Chapter 1 – Did You Think it’s the Last Boss? Too Bad! It’s the Prologue!


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In a vast reddish wasteland that extends until the horizon. Craters that seem like it has been hit by meteors, cavities that seem like getting gouged up, and clouds of sand blowing fiercely can be seen as far away as one eye can see. In this place that made you think that even post-war damage is not a big deal, more like it’s the end of the world here, there are two people unfolding a battle that goes beyond mortal logic.

A young lad with black hair and a common appearance.

A guy in his prime with bursting muscle, tanned skin, and exposed torso.

Those two battles have come to the level of ignoring the flow of time. Passing days after days without any regard for anything else except battling.

The young lad uses any means of battle that he can get. Slashing with a sword, piercing with a spear, smashing with an axe, surprise attack with a bow, rapid-firing with a gun, but all of it was repelled by his enemy who is just using his bare hand.

It keeps on repeating until one can’t even tell how many hours passed. A battle of those two seems to continue for eternity.


“O… Oo… …”


But there is no such thing as an eternal conflict, the young lad’s sword, at last, pierces his enemy torso. Not only that, there are numerous scars and wounds on the macho guy’s body, there are also some weapons stabbing his body here and there.


“At last….. At last, this time has come…… Young lad Renya…… The fruit of your effort…… How much had I waited for this time to come……”


The young lad that is called Renya didn’t respond to his talk. No, he can’t even respond even if he wants to. He had battled with all his body and mind devoted to it until the end. With a ragged breath, he can only keep his ear open to hear what the macho guy says. The truth is he wants to say many things to the macho guy, but he has exhausted all of his energy that even talking is impossible.


“A mortal potent possibility…… who knows it can become this much…… I still have my doubts when my daughter speaks of it…… but……”


Macho guy’s body fades gradually. Despite bearing innumerable wounds that even one of them proven to be fatal for a normal human, he will keep on standing until he meets his demise. That figure, even in his hazy conscience, still reminds Renya of the heroic tale of a certain person named Benkei.
(Eros: Benkei is a legendary warrior from Japan, the retainer of Minamoto Yoshitsune, who dies standing up in battle)


“Just as promised…… My power as the [War God]…… will be handed over to you…… Getting this life ended…… before I fall into corruption…… I truly appreciate it…… you have my gratitude……”


From his feet, the macho guy’s body starts to turn into light particles and scatter away. Slowly.. slowly.. just like when a human eyelid closed upon death’s door.


“Up until the last I know I’m being spoiled but…… I entrust my daughter in your hand…… goodbye…… human, despite your small body, it does possess the potential of infinite possibility…… My beloved daughter…… for getting along with your father’s foolishness…… I ask for forgiveness……”


With that last will, while still keeping on standing, war god meets his demise. Looking at that figure, Renya closes his eyes and bows. And in the wasteland with numerous destruction signs, at last, he stands alone.

Many feelings got mixed up in his heart. It has finished at last, which is a kind of deeply moving feeling. But there are also other things mixed in. Things that if he doesn’t shout it out loud it feels that his feelings won’t get cleared up.




In the middle of nowhere, a scream of despair erupted.




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