Chapter 4-5 : Request For Early Graduation (part 2)



「There will be practical training in the magic department soon. Lady Mylia, I want you to show your magic ability to everyone.」(School Director)

「Show my… magic ability?」(Mylia)

「Yes. Everyone in this school knows that you’re a Dragon Slayer, but only a few of them have witnessed you use magic with their own eyes. I’m sure everyone is curious about how good you really are at magic.」(School Director)

「I see…」(Mylia)

(Certainly, I rarely use magic in front of teachers and other students, especially those from other departments. If I remember correctly, the last time I used magic in front of other students was at the entrance ceremony a while ago. Well, making Diana-san float in the air with gravity magic back then was an incident though.)

「To be honest, I, myself, am very curious as well. I’d be happy to see your full potential before you leave this school.」(School Director)

The school director tilted his head a little and smiled as he said that.

(So cuuuute…!! Kuuhh! I want to hug him so badly!)

James de la Madison, the school director, was actually a middle-aged dandy but his smile looked cute on his rabbit face.

However, he then lowered his eyebrows, changed his expression, and looked down.

「Lady Mylia, I never expected you would leave this school so soon. If possible, I want you to stay to solve the mystery of this school since you have unlocked the Daemon’s Map, but…」(School Director)

「Ah, you don’t have to worry about it. There’s something I need to take care of first, so… I’m not sure when but I will definitely do it someday.」(Mylia)

Mylia had unlocked the Daemon’s Map that showed the secret rooms and passageways hidden in the school but she had been busy and had no time to explore.

The school director believed that the method to lift the curse that made him a half rabbit half human was hidden somewhere in the school, and Mylia promised she would help him find it.

(It seems to be a powerful curse. I really want to help him… Hold on… Do I really want to help him? He looks cute the way he is now.… No, no, no! What am I thinking!? I promised him I would help him!)

「I see. You’re really such a kind lady. Thank you, Lady Mylia.」(School Director)

The school director once again smiled cutely at Mylia.

Mylia then smiled back at him.

(That’s right! I will definitely fulfill my promise to him. Besides, I’m also curious about the mystery of this school. Aria-san also seemed to be excited about this. But, before we can explore this school, I need to take care of the meteor first… If I’m not mistaken, in the footage, that muscle-brain threw a stone right before the meteor fell, right? Could it be, that stone is…)

Suddenly, Mylia remembered seeing Aaron throw a stone in the footage from the Sage’s Crystal. She thought that it could give her a hint to solve this problem.

「School Director, you’re familiar with magic items, right? There’s something I want to ask.」(Mylia)

「I am. Go ahead. I might have the answer you want.」(School Director)

「Do you know something about the stone that can summon a meteor?」(Mylia)

「The stone that can summon a meteor…? Hmm…」(School Director)

「Yes. It’s probably a summoning magic item or something. It seems that you can summon something by throwing it.」(Mylia)

It looked like summoning magic at the first glance, but Mylia thought that it was also probably a kind of teleportation magic. After all, a meteor appeared in an empty space in the sky all of a sudden.

However, teleportation magic is an advanced type of magic that could only be used by people with high magical power like Mylia, Titania, and Leaf.

(It’s hard to think that a magic item that can do teleportation magic exists, but the prophecy seems to be true… Anyway, I need to do some research.)

「Hmm… I think I know something about it. If I’m not mistaken it’s written in this book.」(School Director)

After thinking for a moment, the school director took out an old book from the bookshelf behind him and put it on his desk.

The title was unreadable because most of the letters printed on the cover had come off due to its age.

With his rabbit hand, the school director carefully flipped through the old yellowed pages and stopped somewhere in the middle.

「Here. It’s on this page. Take a look.」(School Director)

「Alright. Excuse me.」(Mylia)

Mylia went around the huge desk, stood next to the School Director, and looked closely at the page.

There was a picture of a woman who looked like a priestess holding a stone in her hands, and above her, there was an abstract-looking image of something that looked like a meteor falling from the sky.

「It’s an article about the uses of the Falling Star Magic a thousand years ago.」(School Director)

「Falling Star Magic…?」(Mylia)

The School Director glanced up at Mylia and asked a question in a calm tone.

