Chapter 3 – Starting Adventure


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“This world is… Woah, what the heck is this monster paradise.”

“That world is only at the level of civilization where they are able to hunt for food”

“Pass Pass, that’s still stone age, isn’t it? Such a backwater world is a no. How about that one?”

“This world.. is a matriarchal based one, women is the dominant one there”

“Pass, Turning that kind of common sense upside down is not something I want to do. That one?”

“That one doesn’t have any human life. They all became extinct after an uprising by robots it seems”

“Me and Floria becoming that world Adam and Eve are kinda off too..”

“Renya you pervert~”

“With just that word you reacted this far means you are worse don’t you think?”

“Geez, I’m just joking”


Floria said it while hugging Renya’s arms, smiling wide. He can feel Floria’s certain soft part in his arm so he just stays silent. Even if he is now a pseudo god, in the end, he is still a normal healthy guy. Being together with a girl for a long time makes a man spoiled is common sense.

They continue searching while merrily frolicking around like that but it’s kinda hard to get a world that satisfies Renya’s requirement. Even after all that, Renya doesn’t think of descending into any world as a living god. Meaning, He wants to try living as a part of the world he chooses to be in while still using his godly power if needed. He doesn’t want to be revered as a god in the first place. “Too much trouble” Renya curtly says.


(But really this girl, Floria. just how did she manage to find me throughout all these many worlds…)


What Renya did now is only peeking through the world roughly, what Floria did is totally different. She observes each and every human until the last detail, and if she doesn’t find any suitable candidate she moves to another world and starts the search again. Just how much had she sacrificed for that kind of “odd job”? Even if a god’s time is close to infinity, while also having her dad in that poor condition right in front of her eyes, just how much did Floria suffer while looking for a being to put an end to her dad? Renya is currently contemplating Floria’s trouble until now.

That’s why seeing Floria having a bright smile like that now really gives him peace of mind.


“Renya, Renya, how about this world?”

“What about that one?”

“Lesse here, it’s a world ruled by soft-bodied aliens”

“That’s already not mankind anymore doesn’t it?”

“To top it off there also no civilization left, most of it is just seas”

“Just one step wrong and it becomes like that? Really the course of nature is terrifying”

“Well it’s just normal, there are even several millions of worlds created and destroyed by the seconds.

That is the principle of the universe”


Well, it’s just like what Floria said, if you think about ‘what if’ possibilities, the number of parallel worlds created are too absurd to count. Those branching worlds can be said to be parallel worlds that are alike but different from their original. And for a god to be able to observe all such possibilities is not anything special.

With just one action he can increase the number of worlds! That kind of fact blows him off his feet but when he thinks over it again, it’s not something that humans or even gods should worry over.

The two of them keep on searching like that for a while. If others look at them, they don’t give off any romantic vibe given how serious both of them are. It is just like how a newlywed couple discusses seriously when choosing their new home.


“This one world… It has science and magic civilization combined and the level is a bit higher than the usual fantasy genre novel. There’s also monarchy and democratic nations too. It’s surprisingly had a lot of genres mixed together”

“But Renya’s power is perfectly fit in this kind of world, right? They also had guns you know? Even if it was treated as a lost technology”

“Woah, really? Then did they also have a flying machine that is different from a plane?”

“Nn~ seems like they haven’t reached that level yet. But the civilization level of each country is kinda high.. for a fantasy world standard that is”

“Floria is also something out of fantasy for me”

“Aren’t you the same now?”

“Oh, that’s right…… The ‘me’ right now would be a level 1 god if it was in an RPG game, right?”

“Strictly speaking, it was a pseudo god… maybe? A god that is like a human? A human that is like a god?”

“Which one is it? And how does that differ?”

“Nwell, still not a complete god-ish? Incomplete like once you go to another world, you won’t be able to get out of there until your god’s power completely incarnate… kind of things?”

“That one.. isn’t it a super important fact that I should know? That means I can’t reset once I start right?”

“Basically, we can freely do what we want if there’s no other god residing in that world. It’s not like we can ask another god to send us out from that world right? And we will also get bind down by that world nature law until Renya power matures“

“Are you also receiving any similar restrictions, Floria?”

“Nope, not in my case. But in Renya’s case, because Renya is in a way ‘being reborn’ by the ‘ingredient’ collected from that chosen world, it will take a lot of time to raise your divine power until it is enough to be able to get out from that world. by the amount of divine power Renya has when you just being ‘reborn’ is impossible”

“Ah, I forgot that I’m now just a spiritual body…”


Renya just scratches his head realizing that he got most of his senses numb from doing training after training for a long time. He forgot that he had thrown his physical body after getting to the god’s realm and accepting Floria’s‘ trial’. The fact that he is accustomed to that state is all thanks to his amazing adaptive ability. No, in reality, he just doesn’t have time to worry about other things as he has that macho god of war to beat.


“Anyway, back to this world, it has many similarities to Renya’s world. Most of the food and tool’s names were similar. I think it won’t take too much trouble to adapt”

“Hmm… yeah, having many things in similar might be convenient”

“But there are many threatening things can be easily be seen even from here, not to the level of a dark age reigned by a demon king though”

“Well even if there’s one I think we can just beat it right?”

“But despite the high culture level, the population overall is kinda low. Ah, aren’t you glad that polygamy is legalized here?”

“Wait, why did I have to be glad at it? And anyway is that even important?”

