Chapter 4-6 : Practical Training (part 1)


A few days later, the practical training for first-year students in the Magic Department began.

Because it was a joint training, professors and students from each grade and each dormitory had gathered. Most of them wanted to see Mylia in action. As a result, the training ground was surrounded by people.

Leaf once said that Mylia was stronger than her. Those who were defeated by Leaf, especially the professors of the Magic Department, wanted to confirm if her words were true.

(We, first-year students, have only been studying magic theories and other subjects like math and stuff in the classroom since the first day, but it’s finally practical training. Everyone looks so excited.)

The eyes of first-year students were shining. They couldn’t wait to demonstrate the magical skills they had learned in the magic class.

No matter if you were a noble or commoner, only talented people were allowed to enter the Adrashelm Kingdom Girls’ Academy. Talented magicians who graduated from the academy would have no trouble finding a job. That was probably why everyone wanted to confirm their own abilities.

「Everyone, the practice training will begin soon. I will only explain once, so please pay attention to me.」(Prof. Caroline)

(Geh! That witch-like teacher will be testing us, huh…?)

Professor Caroline was dressed entirely in black. Her splendid aquiline nose made her look even more like an evil witch.

She glared at every first-year student’s face and stopped her gaze at Mylia’s for some reason.

(Hiiiiiiy! She’s glaring at me!)

The reason why Professor Caroline hates the Atwoods was because Robin cheated on her nephew, and somehow, she hates Mylia and Chloe just because they’re Robin’s sisters.

(Robin and I hate each other, so there’s no reason for this witch teacher to hate me, right? Ugh… Is this the landmine woman’s curse…?)

Robin’s laughing face popped into Mylia’s head as she felt somewhat depressed.

「In this practical training, you will be fighting against monsters, but before that, there are three types of spells I want you to demonstrate; offensive, defensive, and support spells. Please use the spells you are best at. Those who are good at support spells, please raise your hand.」(Prof. Caroline)

After Professor Caroline said that, several students who were good at support spells raised their hands.

Spells were basically born from imagination. Creating fire, creating an illusion, interfering with others’ minds, making things float, ect. You can do impossible things with magic but depending on your capability, you might find spells you are good at and you are not good at.

「Alright. You guys cast your support spells on your classmates who are good at offensive spells. I’ll give you the signal.」(Prof. Caroline)

This practical training was the test to determine the students’ areas of strength and help the student to develop them.

(It’s nice to be allowed to use the spells you’re good at. I think I will use my Explosion Magic to demonstrate my offensive magic. As for defensive magic, I will use my new spell, Anti Magic Burst, and for support magic, I will use Mana Amplification Magic.)

As she was satisfied with her plan, Mylia stuck out her lower lip a little and nodded.

Explosion Magic was one of Mylia’s most powerful spells. It was destructive and could leave a huge crater in the ground. However, she learned how to control it during the fight against Basilisk a while ago.

After Professor Caroline finished explaining, the first-year students were divided according to their dormitories and lined up in front of targets.

The targets were large boulders created with earth magic.

(Hoo… They’re so big and look very hard. What nice targets to test our spells.)

Seeing the targets, the students started thinking about what kind of spells they were going to use.

They were all making serious expressions as they thought. After all, the school’s evaluation would decide their future.

「Aria-san, have you decided the spells you’re going to use?」(Mylia)

Aria, who was standing next to Mylia, squinted her eyes a little and nodded as if she had just decided it. She then turned her gaze to Mylia and answered her.

「Hmm… I think I’m going to use Calamity Wind.」(Aria)

「Ah, the wind spell you used when we fought Peter-san, right? I’m sure you can destroy those rocks easily with that.」(Mylia)

「Fufu. Now I feel quite confident after you say that.」(Aria)

*/TL : In case you forget, Peter is the ghost they encountered in the school’s underground when they tried to solve the mystery of the Daemon’s Map.

Aria had always been with Mylia lately, and she had learned many spells from her.

She was a talented magician and had a considerably high amount of magical power, so she was able to learn spells quite quickly even though Mylia was bad at teaching.

She might even be able to use Teleportation Magic soon if she kept practicing magic with Mylia.

However, even though she had learned many spells, she wanted to use the spell that had been passed down in the Griffith Family for generations, Calamity Wind.

「Leaf, how about you? What spell are you going to use?」(Mylia)

Mylia asked but Leaf was only staring blankly at the sky with her sleepy-looking eyes.

「Leaf, are you listening? Leaf?」(Mylia)

「…Hm…? What’s the matter, Mylia onee-chan…?」(Leaf)

「You see those big rocks? We’re going to destroy them with magic. I was asking what spell you’re going to use.」(Mylia)

「Ah… Umm…」(Leaf)

「…Are you okay? You don’t look good.」(Mylia)

「I’m… very sleepy… I used too much magical power…」(Leaf)

Leaf put her hand on her forehead and shook her head lightly, trying to get rid of her drowsiness.

「Now that you mention it, you have been injecting your magical power into a seed lately, right? Mind if I ask about that?」(Mylia)

「Ah, I’m curious about that too.」(Aria)

Mylia and Aria stared at Leaf curiously.

「…It’s an important task for us dryads… We take turns doing it every year, and this year is my turn…」(Leaf)

「An important task…? Hmm, I don’t quite understand but… What kind of seed was that? Was that a lettuce seed?」(Mylia)

Mylia asked while imagining the leaves of the World Tree that looked and tasted like lettuce.

「No. That wasー」(Leaf)

「ーYou there, stop talking and pay attention to the class!」(Prof. Caroline)

Leaf was about to explain to Mylia but then Professor Caroline scolded them.

It seemed that she held a grudge against Leaf because she lost to her in a magic battle.

「Awawa…! I-I’m sorry, Professor Caroline… It seems that… Leaf doesn’t feel well, so… would you let her get some rest for a while?」(Mylia)

「Is that so? Do as you please but don’t disturb the class. Anyway, we’re about to begin so prepare yourself.」(Prof. Caroline)

「Y, Yes, Ma’am…」(Mylia)

(Ugh… She kinda reminds me of Robin…)

「Leaf, you can sleep if you want but stay close to me, okay?」(Mylia)


Leaf cast Gravity Magic on herself to make her float in the air and fell asleep.

「Fufu. Look at her.」
「She’s cute~」
「She can maintain Gravity Magic while sleeping, huh?」
「That’s a dryad for you.」(students)

The other students thought that Leaf looked cute sleeping peacefully in the air above Mylia.

Seeing Leaf sleeping while floating in the air, Professor Caroline sighed.

「Hmph. Alright, everyone, let’s get started. Show me your best offensive spells!」(Prof. Caroline)

「「Yes, Ma’am!!」」(students)



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  1. Imagine if that seed will born a dryad and she (because no male allowed) will be basically Mylia daughter

  2. Normally I can’t wait for a forced academy arc to be over, but it’s ending with almost no actual time spent in it nor any fun school activities done.

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