Chapter 4-7 : Explosion! (part 1)



A bright red bullet was launched from Mylia’s right hand, flying toward the boulders.

Before hitting the nearest boulder, it split into four and hit all four boulders in the training grounds at the same time.

Right after the boulders were hit, they glowed red and started to swell up. A millisecond laterー


ーThey exploded almost at the same time.

The explosion shook the training ground and produced a dazzling blaze that made you think that fireworks had been fired right in front of your face and an ear-piercing explosive sound that sounded like the death roar of a giant creature cut through the air.

(Khh!! My eyes and ears hurt!! Seems like I overdid it a little… Heal!)

Mylia spontaneously used her Healing Magic to heal her eyes and ears and looked around.

She saw some students and teachers covering their faces with their hands and screaming in agony.

「Aaaahh!! My eyeeeess!!」
「My ears! My eaaars!」
「Ugh! I think my eardrums are torn…!」
「My eyes are burning!」

The explosion was so strong that it made the surrounding people, even the caster herself, suffer from pain.

Seeing the other students and teachers screaming, Mylia immediately focused on the flow of her magical power and started to concentrate on using the most advanced healing magic that could heal people within a certain area.

「I’m sorry, everyone! HEAL!」(Mylia)

After Mylia cast the healing magic, the surrounding people opened their eyes and blinked a few times.

「Eh? My ears and eyes don’t hurt anymore…」
「Oh, thank goodness!」
「I thought I would never be able to see and hear anymore…」(students)

After confirming that they could see and hear again, they were looking at Mylia with wondering faces, trying to comprehend what just happened.

Some of the students were looking in the direction of the boulders.

After the cloud of dust that blocked the view disappeared, they were shocked.

「W, Where are the boulders…?」
「They… disappeared?」(students)

They were shocked because the boulders were no longer where they should have been, instead, they found four large craters there.

「Did those explosions pulverize them…?」
「No way…」
「We couldn’t even damage those boulders with our best spells!」
「That Dragon Slayer-chan is the real thing!」
「She’s amazing…」(students)

Everyone was looking at Mylia with amazed faces. Some of them were clapping silently in amazement.

「A, Ahaha…」(Mylia)

Mylia could only scratch her head while smiling at them awkwardly.

「Those were huge explosions but I wonder why it didn’t hit us…」
「Now that you mention it…」(students)

Mylia Explosion Magic was indeed a powerful destructive spell. It wouldn’t be weird if it destroyed the entire training ground, but strangely, no one got hurt and it only left four craters on the ground where the four boulders were placed.

The reason was that Mylia controlled the vector of the explosion, directing the explosive energy inward. As a result, the explosive energy only focused on the boulders without destroying the surroundings.

The boulders were pulverized into dust because the destructive energy that could destroy the entire training area was only focused on them.

Leaf, who had been watching the entire “fireworks show” while floating in the air in a relaxed position, descended and landed in front of Mylia.

She was a dryad, so her eyes and ears weren’t hurt by the explosive sound and the dazzling blaze of the explosion.

「Mylia onee-chan, what was that powerful spell?」(Leaf)

Leaf’s face was expressionless as usual but her eyes were sparkling for some reason.

Even though she was expressionless, it was obvious that she was kind of excited.

「It was my Explosion Magic. Normally, it looks more flashy and destructive, but this time, I controlled its vector, so it only destroyed the boulders.」(Mylia)

「Hoo… Can you teach me?」(Leaf)

「Alright. I’ll teach you later!」(Mylia)

After Mylia answered with a smile, Leaf nodded. She was then floating in the air again.

Meanwhile, Professor Caroline was still looking at where the boulders were with her eyes and mouth wide open.

She still couldn’t believe that the boulders that had been hardened with magic were literally deleted by the little girl in front of her.

「Professor, how was my offensive spell?」(Mylia)

Professor Caroline was startled a bit when Mylia asked her.

She then moved her gaze toward Mylia and glared at her with cold eyes.

「Mylia de la Atwood… Who taught you that spell?」(Prof. Caroline)

「Umm… No one. I created it myself.」(Mylia)

Mylia had a master, Titania, but she rarely learned spells from her. She mostly created spells herself.

Titania mainly taught her how to control her magical power and other technical stuff.

「You created it yourself…? No way.」(Prof. Caroline)

「But I’m not lying.」(Mylia)

「…Hmph. So you killed elder dragons with that spell, huh?」(Prof. Caroline)


Professor Caroline’s expression became indescribable.

She thought that such a powerful spell could probably kill a dragon, proving that Mylia was really a Dragon Slayer, but she didn’t want to admit it.

Thinking that Professor Caroline was looking at her with cold eyes because she hates her, not because she was mad at her, Mylia ventured to add an explanation.

「To be exact, I used this spell when I fought Zirnitra but I didn’t kill it with this spell. I used it to remove the hard scales around its neck and then cut its neck with this wind spell.」(Mylia)

As she said that, Mylia raised her right hand and cast her Wind Blade, then a huge green blade of wind that was almost transparent appeared in the sky.

The students and the teachers were amazed at how huge Mylia’s Wind Blade was.

Even Professor Caroline couldn’t hide her amazement.

「I see… Alright, you can put away that dangerous blade.」(Prof. Caroline)

Mylia nodded, canceled the spell, and lowered her hand.

The blade of wind then disappeared into thin air.



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