Chapter 4 – Standard (Fantasy Story Plot) Rule


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Chapter 4 – Standard (Fantasy Story Plot) Rule

(Eros: Standard fantasy story plot rules are those plots that are commonly seen in this kind of isekai fantasy story)


“…… it seems to be a success”


When Renya regained his awareness, the surrounding scenery had already changed. He calmly observes his surroundings and realizes that he’s been awoken on a riverbank. Seems like a river flowing inside a forest. Renya notices a bridge nearby, probably there’s a road nearby.
Done surveying his surroundings, he then starts to check his own body.


(Oh, good. I was afraid for a moment there that I would descent in my birthday suit)


A black jacket that seems to be made from leather, a deep blue shirt, and trousers, and it kinda has the feel of an item being used for a long time where there is small wear and tear here and there. It might just be said to be a finely detailed makeup art. With this, he wouldn’t look suspicious as a traveler. Renya feels relieved as he silently thinks about his condition.

He then checks his divine armaments’ condition. If he concentrates deep inside himself, he can feel the connection to the place where the divine armaments that he had made to face the war god sleep. He also confirmed that he can summon those armaments into this world by only imagining it, no problem. He wouldn’t choose this dangerous world with many threats if not for his armaments.


“I have come! Renya, did you wait long?”


Turning his head to where the cheerful voice comes from, he finds Floria standing there as expected. And she is of course, also in a costume that matches this world style. A parka complete with a hood, blouse, and miniskirt. A combination of attires that will give people who see it a strong impression of a vigorous young maiden. Her appearance is also the same as when she was in the god realm, no one would think other than a girl in her late teens.


“I don’t wait that long. Okay let’s get back to business Floria, where are we now?”


“What do you mean ‘eh’? Just tell me the needed information for this area first……”



A heavy silence falls. Fearing the worst, Renya opens his heavy mouth.


“Don’t tell me you just threw me in here randomly?”

“Err… This is, you know, Getting thrown randomly without any information is a standard rule for the thrill of going to another world don’t you think?”

“A goddess shouldn’t talk about standard rules like that! No, well, I also understand that feeling. But isn’t it convenient to know our starting point?”


It would be troublesome if they lost somewhere while not knowing the way to get out. But luckily there’s supposed to be a road nearby. Not knowing any information about the surrounding won’t get them lost anyway but they would seem suspicious if they didn’t know at least the name of the local area and the contingent they are in.

This kind of failure at the beginning of the journey makes Renya a little bit worried about what the future holds.


“Well, the rice had already cooked so it can’t be helped. At Least, for now, let’s decide our name so we won’t have any trouble introducing ourselves. Err… can you fill me once again with this world’s social hierarchy system?”

“This world doesn’t seem to have that kind of rigid rules about naming. Royalty and nobles asides, common masses also have surnames without any problem”

“Then my name will be…… Ah, just using my Japanese name again is kinda lame. Toujou…… Toujou…… in English it will be east and castle… okay my name will be Renya Eastle!”


It is a simple and kinda forced name but Renya thought it is better this way. Overthinking about it just to get that name get laughed at will get him sad. On the other hand, Floria, who seems to be deep in thought, just decides her names rather easily unproportioned to how she seems to think so deeply.


“Then I will be Floria Bardorn”

“Now that one comes out of nowhere”

“Bardorn is daddy’s name. Surname is also said as family name right?”

“…… Ah is that so? Now that you said that, I think I had never asked the war god his name. And to think that he is an enemy that I’ve fought for over a century…”

“…… Now that you said it, Daddy never introduces himself either…”

“He was a muscle head, yeah”

“He was a muscle head, indeed”


With one of them saying “Let’s just leave it at that” both of them agree to not press on the issue. They both, in both good and bad ways, don’t want to stick their noses too far into each other’s privacy.

For the time being, the thing that they found necessary for their basic livelihood is currency. Or let’s just say things connected to money.

The first thing that they found shocked them. Why? Because almost every country there uses the same currency. Renya was about to complain about how uncreative this fantasy world is but he manages to hold himself back. Resuming their research, they were shocked again at the name of the currency. It was ‘yen’. That name is good because it was familiar but the high level of familiarity kinda makes Renya feel uneasy. He was about to suspect that this world was created and neglected by a god that has a connection with Japanese culture.


“Ah, whatever. For the time being, let’s just make ourselves look more like a traveler, shall we? Lesse… let’s bring a travel bag. Oh and let’s fill it with at least food and water”

Without caring he starts to create tools and food from nothingness. He creates them with one of his god’s powers, ‘creation’. This kind of thing is nothing hard for him who is a living god incarnation that specializes in battle.


“Okay, all is set! Let’s now follow the road and get to the closest town. There should be another fantasy world standard plot rule established there. The adventurer guild, that is”

“Eh? There are towns and villages close by, but that kind of game-ish ‘giving quest and reward you with money’ establishments are nowhere to be found, you know?”

“What? No no, it should exist, it should be normal for a world like this”

“Well… there are union guild for each occupation, but there are none that will give a job to people who wanders around like us”

“……… Is that true, Floria?”