“Isn’t it? Daddy isn’t into it so he’s a different case but when there are still many gods residing here, they’re all mostly scrambling fighting against each other in order to get the most human woman and goddesses as they can”

“Knowing most legends and myths about the gods I can imagine about it a bit but… practice some restraint, you pervert gods!”


To let a young maiden (according to her appearance that is. She already lives longer than most humans) have such common sense about the man-woman relationships in such a peculiar way, Renya can only curse the gods that are no longer here for giving her bad influences.

But even if Renya thinks that way logically, He also has a yearning feeling for a life surrounded by beautiful girls. How can he not be? On top of him being a mentally healthy young male, he also had spent more than a century isolating himself to train for his battle.

Having mentally aged doesn’t mean that his instinct as a man withers away.

Harem, his mentality level is not that high enough to not make him get excited by that word.


“Well even if polygamy legalization doesn’t exist, you can just build a country that legalizes it anyway, right Renya?”

“You make it sound like I will do anything in order to get a harem”

“You won’t?”

“………… Well that thing aside. I just want you to stop focusing only on it. Harem isn’t the only fun thing that we can do there, right?”

“As expected, Renya is also a man, eh? Good thing that Renya is honest”

“You will keep on teasing me if I make excuses anyway. Aren’t you, Floria? We’ve been together for so long after all”

“And even after spending that long time Renya still hasn’t tried to do anything weird with me. Honestly, for giving you such a difficult trial. I have readied myself so I can accept your advance anytime you know?”

“Stu~pid. Well… indeed you demanded something outrageous when you took me here Floria. But after knowing the circumstances it felt wrong to push all the blame on you”

“The gods’ standards aren’t like that. If you say you want my body as an advance payment for your reward I would accept that”

“Man is an organism that always wants to look cool, you know? Even your father is also the same in a way. So how can I possibly demand such a thing from you, Floria?”


Looking at Renya who is making another excuse, Floria just smiles at him. A cherubic smile that is full of innocence. Just what could be hidden underneath?


“Anyway, if I were to get lost in another world, that world seems to be a rather better place to get lost in. Well I have confidence that I can deal with most problems though”

“Yeah I know, but having our knowledge matched with that world will make our life more convenient. It is our first time after all”

“Hmm, that’s true. It’s better than, let’s see, if we saw some fruit like apples, and then ask its names just to find out some weird name. Places with common knowledge are definitely better”


It’s just Renya being sensitive about weird things.


“Then let’s go with this world. Renya, your physical body will be reborn once you transfer there. Then I’m gonna track your location and descend there. Um! That sound like a plan”

“Yeah let’s do that. But are you ok with that Floria? I mean if you stay here then you can become the one and only divinity here, right? And after all, you have a better quality as a god compared to your father”

“Maybe it’s true, but being all alone and acting as the one and only supreme god is boring! Tampering the mortal world is not that fun either. I feel like I might even destroy two or three worlds because of my boredom”

“Okay, I understand. I’ll take it as my responsibility to take care of you. Rather, don’t stay behind! Floria, in one way or another you are more dangerous than your father”


With one step wrong, the worst god of destruction might be born from that silly joke. Well, it’s not like Renya planned to leave Floria behind. He feels bad leaving her here alone. After all, if he is the one who got left behind, he felt that he might also do the same thing as Floria said before.


“By the way, can I use my ’Divine Armaments’ that I create there?”

“Yes, you can. Those things that you stored inside ‘Renya’s world’ are already like Renya’s own god power”

“Well, that’s good to hear. But then again, from myth and legend, I think I hear that most gods only have at most 3 pieces of divine armaments…… maybe I’m the only one who made this much haha”

“Don’t mind it too much. After all, gods used divine armaments as a limiter for their tremendous power that is hard to control. For gods that have a similar case like Renya where they aren’t strong enough by themselves, possessing many divine armaments isn’t that all weird”

“Oh…… god is a cheat as expected. But now I’m also one though”

“As expected of Renya, you understand things fast! Well, enough talk. I’m going to send you to this world. Are you ready?”

“I’ll entrust you to that, Floria. Do it with a bang!”


While Floria focuses her power, Renya absent-mindedly stares at the hut’s interior. The dining room that he is already familiar with, the library where he reads books and studies, the workshop where he makes his tools while researching and improving them, the bedroom where he mostly sleeps like a baby after the hard training. And then the outside view, also that wasteland where he fought numerous times. He can’t help reminiscing about all the time passed since he got here. And lastly, that peaceful look on that troublesome war god as he met his demise.


(Don’t worry war god, just as your request, I will take responsibility for taking care of your daughter)


He doesn’t mean it, but it kinda sounds like a talk to his father in law to be before getting married. Realizing that, he puts on a bitter smile. At the same time, Renya’s field of vision is being filled with dazzling light. Just like that day when he came to the god realm. Getting through the same door, Renya’s existence is thrown into another world.




Having detected Renya’s rebirth while closing her eyes, Floria is also reminiscing about her father who isn’t here anymore. Realizing her father’s wish has the same meaning as eternal separation with him. She understands it, and she has prepared her heart for it. Even though she was a goddess, that fact was still heavy for Floria who is still a teenage girl if she was converted into a human girl. But by exchanging silly talk with Renya and being asked to come along together makes her feel better.


“I think I’ll be alright as long as I’m with Renya. That’s why please…”


Please, watch over this newborn young god. Watch over him so he will get a successful future. Give him that divine protection from the war god that had judged numerous other gods. Just like that, Floria prays while chasing Renya’s existence, throwing herself inside the dazzling light.

And then, the god realm which has lost its owner, as if it has done its purpose, silently crumbles to nothingness.




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