Novice Alchemist

Novice Alchemist 5-14

  Chapter 5-14 : Shopping Ⅱ   On the next day, in the early morning, Iris-san and I loaded the cart we borrowed from Daruna-san with artifacts and homemade lunch boxes made by Lorea-chan. After that, the two of us left the village for South Strugg. We used body-strengthening magic and started running. Even though …

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Novice Alchemist 5-13

  Chapter 5-13 : Shopping Ⅰ   「I… I want to go with you guys!」(Lorea) 「…Eh? Lorea-chan, you can take breaks from work but you choose to go with us? A snowy mountain is very cold and quite dangerous. Are you really sure?」(Sarasa) I asked Lorea-chan to confirm if she was just being considerate, but …

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