“That’s the fact”


Renya feels like riding a ship that hit a reef from the get-go soon after departing. His head filled with thoughts of what he should do now that the situations are like this. His second life abruptly starts on a thorny path. He might use his god power to solve troubles occasionally but not every time. If he does, then there isn’t much meaning in taking that much trouble to enjoy this new fantasy life. He thinks that at least he should abide by this world’s law to an extent.


“But I think there are places like the town hall where you can get money by doing the jobs posted there. What I mean is you can actively search for a job everywhere. It was a custom for getting jobs there”

“Say such things earlier please… for a moment there I thought that I should do part-time like washing dishes”

Floria was confused about why washing dishes comes out there but she just ignores it and continues.

“And there are also stores where we can sell things too. There are no strange restrictions and limitations applied so we can use it to the fullest. But well let’s just be careful not to destroy the local economy”

“If it’s about protecting the market then leave it to me”

“There is no ‘whatever stores’ like in-game where you can sell everything you know? If you want to sell things you must find the appropriate store that handles those”

“Understood! For now, let’s go find a town first. All members, forward!”



And then the two of them start going along the road. In the blue clear sky, the sun’s position can be seen. By checking the sun’s position, you can roughly guess the direction. For now, they walk toward the north. The road might be rough, but it has signs of being used by humans. By that logic, following this road will eventually get them into a place where people gather.

Along the way, they both check their body strength and ability. The result was, aside from Floria who was a goddess from the start, Renya got his strength reduced by quite a lot. Well, even with that limiter, his raw strength still far surpasses those of ordinary humans. His experiences from battling the war gods for a century also still exist so he doesn’t feel worried whether a fight suddenly starts. With one less worry, they continue their journey nonchalantly.


“I expect another standard fantasy plot rule to happen soon. You know, the one where we happen to witness a horse cart being attacked by either monster or bandit”

“And talking about standard plot rules, the one boarding the cart should be a wealthy merchant or some nobles. One of those two possibilities”

“Which one did Renya like best?”

“Of course a rich merchant daughter… or a princess”

“How brave of you to say such a thing without hesitation… moreover only limited to girls”

“As I said, man is that kind of organism you know? Well maybe not a man… but a boy”


Floria can only let out a sigh at Renya who says those things triumphantly. But in contrast, her face looks bright. She’s already familiar with this kind of silly talk. But no matter how familiar she is, no matter how much they understand each other’s temperament, when Renya mentions another woman in front of her, she still has a funny weird feeling inside… maybe this is what people call a maiden’s heart?


“Okay. If that standard rule even happens, I will act as Renya’s fiancée and hug Renya tight!”

“Why a flag breaker out of nowhere? That’s sly Floria!”

“Hmph, I know I gave you permission, but it’s your fault for easily declaring that you want to start a harem soo soon”

“No, I mean, if I have to get acquaintances, girls are way better than guys. It was like a saga for a man you know?”

“I know, but adding harem too soon is… kinda… I don’t wanna!”

“Is that maybe a proclamation that you have to become the 1st no matter what it takes?”


Renya retorted to Floria who started mumbling unclear things to him. But Floria opened her eyes wide when she heard that. She is surprised by what Renya says. She then repeatedly steals a glance at Renya while her cheek turning rose red.


“……… If I have to be honest…… Then the answer is…… yes”

“…… Is that so”


“…… Well I was… I mean… I don’t have the intention to think lightly about my feeling for you, Floria”

“I know. You even swore not to touch me until you manage to beat daddy so you won’t get drowned away by lust”

“…… If you know that much then don’t say such things like that again”

“And because of that, you can protect your virginity for over a century. That is indeed praiseworthy”

“Stop! Please don’t dig up that matter again please!!”

“And because of that, you secretly have a yearning feeling for harem right?”

“Ouch!! That’s a low blow! That hurt me a lot, you know? Agh~”


With such an attack, his dignity as a man plummets close to 0 points. Even if she was still in her teens, according to God’s point of view, Renya can’t even compare to her with only his experience as a mere mortal as expected. Renya feels like crying in despair.


“But you know? …… even though I’m a goddess… I’m also inexperienced, you know?”

“…… What did you say!?”

“B-Because you know? Daddy has been isolating himself since I was born! Knowledge and experience about such a thing would come naturally while I manage the world so it was only secondary at most, and lastly… there is no partner available!”


The wicked woman who was just here suddenly disappeared, in her place, a flustered teen girl vehemently tries to justify herself. An act that matched her appearance. Renya doesn’t know this side of Floria. Unexpectedly, there are still things he doesn’t know from her. Renya just looks at her with a warm feeling inside.

But, such sweet moods are transient. Floria manages to re-hold herself and then declares the bomb to Renya.


“That’s why! My objective, for now, is to hold Renya’s reins tight!”

“That’s scary in many ways! Where did that sweet mood from before go? Where did that bittersweet mood go?!”

“I-I don’t mean that I want to ride on top of you, you moron!?”

“Isn’t there any other better way to explain it!?”


In the end, they went back to frolicking with each other like usual. On top of it, that standard plot rule aforementioned didn’t end up happening. Those two reach their 1st town in the fantasy world without any difficulty.




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