Chapter 131 : Pajamas


Even though their stomachs are still bloated, Nicola and Delica felt a bit better after drinking the potions.

Delica started swinging her sword, practicing swordsmanship, as soon as she recovered.

Apparently, E-grade potions are effective against overeating. I’ve actually never heard that it will work for overeating, probably because no one ever uses an E-grade potion, which costs one gold coin, to just cure overeating. When I poured a potion into a bath for the first time, I didn’t know the effect would be really great before I actually tried it, so I think potions have many undiscovered potentials. Looks like I should try various things to find out what else I can do with potions.

I entered the bath after Celine was done, and after I was done, it was Nicola and Delica’s turn. However, Nicola seemed to want to lie down on the bench a bit longer, so she let Delica enter first.

『I will enjoy the bath water used by a beautiful woman and a cute girl later~ For now, I want to lie down a little longer…』(Nicola)

Umm… Does she forget that I also entered the bath?




While Nicola was taking a bath, Delica, Celine and I were sitting on the benches I made, cooling our bodies after taking a bath.

We were still able to see the evening sun when we were eating barbeque, but it’s completely dark now. Only the dim light of the moon beyond the thin clouds and my light magic is illuminating the area around the dome house.

I thought monsters might come to the source of light, but I haven’t felt any threatening aura approaching us so far.

「Celine, do you think there will be monsters attacking us?」(Mark)

「Umm… Grass Wolves are not nocturnal even though they are wolf-type monsters, so they usually sleep at night, and there don’t seem to be any other aggressive monsters around here, but just in case, can you reduce the light a little?」(Celine)


I hope we will be able to sleep well tonight.

When I was adjusting my light magic, Nicola came out of the bath.

For some reason, Celine looked a bit troubled when she saw Nicola.

「Umm… Nicola-chan, we’re in the open now, so I think you shouldn’t wear pajamas… Well, they look cute on you though.」(Celine)

Currently, Nicola is in her pink pajamas that she got from Grandpa.

She wore those pajamas too when we stayed at the village mayor’s house yesterday, but even though we will be sleeping in the dome house, we are in the wilderness now, so I don’t think pajamas are suitable for wearing at this time.

「These are pajamas I got from Ojii-chan. He said they are made of durable cloth!」(Nicola)

While saying that, Nicola approached Celine and showed her the pajamas.

「Hmm… I see, I see… Certainly they are very durable and hard to tear.」(Celine)

Celine touched and tried to tear the pajamas with her fingers while observing them.

「If I’m not mistaken, Grandpa said that it was made from Crimson Spiders’ thread.」(Mark)

I gave Celine additional information about the pajamas.

It seems like Crimson Spiders’ thread was a fairly rare material, and it seems to have resistance against blades and magical attacks.

Grandpa apologized to me for not being able to prepare the same pajamas for me, but honestly, I was relieved that I didn’t have to get such expensive items. Grandpa disposed of the price tag before he gave the pajamas to Nicola, but they were probably more expensive than the Snow Wolf cloaks he gave us.

「Hee… Crimson Spiders’ thread, huh? I’m surprised that your grandpa makes clothes from such a rare item. It’s indeed quite durable and it looks like Nicola-chan can move around easily in those pajamas.」(Celine)

「Ojii-chan said because I’m a girl, I have to wear cute clothes even when sleeping in the open! That’s why he made me these pajamas!」(Nicola)

「Fufu~ I see. Looks like your Grandpa really loves you.」(Celine)

「Un! Can I wear these pajamas tomorrow as well when we are traveling?」(Nicola)

「U, Umm…. I don’t think cute pajamas are appropriate for traveling. Besides, you might catch a cold since our carriage is open. Please change into your traveling clothes tomorrow, okay?」(Celine)

「Uuu… Okay.」(Nicola)

「Good girl~ Now we better go to bed. We will wake up early tomorrow.」(Celine)


And then we followed Celine to the dome house.



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