Chapter 4-7 : Explosion! (part 2)


After Mylia’s giant Wind Blade disappeared, Professor Caroline moved her gaze toward the ground where the boulders were placed.

Seeing the craters in the ground and piles of dust that seemed to be the boulders that had been pulverized by Mylia’s Explosion Magic, Professor Caroline learned how powerful Mylia was.

She sighed and looked at Mylia, still with cold eyes.

「Hmph. It looks like I have to admit that you’re a real Dragon Slayer… But still, I can’t bring myself to stop hating you thinking that you and that woman are sisters.」(Prof. Caroline)

(Doesn’t she know that I punished ‘that woman’ she hates? Robin and I are indeed sisters but we hate each other. I don’t understand why she hates me just because I’m Robin’s sister. This is ridiculous…)

「You’re done here. Go back to your line.」(Prof. Caroline)

「Yes, Ma’am…」(Mylia)

Mylia still couldn’t accept the reason why Professor Caroline hates her, but she thought that talking with a narrow-minded person like Professor Caroline would be a waste of time, so she decided to just listen to what she said and went back to her line.

When Mylia turned around and walked toward the line of Aqua Sophia’s first-year students, the people gathering in the training ground suddenly applauded and cheered.

「Whoa! That girl really is a Dragon Slayer!」
「Did you see how she turned those boulders into dust!?」
「That was super awesome!」
「She will definitely become the magician who will represent this kingdom in the future!」
「She’s the pride of our school!」(people)

Seeing the other students and teachers applauding her, Mylia scratched her head while smiling awkwardly.

「Ahaha… Thank you, thank you… Hehe, thank you…」(Mylia)

She was still not used to being praised.

She bowed her head several times as she walked to her line and joined Aria and the other first-year students of Aqua Sophia.

「Fufu. Mylia-san, you’re a noble. At times like this, you should answer everyone’s cheering with a dignified manner.」(Aria)

As soon as Mylia returned to the line, Aria whispered to her, giving her advice.

「Dignified manner…? Like this?」(Mylia)

Mylia straightened her back, raised her hand, and waved at everyone. The applause and cheers then grew louder.

「「Mylia! Mylia! Mylia! Mylia!」」(people)

(Uhh… This feels so weird… I feel like a president who was about to speak in front of the country…)

「Thank you, everyone! Thank you! …Yes, we can!」(Mylia)

Trying to reduce her nervousness, Mylia imitated a certain president.

Mylia was recognized by the queen and was awarded a Dragon Slayer Emblem, which proved that she had killed a dragon. Even so, not many people believed it considering that Mylia was just a little girl.

However, today, all the people who gathered in the training ground and watched Mylia obliterate the boulders changed their minds and believed that she was truly a Dragon Slayer.

After the training grounds started to calm down, the instructors prepared new boulders as targets, and then the practical training continued.

「Aria de la Ruzé Griffith, you’re next.」(Prof. Caroline)

「Yes, Ma’am!」(Aria)

「Aria-san, good luck!」(Mylia)

「Un! I’ll try as hard as I can!」(Aria)

After her name was called, Aria walked forward and waved at Mylia.

Mylia waved back at her and smiled, hoping that her best friend would be able to impress everyone else with her magic so that the school director would let her graduate early too.

Standing about ten meters away from the boulder in front of her, Aria took a deep breath, raised her hand, and started to concentrate.

She combined her magical power with the surrounding air and compressed them together into the shape of a large disk with a diameter of about two meters.

(Make it sharper… sharper… sharper!)(Aria)

As she controlled her magical power, she made the disk sharper.

Calamity Wind is a versatile spell that was developed by the first head of the Griffith Family.

The user can make it thicker and use it as a shield or make it sharper and use it as a blade to attack enemies.

In this case, Aria wanted to attack the boulder, so she made it as sharp as possible.

After she thought that it was sharp enough, Aria took a deep breath once again and then released her spell.


The giant disk of compressed air and magical power flew toward the boulder.


It hit the boulder that had been hardened with magic and split it in half.

「I… I did it!」(Aria)

Aria’s Calamity Wind wasn’t this powerful before. She could even barely hurt Peter with this spell when she fought him in the underground maze.

However, she has gotten better at magic because she always practices with Mylia.

「Look! She split the boulder in half!」
「Whoaa… That’s amazing!」
「Oh? Isn’t she Aria?」
「The girl who’s always with Mylia?」
「Yup. LyaRia.」
「They’re the strongest duo in the magic department.」(students)

Hearing the other students whispering about her, Aria couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed, but she tried to keep her face straight.

「Well done, Miss Aria. I expected nothing less from you. You can go back to your line.」(Prof. Caroline)

「Thank you, Professor.」(Aria)

Aria returned to the line and high-fived Mylia.


「Yaay! Good job, Aria-san!」(Mylia)

「Thank you, Mylia-san! My spell is not as powerful as yours though.」(Aria)

「But your Calamity Wind looks so cool!」(Mylia)

「You think so?」(Aria)

「Un! Let’s do our best in the defensive spell test too!」(Mylia)

「By the way, are you going to use your Cat Barrier?」(Aria)

Aria had seen Mylia’s Cat Barrier several times and she knew how powerful it was.

「Hmm, actually, I’m thinking of using my new defensive spell. I call it “Anti Magic Burst”!」(Mylia)

「That sounds powerful.」(Aria)

「It’s not that big of a spell, actually. It’s a counter-type spell just like my Cat Barrier but this one doesn’t automatically activate.」(Mylia)

「How does it work?」(Aria)

「It’s a barrier that can counter enemies’ spells with their opposite attributes. For example, if someone attacks me with fire magic, it will counter them with water.」(Mylia)

「I see. I think that’s more powerful than your Cat Barrier, but… Umm…」(Aria)

For some reason, Aria looked around at the people in the training ground.

Other than the first-year students of the magic department, the other students from each grade and department also gathered in the training ground. Most of them came to see Mylia.

They came from various aristocratic families. Of course, there were also students from the families that belonged to the opposite faction.

As the person from Queen Kushana’s faction, Aria thought that she and Mylia had to be careful.

「What’s wrong?」(Mylia)

「Mylia-san, I don’t think you should use your new spell or your Cat Barrier. There’s a saying, “A skillful hawk hides its talons.” You shouldn’t show your true abilities in front of other people too much. There are people from the opposite faction watching, so we need to be careful.」(Aria)

「Ahh, I see. I don’t really understand the aristocratic society in this country, but I trust you.」(Mylia)

「Don’t worry. I think your Explosion Magic is enough to prove that you’re worthy of early graduation. I don’t think anyone would dare to pick a fight with you after seeing you pulverize those boulders but let’s play safe and use average spells from now on.」(Aria)

「Alright, got it!」(Mylia)

Mylia decided to follow Aria’s advice and used spells that were not that flashy and powerful for the rest of the practical training.

Still, even without her best spells, she was able to impress everyone in the training grounds.



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