and socialized with people at the bar.

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