Chapter 130 : Barbeque


I made a table and chairs with earth magic near the dome house for us to have dinner.

After that, I made a grill in the middle of the table by arranging bricks into a square and dumped charcoal in the middle of the bricks, then I took out a wire mesh I bought in town and put it on top of the bricks.

The barbeque set has now been completed!

「Good job, Mark~」(Celine)

Celine, who just came out of the toilet, approached me while looking at the barbeque set with an excited face.

「I think it’s a little too early for dinner, but do you want to eat now?」(Mark)

「Yes, let’s eat now. I begin to feel hungry just from looking at this barbeque set.」(Celine)

「Alright. Can you light the charcoal for me?」(Mark)


I’m still not that good at fire magic, so I asked Celine for help.

「Are you still not good at fire magic?」(Celine)

「Yeah. I only use it to boil water. I still can’t find a safe place to practice fire magic.」(Mark)

「Ah, that reminds me of when I was about to start practicing fire magic when I was a child. Finding a safe place to practice fire magic sure is hard.」(Celine)

While saying so, Celine ignited the blocks of charcoal one by one.

Ahh, I really want to be better at fire magic. I want to shoot fire arrows like Celine.

I only shoot small stones with my Stone Bullet, so the destructive power will decrease the further the stones travel. In that respect, Celine’s Fire Arrow can maintain its destructive power no matter how far it travels, perhaps it was because her Fire Arrow is not affected by gravity, or… perhaps Celine is just skilled. I don’t know.


「Oh, I can’t wait~」(Delica)

After parking our carriage next to the dome house, Delica and Nicola approached the barbeque grill while looking at the burning charcoal.

「Now that everyone’s here, let’s start grilling the meat!」(Mark)

I took out plates and cups from my Item Box and put them on the table.

After that, I took out the meat and vegetables, put them on a big plate and started grilling the meat.

As soon as the sound of meat being grilled was heard, the delicious smell of grilled meat started to drift in the air.

「Mmm~ It smells so good. It makes me want to drink alcohol. Mark, do you have it in your Item Box?」(Celine)

「Of course I don’t. It was you who said it was dangerous to get drunk in the middle of nowhere like this. Don’t you remember?」(Mark)

「Ahaha… I totally forgot about that. With you around, I somehow feel like we’re having a picnic.」(Celine)

Oi, oi. Get yourself together, C-rank adventurer.

「By the way, what do you usually eat when you set camp like this?」(Mark)

「Do you remember we ate dried meat and black bread in the Goblins’ Forest two years ago? I usually eat them while traveling.」(Celine)

「Ahh… I remember that bread was so hard that I couldn’t even bite it without soaking it in hot water first… Anything else?」(Mark)

「Nope. Just dried meat and black bread. Ah, sometimes I eat monster meat too when I’m lucky enough to find edible monsters. I usually cook the meat in a campfire.」(Celine)

Looks like being an adventurer is more difficult than I think. Of course, only if you don’t have an Item Box like me.

「Some adventurers cook in the open, but they have to bring all the cooking tools in a big backpack. I will never do that though. It’s too troublesome for me. I’m fine with only black bread and dried meat.」(Celine)

While saying that, Celine stabbed a piece of freshly grilled meat with a fork and put it in her mouth.

「Mmmmm~! I said I’m fine with black bread and dried meat, but of course having a marvelous meal like this is waaaaay better than that!」(Celine)

「Glad you like it.」(Mark)

By the way, Celine was the one who bought the meat before we left the town, so I want her to eat as much as she wants.

However, there’s one person who eats meat more than Celine does.

「Hey, Nicola, don’t just eat the meat. You should eat the vegetables too.」(Mark)

I put the green peppers and carrots on Nicola’s plate as I said that.

「No! I don’t want to eat vegetables now! I will eat potato salad though.」(Nicola)

I’m not sure if potato salad falls into the vegetable category, but I can’t let her eat only meat.

