Chapter 209 : Making Mayonnaise


I decided to sell cucumber with mayonnaise sauce in this village after seeing Ester’s reaction when she ate cucumber with mayonnaise this morning.

I can grow cucumbers in the field but in order to mass produce mayonnaise, I need to make some preparations.

First of all, I need a workshop. I used earth magic to make a small room next to my house and then make a big earthen jar.

After that, I put egg yolks, oil, salt, and vinegar into the jar and used wind magic to stir them.

People in this village obtain eggs from birds that live in the surrounding forest. Their eggs are grayish and are twice as big as the eggs that people in Fatia usually consume.

They are totally different from the eggs that I used to make mayonnaise before. I was kinda worried at first but after I stirred for a while, the egg yolks and the other ingredients mixed together very well and turned into mayonnaise just fine.

By the way, I got the eggs from bartering in the village square this morning. I got a lot of them in exchange for a Grass Wolf corpse.

I don’t know how much these eggs actually cost because the people in this village use a barter system, but I think they are way cheaper than the eggs that are sold in Fatia.

「Onii-chan, are you going to sell mayonnaise too?」(Nicola)

Nicola, who had been lying down on the carpet while enjoying the breeze from the electric fan magic tool, suddenly came and watched me working.

There’s no entertainment in this village, so she must be bored.

If she has nothing to do I wish she could help me…

「Umm… I’m still not sure, to be honest. Mayonnaise tastes good with any vegetables but because it’s kinda troublesome to make, I think I’m going to sell it with cucumbers as sets for now.」(Mark)

My plan is to cut the cucumbers into sticks and sell them together with small containers of mayonnaise.

As for the small containers, I can just make them with earth magic. Of course, I will make them as sterile as possible just like when I make bottles for potions and ointment.

I think the size of the containers will be about the same size as the container of Morozoff puddings.

*/TL : Morozoff is a confectionery and cake company headquartered in Kobe, Japan.

After the mayonnaise was done, I made the containers and filled them with mayonnaise one by one.

While I was doing that, Nicola took a container that had been filled with mayonnaise and stretched her hand toward me, making a gesture as if saying, “Give me a cucumber”

「You wanna taste it? Come to think of it, you haven’t tasted the cucumber, have you? Let me know what you think.」(Mark)

「Alright. Come on, hurry up.」(Nicola)

「You’re hungry, huh?」(Mark)

Because she rushed me, I hurriedly took out a cucumber from my Item Box and put the whole thing in her hand, but then she glared at me with disgusted eyes for some reason.



「You wanna see your little sister put one whole cucumber covered in white liquid into her mouth? You’re such a pervert.」(Nicola)

「Huuuhh!? Look. Only a pervert can have such a thought, so YOU are the pervert here! Hahh… gimme that.」(Mark)

I sighed and took back the cucumber, and then I took out a wooden plate from my Item Box, put the cucumber on it, and cut the cucumber into pieces with wind magic.


「Thank you~ *crunch crunch* Mmm~ It’s so juicy. I can taste Celine’s juice from it!」(Nicola)

「It’s just your imagination. I did use Celine’s remaining hot water to water the field but they taste exactly the same as the cucumbers I grow in the vacant lot.」(Mark)

「Yare yare… As a professional gourmet of our inn, I have an ultimate tongue that can taste every substance that is contained in dishes, but you don’t, so you can’t taste it.」(Nicola)

Eh? Really?

Is she really able to taste Celine’s sweat in this cucumber?

No. It can’t be…

「By the way, Onii-chan, are you going to sell the other vegetables?」(Nicola)

「Ah, you mean the tomatoes and cabbages? No, I think I will sell only cucumbers for now. Anyway, I’m planning to hand the tomatoes and cabbages to Ester’s parents since we can’t cook them ourselves.」(Mark)

「Hoo~ A strategy to deepen your relationship with your future mother and father-in-law, huh? I see, I see.」(Nicola)

「It’s not like that!」(Mark)

Right after teasing me, Nicola stuck out her hand again, asking for more cucumber.




The next day in the morning, before we set up a stall in the village square, I consulted with Ester about selling cucumbers, then she agreed to let me sell my cucumbers at her stall.

After setting up the long table, Ester put the big pots, that we brought from her home, on the table without breaking a sweat.

As usual, she’s as strong as a muscular man…

By the way, we are selling steamed white fish and onion soup with plenty of mushrooms and bacon today.

After lining up all the dishes on the table, I took out the cucumbers and the small bottles of mayonnaise from my Item Box and arranged them on the empty space at the edge of the table.

「Alright. Are you ready, guys?」(Ester)



As soon as Nicola and I replied to Ester with a nod, she took a deep breath and shouted in her usual energetic voice.

「Good morning everyone! We’re now ready to serve! We have onion soup, steamed white fish, and a mysterious but delicious vegetable, cucumbers! Come take a look!」(Ester)

As always, people start gathering and making a long line, ready to fill their stomachs with Ester’s dishes.

However, no matter how much I waited, no one wanted to buy my cucumbers.

I was busy helping Ester without touching my goods at all.

Occasionally, there were people who looked curiously at the cucumbers, but after I told them that it was a vegetable that is normally eaten in towns, they only said, “Hee…”, and left.

Well, I kinda understand why people didn’t want to buy them. Cucumbers are an unpopular vegetable even in towns after all.

However, the cucumbers I grow are different. I think I need to let them know the taste of my cucumbers and mayonnaise first.

I made a container with earth magic cut some cucumbers into sticks and put them into the container as free samples.

Just when I was done with that, I heard a familiar voice above my head. The voice of someone I don’t want to meet in this village…

「You’re the boy Celine brought from outside, right? Hmph. What are you doing here?」(Deel)

Yup. It was Deel. The guy who always teases Celine.

As usual, he is wearing the village’s traditional green clothes.



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