Chapter 126 : Spaghetti With Tomato Sauce


Our carriage continued to run through the grassland smoothly without any incident since Celine and Nicola slept, and when I noticed it, it was already time to lunch.

I woke them up and got off the carriage while feeling a little disappointed that we haven’t encountered any enemies so far.

While Delica fed the horse, I used earth magic to create a table and chairs for us to have lunch.

Hmm, the sun is a little dazzling, so maybe I should add a roof.

Hmm~ hm~ hmm~ hm~ hmm~~

I kept doing my work while humming, and before I realized it, a relatively large pavilion was completed.

Uwahh… I overdid it…

I feel like I can use my mana way easier than before, probably because I defeated the lord of the lake. I’m grateful that this power can be useful for things other than fighting.

Honestly, I wanted to complain to Celine for forcing me to fight the lord of the lake, but now I’m grateful to her.

Hmm, Perhaps I should prepare the food she wants to eat now.

I called out to Celine who was stretching after waking up.

「Celine, is there any food you want to eat now?」(Mark)

「Umm… Honestly, I’m kinda tired of eating Tentacles meat, so can you prepare anything other than Tentacles dishes?」(Celine)


If I were a woman, I would probably say, “ ‘Anything’ is the most confusing choice, you know!”. I won’t say that though.

I took out our lunch from my Item Box and lined it on the table.

For the main dish, I chose the spaghetti with tomato sauce my dad made. I also took out a basket full of white bread and put it in the middle of the table. As for drinks, I chose the fruit juice that Nicola begged for before we left our town (chap 109).

Alright. I think this is good enough. We will be riding a carriage for the rest of the day, so a light lunch like this is perfect.

「Everyone, the lunch is readyー」(Mark)

「Mmm~ You don’t have to make a pavilion, but this is great. Let’s eat.」(Celine)

The four of us then sat on the chairs surrounding the table and started eating.

The sauce made from the magic tomatoes I grow is exceptional. I hated tomatoes back in my previous life, but now I kinda love them.

「It’s really nice to be able to eat freshly made food in the middle of a journey~ Your Item Box really is convenient.」(Celine)

Celine brought her spaghetti into her mouth with a fork and ate it with a satisfied face.

This spaghetti is simple, but it tastes special during a journey like this. People can’t normally eat fresh food while in the middle of a journey after all.

「Onii-chan, more fruit juice please!」(Nicola)

Nicola stuck out her empty cup toward me again.

She seems to like the drink more than the main dish.

「Hey, you drink too much. Do you even eat your spaghetti?」(Mark)

She has drunk three cups of the fruit juice before even touching her spaghetti. This must be her favorite drink so far.

『Tsk. You’re such a stingy brother. This will be my last cup, I promise!』(Nicola)

『Alright, alright…』(Mark)

This girl… I don’t care if she has an upset stomach after this.

「By the way, we have eaten at a place like this before, have we?」(Delica)

「Yeah, you’re right.」(Mark)

Delica looked at the surrounding scenery as she ate her spaghetti.

Now that she mentioned it, we once had a lunch like this when we went to the Secard Village for the first time with Gauche oji-san.

In this way, we ate our lunch while enjoying the nothing-but-grass scenery around us.




「Aahhー The spaghetti was simple, but it was delicious. Thank you, Mark. I can’t wait for dinner~」(Celine)

As she said that, Celine wiped the remaining tomato sauce on her plate with bread.

She then ate the bread and stood up.

「I’m going for a walk to digest my lunch. I’ll be back soon.」(Celine)

「Celine-san, can I go with you?」(Delica)

「Of course~ Nicola-chan, you want to join us?」(Celine)

「No… I’m staying here…」(Nicola)

「Are you sure? Alright then.」(Celine)

Celine and Delica then left the pavilion.

They probably wanted to look for flowers. That’s why Celine didn’t invite me.

Although I’m a boy, I’m okay with picking flowers though.

When Celine and Delica walked far enough, Nicola started quivering for some reason.

She made an ugly expression as if she was suffering, making her face didn’t look like the face of an angel at all.

「See? That’s why I told you not to drink fruit juice too much…」(Mark)

「Ughh… My kind and cool Onii-chan… can you give me an E-grade potion…? My stomach can’t hold it anymore… Please, before the ‘holy gate’ between my butt opens by itself…!」(Nicola)

She looks suffering but she still has the energy to make a joke, huh…

I sighed once, took out an E-grade potion from my Item Box and handed it to Nicola.



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