Chapter 129 : My First Time Sleeping Outdoors.


After collecting the Grass Wolves’ corpses, we continued our trip, and fortunately, nothing happened until the sun was starting to set.

This is my first time being in a carriage for a long time. I’m quite tired now…

Nicola, who was sitting next to me, looked tired too.

Celine and Delica seemed to be okay. Looks like they are used to long trips with a carriage.

Even though I was tired, I kept making stone balls as my magic practice routine, and while I was doing that, Celine suddenly asked Delica to stop the carriage.

「Delica-chan, can you stop the carriage? I think this is a good place to set up camp.」(Celine)

「Got it.」(Delica)

As soon as the carriage stopped, Celine jumped off the carriage and stretched her body.

「Mmmmhhh~~ ….Alright, let’s start setting up camp before it gets dark. Mark, it’s your time to shine~」(Celine)

I got off the carriage with Nicola. She leaned against me, putting her body weight on me as we got off slowly. Looks like she’s really tired. Well, she is an indoor person after all.

「I’ve never slept outdoors before, so I don’t know what to do.」(Mark)

「Since you’re good at earth magic, you don’t need to think too hard about it. You just need to build a hut where we can sleep. You can make several huts for each one of us, but… Hmm… I think it will be safer if we sleep together. Delica-chan, you don’t mind sleeping with Mark in the same room, right?」(Celine)

「S-Sleeping with Mark!? …Y, Yeah… I don’t mind… at all…」(Delica)

Delica, who was taking care of the horse, replied to Celine nervously for some reason.

Without noticing my gaze, she kept brushing the horse with a blushed face.

Come to think of it, when we were lying down together in the grassland in the middle of the trip to Secard Village with Gauche ojii-san, she looked kinda nervous too (chap 52).

I guess it’s a bit embarrassing for a girl her age to sleep with a boy.

After watching over Delica with a warm gaze for a moment, I built a large dome house with earth magic just like when I stayed overnight at Iris Bar. I also made a pair of bear ears on the roof just to make it look cute.

「How’s this?」(Mark)

「Good work, Mark! Those weird ears are unnecessary, but I’ll give you an extra point for that.」(Celine)

「Whoaー What a cute house. I like it!」(Delica)

It seemed that there was no culture of admiring animal ears in this world, but Delica seemed to like it.

She is a bit tomboyish, but she really likes cute things.

「Do you want me to make a fence too just in case?」(Mark)

「That’s a good idea. Yes, please.」(Celine)


I walked about ten meters away from the dome house and walked around it in a circle while making a one meter circular fence with earth magic surrounding the dome house.

If the fence is too high, it will block our view, so I think one meter tall is enough.

Well, I don’t think this fence can protect us from enemies’ attacks, but a house without a fence feels a bit uncomfortable for me.

「Ara~ It turns out really good, but Mark, are you okay? You used quite a lot of mana, didn’t you?」(Celine)

「Yeah, but I’m good. I’m not as tired as before when I built a house like this. Perhaps it’s because I’ve gotten stronger. By the way, who will be on the lookout? Are we going to take turns?」(Mark)

「Don’t worry, I can keep using my sensing magic even while I’m sleeping, so I will know when someone is approaching us.」(Celine)

「Eh? You can do that while sleeping?」(Mark)

「Do you forget? I’m a C-rank adventurer, you know? I will teach you how to do it later.」(Celine)


As expected from a professional adventurer.

I definitely want to learn how to do it if I can.

When I was impressed with Celine, Nicola pulled my sleeve.

「Onii-chan, I want to pee…」(Nicola)

「Just do that over theー Ah, I forgot we’re surrounded by a fence…」(Mark)

『Hey, Onii-chan. Did you make the fence so that you can keep us women here for yourself? Uwah… What a pervert…』(Nicola)

『What are you talking about!? Jeez… Just wait a minute.』(Mark)

I walked to the ground near the fence and softened it with earth magic, and then I dug a hole of about one cubic meter in the ground.

Well, to be exact, I didn’t dig it with my hands, I just used my Item Box to remove the softened ground. Easy.

After that, I made a lid to cover the hole, made a hole with a diameter of ten centimeters in the center of the lid, and made a toilet seat with earth magic on top of the lid.

After I made walls, a door and a rooftop, the emergency toilet was finally completed.

I also made a water bucket for Delica because she can’t use water magic. After that, I poured two E-grade potions into the hole through the toilet seat, hoping that it would eliminate the odor.

「Alright, now we have a toilet.」(Mark)

「You really make this trip easy. Well done, Mark.」(Celine)

Celine looked around the toilet with an impressed look.

「Thank you, Onii-chan!」(Nicola)

After thanking me, Nicola immediately got into the toilet.

Looks like she couldn’t hold it any longer.

「Nicola-chan, don’t take too long, okay? I need to use the toilet too.」(Celine)


「After Celine-san, it will be my turn.」(Delica)

「Then, I will fill the bucket for you when I’m done.」(Celine)

「Thank you!」(Delica)

The girls started to line up in front of the toilet.

I’m glad they like it. It makes me proud as the builder, but I shouldn’t stare at them too much.

「Have fun with the toilet. I’ll go prepare dinner. Do you have something you want to eat?」(Mark)


「Got it.」(Mark)

Actually, I want to eat meat too.

I guess barbeque will be perfect for today’s dinner.



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  1. If I don’t had space magic, element magic, creativity magic or magic item, don’t hope for me to be adventure… To many inconvenience.

    1. You don’t need toilet paper if you have water. Don’t forget water is more hygienic than paper toilet.

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