Chapter 5 – The Knowledgeable 3rd Rate Flag Constructor


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Chapter 5 – The Knowledgeable 3rd Rate Flag Constructor
(Eros: flag: a term that could mean making a jinx, a requirement for the next important event, or simply love affection)

“Things are unexpectedly going smoothly”

“Yeah… while most of the standard rule flag got broken”

“And I thought I could, at last, depend a bit on my god power… what a letdown”

While exchanging such carefree things, the both of them are now enjoying their meal. Those two managed to reach quite a sizable town while the sun is still high. They walk around the crowded area looking for an inn with acceptable quality to stay in.

Of course, they had already prepared enough money to pay for lodging. Not by making counterfeit money by using god power, they only nonchalantly make minerals and herbs that match the land around them and then sell them to the blacksmith or general goods store that needs them. And while on it, they also gather information too with great efficiency. The result is first, the continent they descend into is named Eribeiris.

The unique feature of Eribeiris continent is that there is a precipitous mountain range that splits the continent in two right at the center. And there are only two kingdoms here that use the mountain range as their border. The two agree to leave the neighboring kingdom for now and only collect information about this kingdom where they are now which is the Sirkaberia Kingdom. And as a bonus, they got to know that this town is called Minseia.

Currently, the two are strangers here. Getting into the city might be difficult. So they put their guard up, ready for any troubles they might come to, and walk toward the city gate. But after all, they have prepared, they just receive a minor check at the city gate and they can come into the city without a problem. What a letdown.

Each big town at least has a device to check whether someone is really a human or not. Those two of course manage to pass the check. They DO look like and act like a human. And on top of that, that device doesn’t catch any information that could be used to point out that they are actually divine beings.

After that check, they receive a small card made of silver as their identity card to be used as long as they stay in this city. When they leave, that card will be melted and will be used to make a new card for another newcomer. Renya was amazed by such an eco-friendly system. He does take notice of the weirdest thing around.

The town’s public order is good, people’s behavior is welcoming, and they manage to finish their business swiftly. After finishing all business, they took a room to stay at an inn, then went to the inn’s 1st floor to have some meal.

That sums up all that happened before they took a meal.

“And no one nitpicks about where we came from, most people just believe it when we say we are travelers”

“Well, that’s because there’s a lot of other people like us here. Even that smithy uncle seems used to handling people like us”

“I thought they were too lax at first, but seeing every gateway filled with wanted posters made me rethink my opinion. And the atmosphere there is not that welcoming either”

Actually, the guards are mostly being strict about checking whether the people coming are really humans or just a monster in disguise. Using the aforementioned device, the guard will check whether the visitors are harmless humans or threatening monsters in disguise. That kind of checking has spread all over the world. Renya thinks that the people in this fantasy world are not that naïve with their protection.

“And I thought with this many travelers coming will make this place filled with quarrel and such troubles… but no… it was totally peaceful here”

“The town itself was built orderly with each different zone separated. It was so pretty”

“There also horse cart heading to the capital in a fixed term”

“This city really feels like the gateway into the kingdom right?”

And then they stop talking to enjoy their meal. The foods have a modest feel to them but the taste is not that bad.

There are sauteed garnished fish meunier, a familiar salad made by lining up vegetables, a soup that feels a lot like minestrone, and bread that doesn’t have that many differences from the one he eats in Japan. He deduces that this bread used the same high-quality wheat flour that can be found in Japan too.

“Eh? That’s weird… When will my brilliant second life flag party start?”

“Even if you can win a fight against the war god, your ability to construct a flag is nil eh, Renya?”

“Don’t give me that ‘oh so pitiful’ look, Floria…… and anyway a 1st class flag constructor won’t always call for a good flag you know?”

“Is that so? I thought there would be more merit than demerit in such a case?”

“For the romance flag constructor case, with one wrong step, that person will definitely meet hell. And that is my honest opinion about it”


Renya is seething with jealousy when he thinks about those riajuus back in his world. He doesn’t even realize that he would also be treading a dangerous line like those people he envied in the future. Even a god doesn’t have the ability to predict that.
(Eros: Riajuu -> derogatory word for people who are the winner in life (usually with a lover at minimum) from the loser)

Floria also wants to point out to Renya that he, even though still the lowest seat in god ranking, is already someone beyond the normal human frame in terms of things he can do. But reminding him at this stage again about the difference between god and humans and other little things seems too troublesome for her. In the first place, Renya has just graduated from being human so she decides to take things slowly.

“Well… being welcomed like this is good fortune in a way. Let’s make this city our home base for the time being while we work on our foothold here in the fantasy world”

This new god is overly positive it seems.

