Englisth Title : 
Young God Divine Armaments

Japanese Title :
神器を統べる若神様 ~戦神の異世界ハーレム奮闘記~
Jingi wo Suberu Waka Kami-sama ~Senshin no Isekai Harem Funtou Ki~

Author : 本堂ゆうき / Hondou Yuuki

Toujou Renya dies and got summoned by a War God. He then receives two choices, to either continue his reincarnation process and become a dog in the next life or to take a chance to train to surpass the War God through the seemingly infinite amount of time. And he chooses the latter.

After passing a very long time of hardship, he finally managed to surpass the War God. From there, he decided on one thing: “Let’s go to another world and make a harem with this peerless cheat!”. And like that, together with his lawful wife, the Goddess Floria, War God Renya Eastle introduces himself to a new world and the story of his journey begins. He then goes breaking and setting up flags. This is a fantasy harem story of him making the women he encounters fall for him. Creating abnormal sacred treasures called the Divine Armaments and wields them to become unequaled in war. He will use his divine power to crush all flags of misfortune.