Angel Little Sister

Angel Little Sister 268

  Chapter 268 : Farewell Party   After completing Celine’s long-awaited Portal Stone, the three of us walked through the forest, returning to the village. Celine was walking a bit sluggishly, probably because she was more exhausted than usual. Because it’s getting colder lately, she won’t be using the open-air bath I made in the …

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Angel Little Sister 267

  Chapter 267: Slap!   「Mmmhh!! Aahh!! Haahh… hahh…!!」(Celine) In the middle of the woods, Celine was groaning while holding one of the branches coming out from the Portal Crystal. She was breathing heavily and her dress was wet with sweat. Yup. It was the usual thing you would see if you went to the …

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Angel Little Sister 266

  Chapter 266 : Monster Mutton   「’Celineeeee’!! My ‘Celineeeee’!!」(Deel) 「For God’s sake… Be quiet already!」(man) Deel, who had eaten half of the grilled meat on the griller, was tied up on a tree by the man with a battle axe. Now, we finally get the chance to eat the meat. I took a small …

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