Chapter 210 : Deel


「You’re the boy Celine brought from outside, right? Hmph. What are you doing here?」(Deel)

「As you can see. I’m helping my friend with her food stall.」(Mark)

I’m pretty sure he can tell what I’m doing just by seeing but I answered him anyway.

Hearing my answer, Deel brushed his hair with a pompous gesture.

「Hmph. I heard that Celine will be staying in this village for a while until she completes her Portal Stone, and I heard that you’re also staying in the meantime. I thought you were a kid who would cry and beg Celine to take you home as soon as possible, but it seemed that I was wrong. As long as you don’t make trouble, I’ll allow you to stay in this village. Be grateful, kid.」(Deel)

Deel smirked at me, but I could tell that he was in a good mood, probably because Celine is not going anywhere for a while.

He said he would allow me to stay but I actually don’t need his permission to stay in this village. He’s not the chief of this village after all. He’s only the son of one of the elders.

However, I didn’t talk back because he’s a troublesome person, and I don’t want to get into trouble with him.

「It will take Celine three years to complete her Portal Stone, meaning that I have plenty of time to conquer her heart and convince her to marry me! Fwahahaha! …Oh, right. Because Celine will be my wife, she won’t be able to take you home. But, don’t worry, kid, I will hire some people to bring you to your town, so you can tell me whenever you feel like going home.」(Deel)

As he said that, he smiled at me and tapped me on the shoulder.

Nicola, who had been listening while helping Ester serve customers, talked to me via telepathy while kept showing her angelic smile to the customers.

『Bweehh…! How can he be so confident that he would win Celine’s heart in less than three years? Disgusting… Onii-chan, it’s better not to tell him that Celine will complete her Portal Stone in three months with your help.』(Nicola)

『I totally agree.』(Mark)

While Nicola and I were talking via telepathy, Deel turned his eyes toward the cucumbers I sold and squinted.

「Hm? What are these? Fruits? I’ve never seen fruits like these before.」(Deel)

「They’re not fruits. They’re vegetables called cucumbers.」(Mark)

「Cucumbers…? Did you grow them yourself?」(Deel)


「But, you have only been in this village for about a week, haven’t you? …Ah, they must be the type of vegetables that grow very quickly, aren’t they?」(Deel)

「Sort of.」(Mark)

I better not tell him that it only took me two days to grow them…

「They don’t seem to sell pretty well.」(Deel)

「Yeah, it’s probably because people think they’re weird fruits or something.」(Mark)

「They indeed look weird… Alright, I’ll have the one that has been cut. In exchange, I’ll give you… One sec.」(Deel)

After thinking for a moment while folding his arms, Deel began to rummage through the leather bag hanging on his waist.

He seems to want to barter his item with the cucumbers that have been cut, but these ones are samples.

「Hold on, Deel-san. The ones that have been cut are samples. You don’t have to pay for them.」(Mark)

「Huh? So they’re free?」(Deel)

「Yeah, they’re free to eat. People still hesitate to buy them, so I made these free samples so that people know how they taste. They may want to buy them after knowing how good they taste, right?」(Mark)

「I see. You’re still a kid but you seem to be good at business, huh? Still, let me pay for them. 」(Deel)

「Are you sure?」(Mark)

「Yeah. But…」(Deel)

Deel suddenly brought his face closer to mine and whispered.

「…Tell Celine that I’m kind to you.」(Deel)

Ah… I see…

Should I tell her?

Nah, I don’t think so.

Sorry, dude.

「Here. Hold out your hand.」(Deel)

Because he insisted on paying, I listened to what he said.

After I stuck out my right hand, he grabbed a small brown object from his leather bag and put it in my palm.

It’s a… bean.

I’ve seen Eclain eat them as snacks while drinking alcohol.

Beans in this village are usually fried in oil and sprinkled with salt.

It’s not that I’m not grateful to him, but… he only gave me one…

Yes. One single tiny bean…

Well, I can’t complain since the cucumber he gets is supposed to be a free sample.

「So, how do you eat it?」(Deel)

Without minding my confused face, Deel took one cucumber stick and stared at it curiously.

「Umm, you dip that cucumber stick into this white sauce and eat it.」(Mark)

「This white sauce? It looks kinda bizarre and… smells weird too…」(Deel)

He then turned his gaze to the mayonnaise and smelled it.

「You don’t need to force yourself.」(Mark)

「Hmph. Kid, who do you think I am? I’m the rising star of Schultria Village, The Green Wind, Deel! I’m not scared of eating unknown food!」(Deel)

After saying that loudly, Deel dipped the cucumber stick into the mayonnaise, put his other hand on his waist, and ate the cucumber while closing his eyes.



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