I took out a plate of potato salad and handed it to Nicola. She then started eating it quickly.

「Delica, how about you? Is there any food you want to eat? Perhaps I have it in my Item Box.」(Mark)

「Umm… Then, do you have limtehin?」(Delica)


It’s been a while since the last time my translation ability couldn’t translate a word from this world.

「I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of it. What kind of food is that?」(Mark)

「Actually, I’ve never eaten it. I just heard about it from my dad. He had eaten it once when he was little.」(Delica)

「Heeー I’ve never heard of it either.」(Celine)

So Celine doesn’t know either, huh?

Limtehin… I’m curious. I hope I will find out about what kind of food it is someday.

Woops, I shouldn’t talk too much. I have to eat some meat too before Nicola eats them all.

I put some slices of meat on the grill and waited for them to cook, but when I tried to stab my fork on one of them, Nicola took it and quickly ate it.

Well, it can’t be helped.

I tried to take another one, but then Nicola took it again.

『Oi, Nicola!』(Mark)


She ate all the meat I placed before I realized it.

『Can you let me eat some meat, please!?』(Mark)

『But Onii-chan, you like vegetables, right? So eat those vegetables then. I’ll take care of the meat.』(Nicola)

『I want to eat meat too!』(Mark)

「Nicola-chan, we’re in the middle of a trip. If you eat too much, you won’t be able to move around, so be careful.」(Celine)

Yes! Tell her, Celine! Tell her!

「But I’ve heard that my breasts will get bigger if I eat a lot of meat!」(Nicola)

「Eh, really!?」(Delica)

For some reason, Delica looked so excited. She immediately looked at Celine’s breasts.

「Hmm… Now that you mentioned it, I did eat a lot of meat when I was little.」(Celine)

「I see…」(Delica)

After muttering, Delica started picking my grilled meat too.

「Hey, that was mine!」(Mark)

「I’m your boss! Your meat is my meat too!」(Delica)

「Seriously? Come on!」(Mark)




In the end, I ended up grilling meat for Nicola and Delica until they couldn’t eat anymore. Fortunately, there was still meat left for me.

The two are now lying down on a long bench I made with earth magic. Their stomachs grew bigger instead of their breasts…

After I’m done eating, I cleaned up the table, cleaned the tablewares with water magic and put them in my Item Box, and then I turned the tables and chairs back into soil.

Now, it’s time for a bath.

「I’m going to make a potion bath. Who wants to go first?」(Mark)

「I will go later… Ughh…」(Delica)

「Me too… *burp* Bu-hee….」(Nicola)

「Hahh… I told you not to eat too much. That’s what you got.」(Mark)

Looks like Delica and Nicola can’t move with those bloated stomachs.

I left them alone and started making a potion bath like usual.

I made a bathtub, walls, a door, a roof, a bucket, poured water into the bathtub, boiled it, and poured a E-grade potion into the hot water.

「Celine, you want to go first?」(Mark)

「Ara, why don’t we enter together?」(Celine)

Here you go. Celine’s usual joke.

「I’ll enter after you.」(Mark)

「Fufu~ You can join me whenever you want~ I’ll be waiting for you like usual~」(Celine)

「Alright, alright. Just go in already.」(Mark)

I made a “shoo shoo” gesture as I saw Celine enter the bathroom.

『Coward Onii-chan.』(Nicola)

『Shut it.』(Mark)

Nicola mocked me with telepathy, but she seemed to be suffering from overeating.

Guess I have to take care of these two this time…

I took out two E-grade potions from my Item Box and handed them to Delica and Nicola.

「Here, drink some potions. I don’t know if it works for overeating though.」(Mark)

「Th, Thank you, Mark… I’m sorry for troubling you…」(Delica)

「Onii-chan, you’re my angel! I love you!」(Nicola)


She mocked me and then praised me. She treated me badly and then thanked me. What a busy little sister…



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