December 2022

Angel Little Sister 210

  Chapter 210 : Deel   「You’re the boy Celine brought from outside, right? Hmph. What are you doing here?」(Deel) 「As you can see. I’m helping my friend with her food stall.」(Mark) I’m pretty sure he can tell what I’m doing just by seeing but I answered him anyway. Hearing my answer, Deel brushed his …

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Novice Alchemist 4-34

TL : Hello everyone! It’s a bit late but Merry Christmas! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to update any chapters this week because I was busy helping my parents with family business during Christmas holidays. Anyway please enjoy the chapter and I hope you have a wonderful holidays /’o’)/   Chapter 4-34 : Rescue …

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Angel Little Sister 209

  Chapter 209 : Making Mayonnaise   I decided to sell cucumber with mayonnaise sauce in this village after seeing Ester’s reaction when she ate cucumber with mayonnaise this morning. I can grow cucumbers in the field but in order to mass produce mayonnaise, I need to make some preparations. First of all, I need …

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Seventh Daughter 3-47

  Chapter 3-47 : The Contents Of The Letter   「Lady Mylia, I have something for you.」(Chris) Saying that, Chris took out a letter from his breast pocket. 「A letter…?」(Mylia) 「Yup. It’s a love letter.」(Chris) 「Uhh… So you want me to give it to someone in this school?」(Mylia) 「Haha! No, it’s a love letter from …

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