Chapter 3-48 : The Audience Room Once Again (part 1)


Mylia was nervous standing in front of the queen in the audience room of the royal palace just like the last time she visited that place.

On the other hand, Queen Kushana was sitting on her throne while looking at Mylia and Chloe.

Dalia de la Germell, the battle-maniac royal magician who once threw a big fireball at Mylia, was standing still behind the queen, while the other royal magicians and civil officials were standing on both sides of the audience room.

「Mylia, Chloe, welcome. I’ve been waiting for you.」(Kushana)

The queen’s husky voice echoed throughout the audience room as she greeted the two.

It was the third time Mylia had seen the queen, but her majestic aura made Mylia want to bow down everytime.

(I’ve met her twice but she still makes me nervous… As always, she looks like a beautiful witch…)

The queen’s sharp eyes which were filled with strong-willed light were staring at Mylia and Chloe.

「It’s a great pleasure that we are able to meet you once again, Your Majesty.」(Chloe)

Chloe, who was standing next to Mylia, bowed deeply at the queen.

Mylia immediately imitated her movements, putting her hands together and bowing her head deeply.

「I feel honored to meet you once again, Your Majesty.」(Mylia)

After greeting the queen, Mylia let out a sigh while still bowing her head. She was relieved that she was able to say it without biting her tongue.

Queen Kushana stuck out the scepter she was holding and nodded. She seemed to be happy with their greetings.

「You may raise your heads. Mylia, Chloe, I’m glad you have been doing well living here in the royal capital. I heard that your party went well too. Good job.」(Kushana)

Seeing the queen’s eyebrows stretched diagonally when she said that, Mylia hurriedly replied to her.

「Y, Yes. It’s all thanks to the Griffith Family who helped us prepare the party.」(Mylia)

「I see. According to what I heard, you brought the fourth daughter of the Atwood Family from your parents’ house to this city and adopted her as your daughter. Is that true?」(Kushana)

「It is… Her name is Jasmine onee-sama.」(Mylia)

It wasn’t something that had to be kept secret, but Mylia was a bit surprised that Queen Kushana knew about that.

「I see, so her name is Jasmine.」(Kushana)

「It’s a bit embarrassing to tell you about our family, but Jasmine onee-sama had been oppressed by our father and older sister. She would never live happily in our parents’ mansion, so I brought her here to the royal capital so that she could find her new life.」(Mylia)

「You didn’t leave your sister who was in trouble alone. You are a kind girl, Mylia.」(Kushana)

「Th, Thank you… No, I mean… To be honest, I regret that I didn’t bring her here sooner…」(Mylia)

Mylia could have done that as soon as she entered the Royal Girls Academy.

However, it couldn’t be helped since she was busy taking classes and solving Daemon’s Map, but still, she felt sorry for Jasmine for not getting her out of that cursed mansion sooner.

「But your sister is happy right now, isn’t she? Mylia, you are still young. People have to look ahead and keep walking toward the future. I bet your sister was not even mad at you just because you didn’t come for her sooner.」(Kushana)

The queen lifted the corners of her mouth, making a gentle smile.

Seeing the queen’s smile, Mylia felt the tenderness of a mother’s heart from the queen.

「Your Majesty… Yes, she wasn’t mad at all. Thank you, Your Majesty!」(Mylia)

(Somehow, seeing a strict person smiling can make you happy…)

Mylia then replied to the queen with her usual cheerful smile.

「Let’s leave aside Jasmine for now. I got the report about your other sister, the second daughter of the Atwood Family.」(Kushana)

「A, As I thought… You knew about her…」(Mylia)

(Aahh! I knew it! She wants to talk about Robin! I never thought that landmine woman would leave behind problems even after she was gone…)

「I think it’s only natural that Her Majesty wants to talk about that woman. After all, she caused so much trouble, especially to the male nobles and stores that she deceived.」(Chloe)

Chloe glanced at Mylia and whispered to her.

「I see… You’ve got a point.」(Mylia)

(Ughh… Is the queen going to punish me for Robin’s evil doings… No, Queen Kushana is a good person and can think rationally… I hope…)

Seeing Mylia and Chloe’s worried faces, Queen Kushana giggled.

「Please don’t make those faces. Don’t worry, I won’t eat you or anything.」(Kushana)

「Umm, you’re not going to eat me but… Are you going to punish me…?」(Mylia)

「Punish you…? Hahaha!」(Kushana)

Seeing the queen, who rarely laughed, to be in a good mood, the surrounding royal magicians and civil officials loosen their cheeks.

「Why should I punish you for your sister’s wrongdoings? That doesn’t make sense.」(Kushana)

「Y, Yeah, you’re right. Hehe.」(Mylia)

(Looks like I was the one who wasn’t thinking rationally here.)

「The second daughter of the Atwood Family, Robin de la Atwood, was the rumored woman who cheated on her husband on their wedding day, right? I heard that people call her “landmine woman” now.」(Kushana)

「Ah, actually, I was the one who gave her that nickname.」(Mylia)

「I see. Just as I thought. That’s a funny nickname, by the way. I heard that while Robin de la Atwood was in the royal capital, she had caused trouble to some people. She faked her identity so that she could buy luxurious items from shops without paying and deceived many young men at parties. Her behavior is so childish…」(Kushana)

「Yes. Chloe onee-chaー onee-sama said the same thing.」(Mylia)

As she said that, Mylia glanced at Chloe.

Chloe then nodded deeply in response.

「Your Majesty, may I speak?」(Chloe)

「Of course.」(Kushana)

「I don’t think she will come back and cause similar troubles again in the future, but we will do our best to deal with her if that ever happens.」(Chloe)

「As expected from the number one student in the commercial department. You’re worthy of my compliment.」(Kushana)

「Thank you for your kind words.」(Chloe)

Chloe respectfully bowed to the queen.

「If you want to deal with her yourself, then I have nothing more to say about that landmine woman.」(Kushana)

After the queen said that, Mylia let out a sigh of relief.

However, the next words she said shocked her.

「Say, Mylia, can you tell me about your newest spell?」(Kushana)

「My newest spell…?」(Mylia)

「Yes, the one you used to send that landmine woman home. I’m very curious about it.」(Kushana)

While saying that, Queen Kushana smirked and stared at Mylia with eyes filled with curiosity.

Seeing the queen smirk, Mylia realized something.

(…Aa! Could it be that’s the real reason why she called me here?)



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  1. Probably because its a cruise missile spell, instead of a person use a spell that activated on impact and new weapon, which if a powerful enough spell is used is basically a nuclear bomb without radiation.

      1. Depends on how you use it, it can be very useful too.
        Like sending a supply to the frontline in a very short time, like put everything in a very secure packaging, then sent it with the spell.

  2. Ah yes the rocket launcher spell, where it’s worth probably 1/10 of the kingdom’s budget and practically impossible to make unless you’re Mylia or her master.

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