Chapter 127 : Grass Wolves


After a while since Nicola drank the E-grade potion I gave her, Celine and Delica came back, and we decided to move on.

Honestly, I wanted to take a nap on the grass for a while, but we are in the middle of a mission, so we can’t waste too much time.




After our carriage ran for about an hour, and when we started to see a mountain in the distance, I detected something in my mana radar.

I don’t know exactly what they are, but they are spreading while approaching us from a distance. They probably want to surround us.


「I know.」(Celine)

「What do you think they are?」(Mark)

「From their mana reaction, there’s no doubt that they are monsters… Since we are in the grassland, they are most likely Grass Wolves.」(Celine)

「Grass Wolves?」(Mark)

「They are wolf-type monsters that dig holes in the grassland to make a lair. They usually attack their prey as a group, so we should keep our eyes peeled for the surroundings.」(Celine)

「I see. It reminds me of the Kobolds when we went to their forest with Luck onii-chan a while ago.」(Mark)

「Now that you mentioned it, you once went to Kobold Forest with Luck, huh. What did you do to defeat them?」(Celine)

「Simple. I killed them all before they could surround us.」(Mark)

「Hee~ Kobolds usually hide behind trees while approaching their enemies, so killing them shouldn’t be easy though.」(Celine)

「You’re right, but Nicola told me their positions, so all I had to do was shoot stone bullets at them. Easy.」(Mark)

「Ah, I forgot Nicola-chan had the ability to detect the surrounding enemies. You guys are incredible twins, really….. Woops, it’s not the time to be amazed.」(Celine)

Celine shook her head and gave me instructions.

「Let’s kill them all before they can get closer just like you did with the Kobolds. We can’t continue our journey if they attack our horse.」(Celine)

It looks like Delica won’t be able to fight them since we are going to shoot them with long range attacks.

However, Delica didn’t look disappointed at all. She tried to do what she could to help.

「If that’s the case, I just have to drive in a straight line, right?」(Delica)

「Yes, but can you maintain the speed? It will make it easier for us to aim.」(Celine)


After Delica replied nervously while trying to maintain the speed, Celine and I started looking around, searching for the wolves.

We can see our surroundings really well because our carriage is an open-air type with only a roof without walls.

「ーーAa, there they are!」(Mark)

There are six of them on the right side and five on the left side.

They are way bigger than normal wolves. They are quite far away from us so I can hardly tell, but I guess they are about two meters tall.

They have fur with a quite unique color which is a mixture of gray and brown. They stared at us while running toward us, approaching us little by little.

「I knew it. They are Grass Wolves. I’ll handle the ones on the right. Mark, you do the left ones.」(Celine)


I’m grateful to Celine for letting me handle the side with fewer wolves.

『Nicola, use your ability just in case. There might be other wolves coming from different direction.』(Mark)

『Aye, sir!』(Nicola)

While we were exchanging telepathic messages, Celine took out her magic wand from her cleavage and made a pose as if she was using a bow.

「Fire Arrow!」(Celine)

An arrow of fire appeared and flew toward a Grass Wolf, hit it and immediately burned its entire body.

The Grass Wolf then collapsed on the ground and rolled around violently for a second until it stopped moving.

Celine then continued shooting the five remaining wolves with her fire arrows and killed them on the spot.

The wolves were still quite far away from our carriage, but Celine successfully killed them all. What a deadly skill.

Alright, now is my turn!

I looked at the five Grass Wolves on the left side and began to create stone bullets.

I felt like I created stone bullets faster than before, probably because I have gotten stronger after defeating the lord of the lake.

The Grass Wolves were still far away and I didn’t have the confidence to hit them one by one from this distance while moving at a high speed like Celine did, so I shot the multiple stone bullets I made at once like a shotgun.

「Stone Bullets!」(Mark)

All my stone bullets flew toward the Grass Wolves on the left side at an extremely high speed.

I wanted to kill all five of them at once but I only hit four of them. Some of them didn’t die because I hit them in the chests and legs, but it’s enough as long as they stop chasing us.

I don’t know if I missed or it dodged my bullets, but the remaining wolf kept running toward us. Moreover, it started running faster than before.

「Geh! That wolf is not afraid at all! ーーStone bullet!」(Mark)

The wolf surprised me for a second, but it only ran in a straight line even though it ran faster, so it was easy for me to aim.

My stone bullet flew toward the wolf and hit its head.

The wolf died instantly after its head exploded and scattered all over the place.

「Phew… I was impatient for a moment and let that wolf approach us…」(Mark)

「But you killed it anyway. Good job. If you missed your shot, that wolf could probably approach us and kill our horse.」(Celine)

「You’re right. Honestly, I was surprised when it started running so fast all of a sudden.」(Mark)

That’s a monster for you. It ran incomparably faster than a normal wolf.

「Monsters have strengths that can’t be measured just by looking at them, so remember to always be cautious when fighting them.」(Celine)

「Got it.」(Mark)

「Alright then, let’s collect the materials from their bodies. My wolves have become charcoal but yours are likely to sell.」(Celine)

Celine pointed to the Grass Wolf that lost its head as she said that.



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