「By the way, Lady Mylia, why are you asking this?」(School Director)

「Actually, in the Future Sight footage, I saw my former father, Aaron, throw a stone before a meteor appears in the sky and falls.」(Mylia)

「A stone…? I see now.」(School Director)

The school director folded his hands behind his back and walked slowly around the desk.

He then looked at the picture of a woman on the page again.

「This woman is holding a stone too. I’m thinking that this stone is probably a catalyst. Using a catalyst is an effective method for using advanced magic after all.」(School Director)

「Catalyst…? But only magicians can use catalysts, right? Aaron can’t use magic in the first place. So…」(Mylia)

「So you think that the stone itself is really a magic item that can summon a meteor.」(School Director)

「Exactly. Well, it’s just my guess… Or rather, my hypothesis…」(Mylia)

「Hmm… It’s unlikely. Summoning a meteor is not something you can do with a mere magic item. Unless… That stone is a magic item that was made with the lost ancient technology like the Sage’s Crystal in the cathedral.」(School Director)

「The lost technology… I see. I remember the Cardinal said that the Sage’s Crystal was made with the lost technology thousands of years ago.」(Mylia)

(So there’s the possibility that the stone Aaron was holding is something that was made with the lost technology. There’s still a lot we don’t know but at least I got some useful information for now.)

「School Director, can I take a picture of this page?」(Mylia)

「Take a picture? I’m not sure what that means, but… Sure. Go ahead.」(School Director)

Mylia took a magic stone from her magic bag, made a square shape with her thumbs and index fingers, pointed it to the book on the desk, and took a picture of the article with her Camera Magic.

Meanwhile, the school director was watching Mylia curiously.

「Lady Mylia, may I ask what you were just doing?」(School Director)

「I was using my Camera Magic.」(Mylia)

「Camera Magic?」(School Director)

「I took a picture of this page by using magic and saved it in this magic stone so that I can see it anytime I want.」(Mylia)

「Hoo, I see. What a fascinating spell. It can be very useful for documentation.」(School Director)

「I can teach you if you want.」(Mylia)

「Really? Then, can you please teach me?」(School Directior)

「Un! First, you need a magic stoneーー….」(Mylia)

Mylia explained how the spell worked and started teaching the school director.

Mylia was not good at explaining or teaching but the school director was a talented magician, so he was able to learn it really fast as soon as he understood the general idea of the spell.

「I have a lot of magic stones. I can give you some for practicing.」(Mylia)

「Lady Mylia, you’re too kind. Thank you. By the way, I heard from Miss Aria that you like to cook. Is that true?」(School Director)

(To be exact, I like to eat what I cook, but he’s not totally wrong.)

「Yes, I do.」(Mylia)

「Then as a token of my gratitude, I will give you this.」(School Director)

The school director took out a vial filled with red powder and handed it to Mylia.

「It’s powdered chili pepper. My relative made it. I hope you can make delicious food with it.」(School Director)

「Chili pepper! Yaay! Thank you, School Director!」(Mylia)

(I never thought I would get this precious local seasoning from Usa-chan* School Director!)


Seeing Mylia who was so happy over a seasoning, the school director couldn’t help but smile.

「Lady Mylia, you’re such an interesting person.」(School Director)

「Ahaha… Well then, it’s time for me to go back to the class. School Director, thank you for your time.」(Mylia)

「No problem. Please do your best at the practical training. I’m looking forward to seeing your full potential. And please come again anytime if you need my help.」(School Director)

「Understood. Thank you.」(Mylia)

Mylia bowed to the School Director and left his office.

The magic department practical training would be held soon. She decided to get herself prepared and do her best so that the school director would approve her early graduation.



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  1. LOL Rabbit director-kun is definitely gonna regret asking Mylia to go all out! He better pray that his students and teachers survive the Magic Nuke that is Mylia and he better hope that the only damage to the school is the training room being vaporized!

  2. No one needs to worry, Mylia won’t destroy the school. There’s no way Mylia would ever disappoint us by causing such minor damage, she’s at least going to summon an asteroid that flattens the capital while also sending shockwaves that rip every living thing plant or animal to pieces for hundreds of miles

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