Prologue Ⅰ


That day, Kanami Miria was tired.

Her body felt heavy.
It probably had something to do with having part-time jobs at a family restaurant, karaoke place, and a convenience store.

(Hahh… why does a high school girl like me have to go through such hardship?)

It wasn’t the first or the second time she’d thought like that.

When she was young, Miria had lost her mother, and she lived in an apartment with her father since then.
However, her father was always fooling around with women. He often brought women Miria didn’t know to their apartment.
Moreover, he also had a bad habit of drinking alcohol and wasting money.
He was a typical good-for-nothing man.

She ran out of patience and decided to leave the apartment when she was old enough to work part-time.

When she finally became a high school student, she succeeded in transferring to a school in another town and living alone.

However, she needed a lot of money to live alone.

She might be able to get financial help if only she had good relatives.
But, reality was cruel.
Her relatives refused to help simply just because she was the daughter of ‘that man’.

Since she didn’t know when her father would barge into her room, she had no choice but to rent an apartment room that had an auto-locking door.
And the rent wasn’t cheap. It was 50,000 yen a month.
But, not only did she have to pay rent.
Utilities were 5,000 yen, and although she had already reduced the food expenses as much as she could, she still had to pay 15,000 yen for food expenses, as well as10,000 yen for miscellaneous expenses.

Therefore, she applied to multiple part-time jobs.
But, at the same time, she couldn’t neglect her studies because she wanted to graduate properly from high school.

Realizing how hard the world she was living in was, she kicked a pebble on the ground while walking down the road at night as she rubbed her sleepy eyes.

Her part-time job ended at 10pm. The amount of money she could earn was fixed.
Even if she wanted to get more, she couldn’t ask for longer working hours.
She didn’t think she would find it so inconvenient to be a minor.

『Kanami-san, you’re boring~』

The voice of her classmate echoed in her head.

Miria had no friends.
Not only did she always work part-time after school, but she was so smart and gained so much respect from people.
No. That wasn’t really the cause.
Because she was a popular, smart girl in school, she had been confessed to by the most popular guy in school.
But, she dumped him without thinking twice.
And that was the actual cause.

Whether fortunate or unfortunate, Miria was a beautiful girl.

While she kept walking down the slightly dark street, Miria made a wishlist in her head:

(Thing I want number 1 : A cute friend)
(Thing I want number 2 : A lot of money)
(Thing I want number 3 : Sushi)
(Thing I want number 4 : A hamburger)
(Thing I want number 5 : A pot of shabu-shabu)
(Thing I want number 6 : All-you-can-eat yakiniku)

(Wait… Why is it gradually changing to food?)

She took out her old smartphone she got from the family restaurant manager as a bonus for her hard work.
Then, she put the earphones she bought at a 100-yen shop in her ears.

『. . . ..I don’t hear it~ I don’t hear it~ What the heck are you talking about~?』

The laughter of the audience echoed after the comedian’s joke.

She listened to the usual comedy program as she walked.
Yes, ‘listened’. She was listening instead of watching.

Besides, she couldn’t watch it in a high image quality setting because she used a cheap internet plan with low speed.
Therefore, she set it to ultra-low image quality, put her smartphone in her pocket, and just listened to the sound while walking.

「Fufuー Hahahaー ………」

She laughed at the comedian’s joke, and…. she felt like she wanted to cry somehow.

She didn’t know why she felt like that.

However, it was true that she felt empty, sad, and how tiny her existence was.

(I feel like my existence is below an ant’s….. No… Ants have a lot of family members… I don’t…)

Again, she kicked a stone on the ground for no reason.

Suddenly, the smiling face of her grandma that she loved so much, popped into her head.

(It’s gonna be okayー Everything will be alrightー)

Saying that in her mind, Miria kept walking forward.

At that time…

She felt a shock in her entire body all of a sudden.
She saw the scenery of the night sky, the street, and the streetlights spinning around for some reason.
And the next moment, her field of vision was filled with black.



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