Chapter 4-6 : Practical Training (part 2)


「Mylia-san, I’ve seen some of your powerful spells but which one are you going to use?」(Aria)

「I’m gonna use Explosion!」(Mylia)

「Eh? But that’s an extremely destructive spell, right? Umm… I think you should keep the power moderate or you would destroy the training grounds…」(Aria)

Knowing how destructive Mylia’s Explosion was, Aria gave advice with a worried gaze.

「Don’t worry, I can control it. I’ve gotten better at controlling my magical power, you know? I’ll just make it a little flashy so that the school director will approve my early graduation.」(Mylia)

Mylia raised her thumb up and smiled brightly as she said that.

「Umm… I don’t know how much flashy “a little flashy” means for you, so I’m not sure about that…」(Aria)

Aria knew that Mylia’s spells were out of the ordinary, so she didn’t trust her easily.

Seeing Mylia was in high spirits, Aria felt that she would really go all out. For a moment, she understood Chloe’s feelings.

「Just… don’t destroy this place or hurt someone. You would get expelled from the school instead of graduating.」(Aria)

「Yes, Ma’am! I understand!」(Mylia)

Mylia gave Aria a salute and smiled.

「Are you sure it will be fine?」(Aria)

「Of course. I’ll reduce the power but at the same time, I’ll make it look flashy. Aria-san, let’s do our best and graduate early together!」(Mylia)

「The school director will surely approve your early graduation but honestly, I don’t know if he would approve mine…」(Aria)

「Don’t worry. He knows that you’re a talented magician. You should have confidence in yourself!」(Mylia)

「Mylia-san… You’re right. Let’s try our best!」(Aria)

While they were talking with each other, the practical training to test the students’ offensive magic began.

There were four large boulders about ten meters away from the line of students.

Each student from each dormitory took turns attacking them with their best offensive spells.

The sound of burning flames, roaring thunder, slashing wind, and other sounds of spells hitting the boulders were heard.

(Hoho~ I’ve rarely seen other first-year students’ spells other than Aria-san’s. I might be rude if I said this but… they kinda look like beginner magicians.)

The other first-year students’ spells didn’t impress Mylia at all. It wasn’t that their spells were weak but none of them was close to Aria’s spells in terms of power.

While watching the other students, Mylia found a student who used body-strengthening magic. She dashed toward one of the boulders and punched it, producing a loud, blunt sound.

It was definitely a powerful punch, but the boulder didn’t even crack.

(This is weird… Those boulders are strangely hard… Even if everyone’s spells are not that powerful, normal boulders should have been destroyed by now… unless… they’re not normal boulders.)

After watching for a while, Mylia began to think that the boulders were probably protected by invisible barriers or were hardened by magic.

There was a student from the Aqua Sophia who used a spell that compressed her magical power into the shape of an arrow and shot it.

It was a powerful spell but the arrow didn’t pierce through the boulder. Its tip was just stuck in it.

(Hmm… Some of the students seem to have powerful spells but… I’m not really sure… This is the first time I’ve seen people other than Master, Aria-san, and Leaf use spells.)

Mylia tilted her head.

The first-year students’ magic ability couldn’t be compared with Titania, Aria, and Leaf’s, so Mylia wasn’t sure how to judge their spells.

Simply put, Mylia was too accustomed to a high level of magic. She was like a person who always uses a hundred-dollar bill just to buy a cone of cheap ice cream.

The first-year students were trying very hard to break the boulders with their spells. Some of them managed to scratch the boulders, but that’s it. No one was able to damage the boulders.

Mylia was starting to get suspicious with the test.

(Those are not normal boulders for sure. But… why did the professors prepare those boulders as the targets…? Did they just want to tease us first-year students…?)

「Aria-san, have you noticed it?」(Mylia)

「Yes. The boulders are strangely hard.」(Aria)

「I think the professors want to tease us. They have been teaching us lessons but now I’m going to teach them a lesson!」(Mylia)

「Eh? Mylia-san, what do you meー」(Aria)

「ーMylia de la Atwood. It’s your turn. Step forward!」(Prof. Caroline)

Aria didn’t understand what Mylia meant by teaching them a lesson, but Mylia’s name was called before she could ask.

「Yes, Ma’am! …Well then, Aria-san, wish me luck~」(Mylia)

Mylia winked at Aria and stepped forward.

While facing four large boulders in front of her, Mylia’s lavender-colored hair swayed in the wind.

「Mylia-san, don’t forget to hold back!」(Aria)

(I’m sorry, Aria-san… It looks like I won’t be able to hold back.)

「Now show me what a Dragon Slayer is capable of. Use your best offensive spell.」(Prof. Caroline)

Professor Caroline gave the instruction while looking at Mylia with cold eyes.


When Mylia was in position, ready to shoot anytime, the other students moved their gazes toward her, and then the training ground fell silent.

Everyone was curious about how good the rumored Dragon Slayer was at magic.

(There are four large, hard boulders… But I think I will try to destroy all of them at once.)

「Professor, can I destroy all of those boulders?」(Mylia)

Professor Caroline squinted her eyes. She was surprised by Mylia’s question.

「The four of them?」(Prof. Caroline)


「Do you think you can do it?」(Prof. Caroline)


「…….」(Prof. Caroline)

Professor Caroline squinted even more and frowned. She didn’t look happy at all.

「Hmph. If you think you can do it, then show me.」(Prof. Caroline)


Professor Caroline knew how hard those boulders were. She doubted that Mylia would be able to destroy all of them.

Mylia took a deep breath and began to concentrate.

(Feel the magical power in my bodyーー Convert it into the power of flames and explosions—ー Increase the explosion sound and the light from the flame to make it even flashierーー)

While concentrating, Mylia stretched out her right hand and started to gather her magical power in it.

She planned to make flashy explosions, so she would add a sound and lighting effect with sound magic and light magic as the boulders exploded.

The vector of the explosion would be directed inward so that the blast would be focused on the boulders without damaging the surroundings.

Seeing the red magical aura gathering on Mylia’s right hand, Aria shouted, cheering for Mylia.


Hearing Aria’s cheer, Leaf, who was sleeping while floating in the air above the other students, opened her eyes and glanced at Mylia.

「Oh… it’s Mylia onee-chan’s turn…」(Leaf)

Some of the students and professors who were sensitive to magical power could feel the intense aura from the magical power that was getting stronger every second in Mylia’s right hand.

Noticing the abnormality, they began to break into a cold sweat.

Professor Caroline was one of them. She focused her eyes like a hawk while staring at Mylia’s right hand.

(Alright. The charging is complete.)

Now that she was ready, Mylia turned her face to Professor Caroline.

Professor Caroline startled a little as her eyes met Mylia’s.

「Professor, I’m ready. Can I shoot now?」(Mylia)

「Y, Yeah… G, Go ahead…」(Professor Caroline)

Mylia asked in a carefree tone but Professor Caroline answered her with an awkward nod.

As Mylia turned her gaze back to the boulders, all the people gathered in the training ground swallowed their saliva.

After confirming that she was good to go, Mylia locked onto the targets and cast the spell.




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