Angel Little Sister

Angel Little Sister 218

  Chapter 218 : Cleaning-up The Warehouse   「Alright, today’s class is over. You can go home now.」(Tori) 「「Thank you, Tori sensei!」」(children) As soon as the class was over, the children greeted Tori sensei, left their seats, and went home. Some children rushed immediately toward their homes, and some others were walking while talking cheerfully …

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Angel Little Sister 216

  Chapter 216 : Water Magic   「Sensei, what kind of magic are we going to practice today?」(male student) Tori-san put his index finger and thumb on his chin as a male student asked him. 「We’re going to practice water magic first, so let’s move to the river.」(Tori) 「Water magic! Awesome!」(male student) The student clenched …

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