“Sounds good to me. Even just a glimpse, it seems that this city facility has quite a wide range of services. There are transportation means to the capital too. Not to forget there are quite a lot of merchants using this city as a transit point”

“That cart that goes to the capital eh? Well, it seems safe because we follow a caravan and we can get to see another transit town too. But the price seems to be a bit expensive”

“I think it’s fair you know? Traveling in a large group does have a lot of merits”

“Hmm, I see your point. Well anyway, there are a lot of people coming and going here. Collecting information from outside might be easier. And also lastly about our job…”

“Well, I don’t really fuss too much about it. Becoming a shop clerk is also nice for once”

In reality, even this inn that is thriving in business has a recruitment poster pasted on the front. And by the way, these two can understand this world’s language and writings because they can convert the local language into one that they can understand by using their god power. It was the other way around when they talk to other people. In truth, when Renya filled out the form on the gateway, he filled it using Japanese as he was only familiar with it but the guards still can read it without a problem.

Communication is important! And double that for foreign cultures! That is one of Renya’s mottos.

“I don’t expect there are bounty hunting jobs here, I’m quite surprised. They even have such tools what is it… ‘magic item’ to help deal with it”

Those people with a bounty on their heads are already on a level too difficult to be captured alive so they made a magic item to help the hunter prove their bounty. It was a simple magic paper actually. By placing this paper on a dead person’s face, it will automatically ‘print’ their face and it becomes proof of the bounty. Those papers can be bought from the local government office.

That paper quickly became infamous because it could only print a dead person’s face. There was some controversy around this magic paper at first as it could not be used when the target is still alive so catching the target alive is out of the question. It is easy to imagine how this kind of horror-inducing magic paper would come out in a horror story. But in the end, it is easier to carry papers rather than the corpse of the criminal so it gets used normally nowadays.

Looking at it like this, there are unexpectedly a lot of ways for an outsider like them to get work. Such a system is kinda similar to receiving a quest in an adventure guild. Renya can only let out a defeated sigh at the similarity.

“Actually… I have always yearned to become an adventurer from an adventurer guild, I also yearned for the feeling of steadily ranking up to the top and things like that…”

Becoming a rank A or maybe Rank S adventurer is the dream. It sounds so sweet in the ear and it’s hard to just give up on it.

“Yeah yeah, my condolence. But you know? That kind of title is like a set with the fame that also comes with it, doesn’t it? Do you want to get such reactions like ‘What!? He already got himself into rank A in such a short time?!’ or other similar ones? Isn’t it just the same as getting yourself a well-known reputation?”

“…… Well now that you said it like that, it might be true. But please don’t calmly do an analysis on it, I kinda feel embarrassed”

Renya, who is still an apprentice level on his fantasy world common sense knowledge level tries to avert the topic before he gets embarrassed more.

They have finished their meal and are now enjoying a cup of tea after the meal. The taste is very similar to Japan’s roasted green tea. He is surprised by how much the tea culture is intertwined even in this world.

While enjoying their tea, Renya opens up a sheet of paper. It is the latest job information that he got from the government office.

“If there are people who recruit people privately, there are also people who ask government help for recruiting people eh?”

“And the job content has a really wide variety”

“The rewards are not only in cash. There are also places that give goods as rewards”

“There is a lot that we can choose, eh? And I was at first afraid that we can’t make a living as a traveler”

“Well, there are monsters and beasts here. Extermination job won’t disappear that easily by how frequent they intimidate populated area”

There really are simple monster subjugation jobs available. The rewards are somewhat high considering the risk involved is also high. Requesters also varied from just a villager, government officers, merchants, and even union guilds. This kind of application request ordering in fact is a universal system that is also available in other places too.

Using this method Renya can make himself well known by finishing many requests. But at the same time, it can also bring trouble if he is careless with it. Seeing Renya knit his eyebrow worrying, Floria who understands him carelessly says:

“Well if there are troubles coming, we can just push it aside by raw power. Just by the two of us never mind a town or a kingdom, we can even blow up a continent if we feel like it”

“Using brute force like that is the last option. There are many other ways, though they are not all really that peaceful either, to solve a problem right?”

“Being firm with oneself is also important, you know?”

“What I mean is that don’t give up too soon”

Well irregular being like those two is like throwing a stone into a pond, creating ripples of trouble in their surroundings. They can’t avoid such troubles but at least they should level their heads better so they can choose the best way to solve them. Those are Renya’s ideals actually. Because if he’s not, those actions might create a new religious frenzy uproar. A way that strayed off the normal path will instantly bring him as a new reigning absolute existence. And once again, he doesn’t want to be treated like a god.

“Well, for the time being, let’s just act as a jack of all trades and do lots of requests shall we?”

“In the end, you’d stick to the safe line eh?”

“What’s bad about being safe?”

In the end, they choose to start their 1st step steadfastly because that’s the only way Renya approves of




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