Chapter 128 : Power Leveling


After confirming that there were no more Grass Wolves chasing us, we got off our carriage and approached the Grass Wolf whose head I blew up.

I was the one who did it, but it looked gross even for me.

「Mark, can you put this corpse in your Item Box?」(Celine)

Celine pointed at the corpse as she asked.

Now that she mentioned it, I’ve never put a monster corpse in my Item Bos as a whole.

「I don’t know but I’ll give it a try.」(Mark)

I stretched my hand forward and brought out my Item Box, and then the corpse was sucked into my Item Box. Apparently, I can store monster corpses like any other thing.

「Hee~ So you can store monster corpses too. What a convenient ability. Normally, we have to skin or drain blood of the monsters we kill during our trip or it will rot before we reach a town, but with your ability, you don’t have to do that. Mark, I think you’re really suitable to become an adventurer.」(Celine)

Actually, I don’t hate hunting monsters, but for now I can only attack them from a distance. I don’t know if I can fight monsters in close range combat.

「I’m still not sure if I want to be an adventurer, but I’ll think about it.」(Mark)

I honestly feel bad to say this in front of Delica who has been working so hard to become an adventurer, but this is my honest feeling.

I think I should change the topic before it becomes awkward.

「Anyway, should I collect the ones that are injured over there too?」(Mark)

「Of course. Kill them before you put them in your Item Box.」(Celine)

The other four Grass Wolves are still alive. I can easily kill them with my stone bullet, but…

「Delica, do you want to kill them?」(Mark)

「Eh? Me?」(Delica)

I think this is the chance for Delica to earn Ether even though it won’t be much.

「I don’t mind but… Why me?」(Delica)

「I want to give you a chance to gain experience.」(Mark)

Delica stared at me and smiled. Perhaps she recalled the words I said last night in the village square that I would always support her.

「Alright, leave it to me!」(Delica)

As she said that, she pulled out her one-handed sword from its scabbard on her waist and started running toward the dying Grass Wolves.

「Ah, Delica, wait! Take this just in case.」(Mark)


As Delica stopped, I took off the Silver Eagle amulet from my neck, but before I handed it to her, I noticed that there was something weird with the amulet.

Eh…? Since when its shiny silver coating became a little dark like this…? It’s not dirt or something, right?

「Celine, look. Do you know what happened to this amulet?」(Mark)

「Ara, it looks like it’s starting to run out of mana.」(Celine)

「Eh? So it can’t be used anymore?」(Mark)

「No, you still can use it. Just charge it with your mana.」(Celine)

「Ah, I see.」(Mark)

So it’s rechargeable, huh? Now that I think about it, that Feudal Lord has really given me a great item.

When I injected my mana into the amulet, it glowed a little green and then slowly returned to its original shiny silver color.

This amulet is rechargeable but apparently the mana consumption is not very efficient. It ran out of mana after it activated twice. The first one was when it protected Delica from a Tentacle’s attack, and the second one was when it protected me from the lord’s poisonous ink attack.

「Sorry for making you wait. Here you go.」(Mark)

「Thank you, Mark!」(Delica)

Delica put the amulet on her neck and ran toward the dying Grass Wolves.

She stabbed the neck of the first wolf with her sword and successfully killed it. However, when she was about to do the same to the second wolf, the wolf dodged Delica’s sword and immediately tried to attack Delica with its clawsー


ーbut then Delica quickly stepped back to dodge the wolf’s claws and stabbed its neck with her sword right away.

According to Nicola, killing weak monsters won’t give you much Ether, but I hope it will make Delica stronger even for a bit.

「Hee~ She is not bad for a twelve-year-old girl. I can tell that she has been practicing swordsmanship really hard.」(Celine)

「Delica onee-chan looks so cool!」(Nicola)

Celine and Nicola were impressed.

I’m impressed too. I can’t use a sword so I don’t have the confidence to move quickly like that.

When I was imagining my pitiful appearance when I was holding a sword, I suddenly remembered that I had something to ask Celine.

「By the way, Celine, yesterday Melmina said that my legs didn’t stop shaking when I fought the lord of the lake. Do you know how not to be nervous when fighting monsters?」(Mark)

「Ara, you’re worrying about that? Mark, you still don’t have much experience in fighting monsters, moreover, what you fought was a giant Tentacle, so it’s normal if you couldn’t stop shaking when fighting it. Delica can fight with confidence probably because she often fought in mock combats at the dojo. 」(Celine)

Celine put her hand on my head as she said that as if she wanted to console me.

「Certainly, you won’t be able to move fast if you’re nervous in a battle, but if you get used to fighting monsters, you will eventually stop being nervous in battles.」(Celine)

「You’re right. I’ll do my best then.」(Mark)

In the end, it seems that I have no choice but to get used to it.

While we were talking, Delica finished killing all four Grass Wolves.

I approached those wolves and immediately put them in my Item Box.

The corpses were listed in my Item Box with unique names.

『Headless Grass Wolf corpse』
『Grass Wolf corpse with broken right forefoot』
『Grass Wolf corpse without front legs』
『Grass Wolf corpse without left hind leg』
『Grass Wolf corpse with broken right hind leg』

I’m glad that my Item Box is convenient, but I don’t think it needs to list items with detailed names like this.

I think a simple name like『Grass Wolf corpse』is enough.

「What’s wrong, Mark?」(Celine)

Celine called out to me. Perhaps I made a funny face while I was thinking.

「No, nothing.」(Mark)

「Is that so? Ah, don’t forget to sell those corpses later at the Adventurer Guild.」(Celine)

「Got it. How much are these corpses worth, by the way?」(Mark)

「Umm~ Their meat is cheap, but their fur is relatively expensive. You can probably sell them for two gold coins per wolf.」(Celine)

Two gold coins per wolf… So I can get ten gold coins for five of them.

That’s quite a lot of money for just corpses in my opinion.

「You can ask the guild to dismantle them for you, but you will have to pay the labor fee. Well, you can do it yourself but I think it’s too troublesome, so it’s better to leave it to the guild.」(Celine)


I can cut off goblins’ ears, but I can’t skin wolves, so yeah, I will ask the guild to do it for me.

「Mark, thank you for lending me this.」(Delica)

While I was talking with Celine, Delica approached me.

She then removed the amulet from her neck, brought her face closer to mine and put the amulet on my neck for me.

Her sweat made her skin look a bit shiny, and because she is taller than me, her chest was naturally approaching me as she tried to put the amulet on my neck, but her breasts are still developing so her chest is still flat as usual.

Delica, I’m rooting for you!

I prayed for Delica’s growth.

Of course, not only did I pray for her body growth, but also for her growth as a fighter.



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    [Mark, thank you for lending me this.] (Mark) ->> [Mark, thank you for lending me this.] (Delica)

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